Fanstravaganza continues, Day 3!


Continuing the Fanstravaganza event, here’s my new poll on Vicar of Dibley. The Day One poll with many cute pictures is here. The Day Two poll on Harry’s tolerance is here. Vote at each of the sites below on polls relating to Mr. Armitage’s work and to read showcases of the work of various fans as the week wears on. (Let me know if you’d like to be interviewed about yourself as a fan–email address is in the “About” section.) Thanks to Nat for organizing this, developing the image above, and for inviting me, since I’ve only been doing this for a few weeks. I’ve been really grateful for the attention my writing has received, and also delighted to meet such nice people. This event is designed to highlight the light-hearted aspects of this fandom, so focus on having fun, everyone!

The Spooks Fan Blog [defunct, spring 2015]

Screencaps courtesy of the always generous The Armitage Army [site defunct, 7/26/15]. Kind comments are also welcome–especially if you have a different answer to the question than those offered below! And feel free to justify the answer you did give in the comments.

In one of my favorite interviews, Mr. Armitage insisted to Joanna Bostock that Harry Kennedy’s “woolly jumpers” (translation into U.S. English: “cuddly sweaters”) were “not my own, contrary to popular opinion. Those were definitely costumes.” What do you have against sweaters, Mr. Armitage? They cover a multitude of ills in the less than perfect body, are trim and comfortable, and facilitate one of my favorite fantasies — tilting my head up to lean against the shoulder of my beloved, burying my face in his sweater, and breathing him in. Ah, fantasy. These sweaters are another reason we love Harry–even if the supreme irony is that Armitage himself would apparently prefer to wear the outfit amongst these that I personally consider least attractive. Is that prejudicing the outcome of the poll?

What’s your favorite Harry Kennedy look in the “Vicar of Dibley” episodes?

PDVD_041Love at first sight: the grey and brown striped look with brown shirt underneath!

Preppy catalog model: blue cable-knit with white shirt underneath!

First date, but not trying very hard: dark jacket with greyish shirt!

Second date, first kiss, wedding planning: brown with red stripes only on the front of the tunic!

Unfortunately, only an Englishman would wear this: dark pea coat, grey cable-knit sweater, maroon shirt (maroon scarf optional)!

Movies with my sister or proposing to my love: pea coat, red variegated scarf, blue sweater and blue shirt underneath!

Evening wedding in the morning (a sartorial bad dream!): black frock coat, white vest and tie, grey tophat!

Wedding rehearsal and last night to change his mind: grey cable-knit with funky button collar, blue oxford shirt, worn brown leather coat as necessary!

Seriously, BBC, couldn’t you clothe the man?: greyish beigish jacket that is not broad enough in the chest or shoulders but has shoulder pads, and again white tie in daylight. For crying out loud!

~ by Servetus on March 18, 2010.

9 Responses to “Fanstravaganza continues, Day 3!”

  1. I do love him in the brown leather jacket, and even the brown sweater with red stripes is saved by the wonderful glasses! But I had to go with the first one. Stripey sweater heaven!


  2. I haven’t voted yet, though I won’t pick either the first date outfit or either of the wedding outfits, which were really dreadful. If you are going to the effort of renting clothes, at least rent good ones! So it has to be one of the sweaters.

    I LOVE those glasses. OMG.


  3. I’ve never understood why they selected the wedding clothes in this series. Don’t get the wedding suit in Sparkhouse either. blech.

    The pea coat looks the best on him, but I’m sentimental about the stripey sweater in the first pic. I always hear, “Well, there you go” when I see him in it. BTW, that’s about the sexiest line ever delivered in a tv show. No, it IS the sexiest line delivered in a tv show. LOL!


  4. In Germany anyway the wedding party wears much less formal clothes than in the U.S., and that may be true in England, too, but what I object to is white tie. Seriously, white tie is evening wear. Unless this is some English custom I have never heard of.

    “There you go.” Yes, it makes me melt, too. And then the way that he has to shake his head, as if to shake off the intoxication of seeing her. Squeee!


  5. I love the wedding scene


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  7. The scene itself is growing on me, as now that I have seen more of the previous episodes I see how the scene essentially allows the viewer of the series to take leave of all of these characters she’s been watching for so long. I missed that the first time I watched it because I was watching for Armitage, and Harry Kennedy is (mostly) even more of a prop in “Vicar in White” than he was in “Handsome Stranger.”

    No matter how much I appreciate the scene, though, I don’t think I’ll be able to come over to liking Harry’s costume in it (grin)!


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  9. […] Nice to read this in so many ways. And he was wearing a blue sweater! (Servetus loves sweaters.) And eating grapes! (The mind […]


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