Last Day, Fanstravaganza!


It’s the last day, folks! it’s gone by so quickly. I hope everyone has enjoyed the fun of visiting across blogs and learning more about some of Mr. Armitage’s most loyal fans.

1. Vote on my Vicar of Vicar of Dibley polls from Days 1, 2, and 3 and 5. I’ll be taking votes until end of business on Tuesday, March 23rd. Kind comments are also welcome–especially if you have a different answer to the question than those offered below! And feel free to justify the answer you did give in the comments. I’ll sum and comment on the reports either late Tuesday or early Wednesday, as I teach almost nonstop on Tuesdays.

2. Also check out my fan showcase with bZirk from Day 4. And the second fan showcase with Eli of AA from Day 6.

3. Thanks to Nat, Fanstravaganzista Extraordinaire! Don’t forget to check out the other blogs, most of whom have their final posts up today:

The Spooks Fan Blog [blog defunct, spring 2015]


Guy (Richard Armitage) almost smiling. Source: Download of Czech TV promotional photos.

Day 7 of the Fanstravaganza at “me + richard armitage” is “Fan Haiku Day.” A haiku is a three line poem with exactly 17 syllables, divided into a scheme of 5 – 7 – 5. Any topic related to Mr. Armitage and his work is fine. No dirty or obscene haikus, please; my judgment on this is final and I reserve the right to delete any haikus that I find objectionable for any reason. To help you out in getting started, I’ll note that “Vicar of Dibley” has five syllables, as do “Geraldine Granger” and “Richard Armitage.” You may post multiple entries as they occur to you. Your prize will be the adoration of all of my many readers. Cough. I’ll also write a post spotlighting your work and assessing it from a scholarly, academic perspective! No fear! Here’s my first attempt:

In your subtle face

We glimpse your true artistry

From Thornton to Guy

I’ll be in and out for the rest of the day, but to sweeten the output I’ll try to add an additional haiku to the comments for everyone I receive. Good luck!

~ by Servetus on March 22, 2010.

11 Responses to “Last Day, Fanstravaganza!”

  1. And in keeping with her extraordinarity, bZirk sent me her entries yesterday!

    The turn of the head
    Eyes unable to see him pine
    Tea drinking divine

    The turn of the head
    Eyes unable to see him thirst
    Tea drinking divine


  2. So now I owe two haiku.

    When you crave release
    oh solitary Lucas
    Look inside yourself

    Harry, for falling
    In love with Geraldine, we
    love YOU intensely!


  3. Here’s my 3 verse Haiku:

    I followed you from
    North and South to Dibley and
    Sherwood to the Grid.

    On the way, I passed
    Through Sparkhouse, seeking some warmth
    For Cold Feet, Between the Sheets.

    I understand why
    The Impressionists paint such
    Golden Hours of you.


  4. Excellent, Phylly3! That is going to provide a real challenge.


  5. Here goes ….

    Haiku for Spooks

    Section D needs you
    Harry, Ruth and Tariq too
    Save the world Lucas

    Haiku Hopes & Dreams

    Guy of my dream world
    Dear John Thornton I adore
    Harry I hope for


  6. And the previous entries to mine are so wonderful! Well done!


  7. Can’t help myself! Here’s another:

    Blue eyes so intense
    Chiseled nose and stubbly chin
    Velvety rich voice.


  8. These are all great!!


  9. For Servetus:

    Me + Richard’s Hurt/Comfort
    A scholarly blog.


  10. I love that, Phylly!


  11. That definitely warms my heart, Phylly!


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