RA Fanstravaganza: Day 2, New Poll

FanstravaganzaLogoContinuing the Fanstravaganza event, here’s my new poll on Vicar of Dibley. The Day One poll with many cute pictures is here. Vote at each of the sites below on a poll relating to Mr. Armitage’s work. Some of the sites (hopefully this one) will also be showcasing the work of various fans as the week wears on. (Let me know if you’d like to be interviewed about yourself as a fan–email address is in the “About” section.) Thanks to Nat for organizing this, developing the image above, and for inviting me, since I’ve only been doing this for a few weeks. This event is designed to highlight the light-hearted aspects of this fandom, so focus on having fun, everyone!

The Spooks Fan Blog [blog defunct, spring 2015]

Screencaps courtesy of the wonderful altruistic folks who put together the collection at The Armitage Army [site defunct]. Kind comments are also welcome–especially if you have a different answer to the question than those offered below! And feel free to justify the answer you did give in the comments.

[edited for link rot, 7/26/15]

~ by Servetus on March 17, 2010.

7 Responses to “RA Fanstravaganza: Day 2, New Poll”

  1. […] H/c in Armitage’s work So as to have some content beyond the Fanstravaganza (don’t forget to vote!): […]


  2. Servitus, I think I posted a comment in the wrong place … sorry. What I said before, having to do Owen’s tax returns when he had told the tax office he was dead would have to be a great example of Harry’s patience!


  3. Oh, I definitely voted the tax returns.


  4. I think I voted for the vicar’s behavior, because the vows are supposed to be the high point of the ceremony, no?

    But seriously, agreeing to do everyone’s taxes requires the patience of a saint, I think, and just posing that question in North America between Mar 15 and Apr 15 is likely to trigger sympathy. Schedule A: Itemized deductions, anyone? Or how about the worksheet to see if you qualify for earned income credit? 🙂


  5. […] here’s my new poll on Vicar of Dibley. The Day One poll with many cute pictures is here. The Day Two poll on Harry’s tolerance is here. Vote at each of the sites below on polls relating to Mr. Armitage’s work and to read showcases […]


  6. […] Fanstravaganza, Day 4! You can still vote on my Vicar of Dibley polls from Days 1, 2, and 3. I’ll be taking votes until end of business on Tuesday, March 23rd. Kind comments are […]


  7. […] Day 2 poll asked you to decide which wedding-related situation best exemplified Harry’s extreme […]


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