that last five minutes of Clarissa 3

Just listened to it again on rebroadcast. I reiterate my perception here about the quiet victory of the powerful over the powerless, but also want to underline the disturbingly haunting quality of those minutes. Somehow Mr. Armitage and Ms. Waites manage to convey the full horror of the scene while backing completely off in their performances — maybe it’s that the voices become quieter as they (and the emotion) becomes more intense. I’m a bit shocked by my own reaction; I found myself crying this time.

~ by Servetus on April 3, 2010.

One Response to “that last five minutes of Clarissa 3”

  1. I understand you completely. I found thise last five minutes so thrilling, disquieting, disturbing and moving too. It was because they were extremely well acted, of course. But I really couldn’t calm down. I was anxious for many minutes later.
    And you are right,listening to Clarissa live simultaneously with my friends all over the world commenting at the same time our emotions in a chat or twitter has been a great experience.
    Happy Easter, servetus.


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