Fanstravaganza Poll Results!


There were four separate polls for Fanstravaganza. Thanks to everyone who visited and voted!

Poll 1 asked about Harry Kennedy’s most irresistibly charming moment. The numbers for this stayed steady and proportional throughout the entire week. The results:
PDVD_192#1, with 32% of the votes: Settling the Account / First Kiss. As BZirk remarked, you would have to be dead not to find this irresistibly charming.

And then, tied for third, we have


“I loved you the minute I laid eyes on you. I absolutely know that we are meant to be together, and that we will always be happy!” with 16%, and

PDVD_041Our first glimpse of Harry: “That ever happen to you ’round here, any handsome strangers ever sweep you off your feet?” with exactly the same number of votes — 16%. The popularity of this picture was seen again in a later poll.

My answer to this question did not make the top three, and you can bet I will have something to say about that when I get a chance.

The Day 2 poll asked you to decide which wedding-related situation best exemplified Harry’s extreme tolerance for Geraldine’s loving but wacky friends. The results were even more striking in responses to this poll:

#1: Grinning like he means it when Geraldine comes down the aisle in her pajamas: 46%

#2: Not decking Vicar Ogilvy when he inserts his own name into the wedding vows: 21% (this was my choice, by the way)

#3: Smiling and clapping after the choir sings a number that predicts a successful marriage “Unless Harry’s a total prick!”: 18%

#4: Agreeing to do the tax returns for all of the parish council members: 15%

The last option got no votes at all. Apparently no one thought Hugo’s contratemps with the rings was the most potentially annoying situation for Harry in this scene.

The Day 3 poll asked you to name your favorite Harry Kennedy look. Although I clearly made some prioritizations in my introduction of this question, I noticed that the first respondent perversely picked one of the outfits that I found least attractive–the first date brown jacket (corduroy?) and greyish shirt. Must have been a secret partisan of Mr. Armitage, who seems to be averse to sweaters.

#1 was what I think of as the nostalgic winner, i.e., the “love at first sight” grey sweater with brown stripes shown above, with 30% of the vote


#2 was the “classic English” look with maroon shirt, grey sweater, dark pea coat, and occasionally coordinating scarf. This was my choice as well and I wish either German or U.S. men wore it. (I don’t meet many Englishmen.)

PDVD_049Tied for 4th with 16% each were the preppy catalog model …

PDVD_177and the “first kiss” outfit. There were several extra preferences expressed for these glasses, and that made this my own second choice.

Most other answers achieved negligible resonance with voters, but to see them, you should consult the complete list at the original post, linked above.

The final poll, posted on Day 5, asked which work mentioned by Harry you had looked at more closely. This was the lamest poll because I didn’t really write the question very well or understand the poll software options. Unsurprisingly, it got the fewest answers, with a third of the voters responding respectively with “Birdsong,” “Le Carré,” and “Far from the Madding Crowd.” However, it got the most interesting comments, so flip back there to see people’s responses.

~ by Servetus on March 24, 2010.

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