Everything looks slightly different in the morning …

Welcome to anyone who is finding his or her way here from the Richard Armitage Fan Blog. Hope I don’t disappoint with this strange mix of starstruck squee and academic reflection.

I was really in a terrible mood last night. But the last dream I had this morning was really wild. I didn’t dream OF Lucas North; I dreamt I WAS Lucas North.

As a single woman, I definitely have bedtime stories I tell myself to relax myself before sleeping. Lately it’s been that I am Lucas North’s romantic partner. Some of these fantasies are a lot of fun and maybe I should write them down. So I’ve been dozing off to sleep, pretending I am lying the arms of the superspy. For some reason last night, probably because I had a lot more to drink than usual and so my sleep was disturbed, I ended up on the other side of the bed. It’s really strange, but even though I have a queen bed I have always slept on”my” side of it. Last night I ended up on the side for the other person. Never mind that there hasn’t been another person on that side of the bed for four years now. I think ending up physically on the wrong side of the bed meant that I ended up in the wrong side of the fantasy. Very, very strange.

It wasn’t a very complex dream, mostly just that I felt my body as much taller and thinner, and that I as Lucas kept wondering if my bedmate was going to get up and make coffee. I then tried to give her (me) a fullbody embrace, and that was when I woke up and realized that I wasn’t Lucas North after all.

~ by Servetus on March 9, 2010.

3 Responses to “Everything looks slightly different in the morning …”

  1. I wonder how many of us have that bedtime ritual. Since childhood, I’ve always made up a character (the one I’d like to be!) and inserted it into books/tv series, etc. Have a whole RH series 4 character, based on me! as I’d love to see myself (with Gisbourne, of course). And no, not about to write fanfic!


  2. […] here has developed. Early posts (in February and March 2010) drew more explicitly on the theme of dreams and fantasies and my curiosity about random intersections of moments in my life with those in that […]


  3. […] Lucas North (till now these have been dreams involving cuddling / comfort, except for one where I dreamt I was Lucas North); is this a sign that the character has taken a decisive maturing step in 9.1 from wounded animal […]


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