The Enabler

For me, it would be a lot harder to fantasize about Mr. Armitage if he hadn’t played Harry Kennedy in the final two episodes of “Vicar of Dibley.” Most of Armitage’s better roles cast him as brooding personalities or morally ambiguous types who have little to be happy about. If he gets typecast, then, not so much as a sexy man or a hero but as a serious rather than a comic actor. It could be because his smile seems odd (will comment on this later). Armitage admitted to some trepidation over the role because he is “so not funny.” But Harry Kennedy smiles and laughs, and it’s endearing. Armitage has also stated that of the roles he had played to that point, Harry was the most like him in reality. Hard to know if this was sincerity or a clever marketing ploy, but it makes one watch these two episodes very carefully, and it facilitates thinking about Armitage as a real person. It’s hard to imagine “further adventures with Harry,” and I don’t know of any Vicar of Dibley fanfics involving him. Harry is essentially Dawn French’s straight man–and that is an intentional double entendre on my part.

~ by Servetus on March 1, 2010.

2 Responses to “The Enabler”

  1. Here’s a Harry Kennedy fan fic for you!


  2. Thanks for this. I noticed that you also said there aren’t many Harry Kennedy/VoD fics (grin)!


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