The RA Fanstravaganza!

Starting today and running for a week, we have the RA Fanstravaganza! Vote at each of the sites below on a poll relating to Mr. Armitage’s work. Some of the sites (hopefully this one) will also be showcasing the work of various fans as the week wears on. (Let me know if you’d like to be interviewed about yourself as a fan–email address is in the “About” section.) Thanks to Nat for organizing this, developing the image above, and for inviting me, since I’ve only been doing this for a few weeks. This event is designed to highlight the light-hearted aspects of this fandom, so focus on having fun, everyone! My poll is below. This post will stick to the top of my blog until the Fanstravaganza is over.

The Spooks Fan Blog [deleted, spring 2015]
Here’s my poll. The questions are here in the post, and the poll is after all the pictures. This is my first ever poll. Let me know if you have any bright ideas about how to move the poll to the sidebar, I couldn’t figure it out! Screencaps [were originally] courtesy of the wonderful altruistic folks who put together the collection at The Armitage Army [now defunct]. Kind comments are also welcome–especially if you have a different answer to the question than those offered below! And feel free to justify the answer you did give in the comments.
As I’ve noted before, Harry Kennedy is Mr. Armitage’s most “normal” character, the perfect partner, who’s always doing adorable things. In your opinion, which of these is the most irresistibly adorable Harry Kennedy moment? I have narrowed it down to only 13!
“That ever happen to you ’round here, any handsome strangers ever sweep you off your feet?”
“You know that really important thing you were going to tell me? Why don’t you tell me tonight, at about eight?”
Harry says that he hasn’t discovered any of Geraldine’s faults yet.
Harry kisses Geraldine on the hand after she told him that tongue-kissing had to wait to date #3.
Harry is ridiculously happy to see Geraldine unexpectedly.
Harry keeps laughing at Geraldine well after the joke is dead.
“When would you like this account settled? … What, this minute?” “This second!”
“I loved you the minute I laid eyes on you. I absolutely know that we are meant to be together, and that we will always be happy!”
“I think, cobblers! You give your entire life to other people. For just one day, you’re allowed to spoil yourself.”
Harry steals a kiss before the wedding planning starts in earnest.
“If it’s any comfort, I’ll love you no matter what your name is.”
“Nonsense. I bet thousands of men wanted to marry you.”
Not cringing when he saw Geraldine advancing down the aisle in her flowered pjs.

~ by Servetus on March 16, 2010.

13 Responses to “The RA Fanstravaganza!”

  1. I love anything to do with Harry. “Whenever you look up, there shall I be ….” is another fave of mine.

    Nice poll!!


  2. You’re doing pretty well for just a week of blogging. Funny that I never really took to VOD as to RH and N&S because RA seemed so normal in this…or does he?????
    Has anyone noticed how much of a GIANT is seems next to Geraldine? He reminds me of Gandalf in Frodo’s hobbit hole when he lets Geraldine and her friend into his little home. Or maybe my memory is playing tricks on me.


  3. Oh, all of Harry’s lines were swoonworthy, really… And finding out that Harry is the character closest to Richard in real life doesn’t exactly help you get cured of any RA-infatuation! The accountant bit and settling the bill though… squeeeee!


  4. Favourite Harry.Gerry scene: “Would you consider marrying me”.
    “Yeah. All right. I suppose so….”
    Hysterical. Mr. Armitage’s “straight man” to Dawn French was delightful. Obviously, Richard had difficulty suppressing laughter throughout. NOT in the script, sir!


  5. Thanks for all your comments. As you can imagine, Traxy, it was really hard to narrow it down to only 13 moments. Now I see some of the other bloggers have multiple polls, so I could have separated it into “irresistible moments from episode 1” and “from episode 2.” Live and learn!

    Traxy: I think once you accept the premise that someone like Harry would fall in love with Geraldine at first sight, you’re right that everything he says is swoon worthy. There are also the moments that make me admire the character, like when she meets his sister thinking she’s the girlfriend and makes all those self-destructive jokes, and he doesn’t even really notice because he is staring at her in adoration. Sigh. If only men were like that in real life!

    Ragtag: he IS huge. I feel like that is part of what we are supposed to be laughing at in these episodes. I especially love how he has to duck to get through the flower decorations on his way out of the church.

    Fitzg: on the “would you consider marrying me?” line: yes and no. When I am really depressed I tend toward a very bitter reading of that scene … that was why I went for the more conventional moment at the end of that long scene.


  6. This was really tough! I agree that so many moments are swoon worthy. But I’m having a hard time thinking that there is someone who would be immune to the accounts scene. Well, I guess someone who’s dead might be.


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  8. Poll 2: I think having to do Owen’s tax returns when he has told the tax office he’s dead is the epitome of patience …lol!


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