Obsession update

This week started early on Easter Sunday with the last episode of Clarissa, which bowled me over, but not as much as episode 3, which lingers in my mind and is going to generate some more writing, I fear. That night, while preparing for class on Monday, all of the RSC 2001 “Macbeth.” On Monday, while awaiting some phone calls, RH 1.10-12. Then Spooks 7.7 and 7.8 twice, plus the commented 7.8, which is pretty lame, actually. Then I rewatched all of Spooks 8.1-8.6 on the net. First two disks of Sylvester on my computer while grading and then first two episodes of Clarissa, also while grading. One latenight netflix speeded up runthrough of my favorite scenes of both Vicar of Dibley episodes when I couldn’t sleep, to try to cheer me up. I have a really tortured relationship with those two pieces, which I discussed for an hour with my friend over dinner on Wednesday night. I was so fearful after Spooks 8.6 that it took me a couple of days to get on to 8.7, which I then watched three times, and then I did give in and watch 8.8, which I have now seen twice. I am wrestling with how to deal with that, too, both emotionally and rhetorically. I haven’t really started discussing Spooks 7 here yet, but feel the pressing need to start writing about Spooks 8. A lot of what I had read about it seemed either wrongheaded or imprecise. Perhaps I’ll start with some general reflections and then a long post on Ms. O’Reilly’s performance. Last night RH 2.10-11. Oh, and I drafted 2,500 words of a Lucas North post-8 AU fanfic yesterday to try to deal with my post Spooks 8 anxiety. Between the Sheets is still not here, but Venetia is in Dallas and it could be here on Monday or Tuesday. Plus all the blogging. On deck for this week is a discussion of evil and Guy as “sadistic leftenant” (as the Brits say) focused on RH 1.3-4. This is going to be hard because 1.3 almost caused me to stop viewing the series, I hated the beginning so intensely.

Man oh man. Three weeks till finals.

~ by Servetus on April 10, 2010.

11 Responses to “Obsession update”

  1. gee, and I thought I was bad..I have to have my daily fix(es), normally starting with the odd RH episode with lunch (weekends mostly Dibley) and audio delights on my iPod all day… I’m amazed and impressed though that you can actually concentrate on listenting (I mean conciously listening as opposed to just “berieseln lassen” :D) and your daily chores.. I can hardly get my thought together enough to write a shopping list 🙂
    btw – I love your little German sprinkles.. havent heard Mann oh Mann in a while, quite cute 😀


  2. Hey, Teena! Actually, Americans also say “man oh man” (as my family is 100% descended from German immigrants since my ancestors moved to the U.S. in the 1850s, maybe we brought it from there?). The emphasis is different. Americans say it more slowly and with equal emphasis on both “mans” (as opposed to the way my German friends say it, which sounds more like MAHNoman). I miss Germany. I left last August and this is the longest I’ll have been away since 1998. I should be back in late May, though. I’m really looking forward to it. Spargel!!

    I may soon have the first quarter of Sylvester memorized. 🙂


    • I’ve committed the first 4 chapters of Lords of the North to memory… much as I like Sylvester, my champion is Uthred of Bebbanburg (he was almost a Geordie :D)
      as for Spargel – yum, can’t wait.. though only the green variety; apart from the obvious connotations, the white stuff doesn’t do it for me – too plain 😀
      if you ever find yourself in Berlin, ich geb ‘ne Runde Spargel aus 😀


  3. I just wish I had the time and the understanding family to be able to indulge that much! But I think it is possible to overdo it and become a bit detached from what you are watching due to over-familiarity or excessive use of fast forward perhaps it would be wise to remember that ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’?


  4. It helps that I am single and my job requires me to spend every minute that I am not in the classroom at a desk with a computer.

    Believe me, though, I am worried about myself. Writing this blog is about escaping from RL problems I have right now, but the writing itself is becoming a problem.

    We’ll see. I am trying to be optimistic about everything.

    What’s unfortunate about this is that I am not using the FF button all that much. I sometimes have stuff playing in the background, e.g., while I am grading (which I do a lot of). I have big chunks of Mr. Armitage’s dialog in major roles memorized now.

    I just keep telling myself I can stop at any time. Hah.


  5. But, The Gruffalo: thanks for your concern!!!


  6. It´s BAD, Lucas! LOL! Currently my favorite phrase!

    Boy, you´re in need of a boyfriend! Well, you now know which type you´d prefer!! Plan a stop-over in London or Amsterdam for a change!

    Wow, you´ve squeezed in a couple of months what I haven´t even done in ten months. I haven´t seen and heard all. Must start listening to Clarissa 4 now, otherwise I´d forget. I´m visually orientated.


    • Which type is that, Violet? 🙂 Actually, neither Guy of Gisborne (too moody) nor Lucas (too damaged) would be a very good RL boyfriend. John Thornton is more my type but there are no more of those, I fear. John Standring, maybe. I could get into John Standring.


      • was just thinking about it this morning, watching The Ipressionist for breakfast (now that Mr. T is away for the week 🙂 and I could definitely fall in love (already have) with Claude. Not sure though I could live with him, we share too many character traits…
        Thornton… gentleman with brains, brawn, and morals but way too serious..
        now, if you could take all his characters and bake your own…;)


  7. ´A lesser man would continue´ – Lovelace
    Lovelace drunk, in shop, duel, death scene.
    Good thing I catched up.


    • Yup. The last two Clarissa episodes verged on visuality for me. At times I could imagine the scenes in my mind.


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