Servetus, three days later

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Tuesday and I’m still emotionally raw from this experience. What are the consequences?

I want Armitage — to write about Armitage. I want intensity, beauty, creativity, knowledge, wonder, words, flow, loss of self.

How to get there? Remember that intensity and think about where it comes from. Ditch the debris, ruthlessly. Spread love. Discipline self. Get things done. Reduce things to the essentials. Pause. Eyes on the story. Take my needs seriously. Take fantasy seriously — feelings about status, wounds, and the need for wholeness and love are not going to go away. Do everything beautifully. Don’t accumulate.

Armitage, I want you, I want that pure breath you breathe, I want the voice you project, the knowledge of how to move, and I want the stare and the turmoil in your eyes and the resolution.

I can see in you how to be strong, and I can remember I am stronger than I think.

Help me figure it out. I want words, to find all the words for all the things I see and can’t describe. I want to fulfill the promise of what I see, I want to write it all down, I want to make the implicit visible.

Crisp suit and shirt for Richard Armitage tonight: Is this what he wore to the conversation?

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Ali recounts her memories of Richard Armitage in conversation today

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at Nice, because the back chat indicated that the tweets were not especially good at conveying what was said.

Thinking of you today, Phylly.

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The year of the empty box. [comments closed]

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This, too, is real and the experience of being a fan.

Originally posted on the armitage effect:

When I was in elementary school, we would prepare a shoe box each February as a repository for valentines from our classmates. The year I was in the fourth grade, I thought I had the most beautiful box in the classroom. Mama had given me a piece of leftover red velvet from a Christmas dress. I used it to wrap the box itself; the lid I covered in tin foil which I embossed with hearts and flower designs. It made me smile just to think of it.

I took it to school the day of our party, proud of my lovely crimson and silver box, filled with valentines I had laboriously addressed to all my classmates. We were given time to distribute the little white envelopes into everyone’s valentine boxes. Now it was time to enjoy refreshments and sift through the greetings.

Lifting the gleaming lid of my box, I blinked. I felt the color drain…

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Keep using the #AskArmitage hashtag with your questions

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Here’s a picture of the stage setup (no Armitage)

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