Ice cream anyone?

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Wish we had ice cream in our vending machine.

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Great day for Armitage! or, Dream days logging off and logging on

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I didn’t get lunch today — first, because I still haven’t figured out how people eat sensibly who work eight to five. The whole deck seems stacked against you, no? (Any advice?) But second, because it’s just that time of year. At some point during the day I sneaked a peek at Richard Armitage’s twitter from my work computer and saw no new tweets and collapsed the tab and went back to various registration woes.

And then, at 5, logging off my work machine, I thought, why not, and logged on on my laptop and WOW!

A new trailer for The Crucible:

An announcement about the London premiere of The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies for December 1:

A new little bit of teaser extras of The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug from TORn:

Which yielded THIS cap! OMG OMG OMG.

Screen shot 2014-10-29 at 6.28.49 PM

And, oh yeah — it’s the immediate wake of the digital download of Into the Storm!

10665383_849560108409133_8204936640296277632_nDamn, you can sit at my breakfast table any time. Richard Armitage as Gary Fuller in Into the Storm. Source: Richard Armitage Bulgaria

I imagine this is kind of an overload day for Armitage, all these things happening at once — and probably the Sleepwalker shoot is over or close to over? –

BUT. WHAT A DAY FOR ME. Honestly, this is a sort of incomparable thing for a fan, opening the computer and logging on to find so much news. A flood that makes me so happy for me, and of course, for him. A harmonic convergence. A level of exposure that is not normal.

Someone pointed out to me that Richard Armitage’s free will horoscope for this week tells him to slack a little. What does that mean, I wonder, in an atmosphere like this?

Sage Advice Before NaNoWriMo: Lev Grossman

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But I bristle whenever fantasy is characterized as escapism. It’s not a very accurate way to describe it; in fact, I think fantasy is a powerful tool for coming to an understanding of oneself.

via Confronting Reality by Reading Fantasy – The Atlantic.

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Ways I imagine you, Richard Armitage

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Bz5OKPBCcAAvl9GRichard Armitage on the set of Sleepwalker. Source: Elliott Lester on Twitter


There you stand, just waiting, as I look through the window from the second floor, as I traipse down the stairs, as I push my left arm against the burden of the fire doors, as I walk out the building. Your outline’s inexact until I veer into your view, then I focus and you focus. Maybe you’re looking down and then you look up. Maybe you’re slouching and then you straighten. Maybe you uncross your legs and propel yourself from the wall you’re propped against and lean forward. You look me in the eye, assessing which me you’re meeting tonight, direct stare, cool look, before the left corner of your mouth lifts a bit and then you smile. Me too.

You lean over and kiss the margin between my ear and my cheek and you take my computer bag onto your shoulder and grimace dramatically at the weight and I roll my eyes. You ask me how work was and I say, same. You drape your other arm over my shoulders and pull me comfortably into the rhythm of your lope and you tell me your news and look down at me and I laugh. I am free and in step and we’re walking toward a glass of wine and dinner and I’m so uncomplicatedly happy. You too.

Interview with Richard Armitage – Total Film Dec 2014

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Yeah, quit that moaning about being hot, Mr. Armitage. That’s my job.

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Interview with Richard Armitage from Total Film (December Issue 226).

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Lunchtime Armitage aaaw

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Nice to find this on my lunch break!


Jazzy’s Quick And Dirty Guide To Surviving A DMCA Takedown

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Useful information for every blogger and tumblr and twitter person.

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This morning I got an email from another Armitage blogger who wishes to remain anonymous telling me about a Digital Millennium Copyright Act Takedown Notice that she received from her blogging platform. I am publishing this post at her suggestion, with her full knowledge, so that you can know what steps were taken both by her platform and by her, on the off chance that it comes up again for someone. It’s better to be armed with knowledge so that you know what’s required rather than being caught unawares and freaking out. Please note that I am not a lawyer and this is not intended as legal advice. Rather, I’m breaking down the steps taken by the copyright holder to protect his or her work, the steps taken by the host platform to comply with the law, and the steps taken by the blogger. All examples I use below are…

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