Weekly obsession update

I can’t believe the week has gone by so quickly. I really had a lot of student-related deadlines this week, so was mostly watching and listening catch-as-catch can. Catalog of consumption: Spooks 8.1 and 8.4 numerous times. First episode of North & South twice. Tried to listen to the last disc of Sylvester but couldn’t make myself, so again probably two complete listens of the first three-quarters. Venetia came, but I really only had a chance to load it on my harddrive and listen to the first ten minutes. That will have to wait until I have a task in my office that requires almost no concentration, I fear, as when I am in my office I feel compelled to be working. Robin Hood 2.10-13 and 3.1-7. This is the first time I have seen any of season 3. What amazingly poor writing; you feel like the actors are trapped in episodes of a new series called “Robin Hood 3: Get me away from the script!” Mr. Armitage was obviously smart enough not to appear in the up-to-now from my perspective low point of the series, the episode with the English Bible. Please. I may be a specialist, but this plot defies not only history, but also credibility. On the other hand, at this point Armitage completely takes over the screen every time he appears. I don’t know if it’s the overpowering costume, the long hair, or even just the way they light him, but he is absolutely electrifying. All of “The Impressionists” twice, late at night. All of videos featured on RAfrenzy.com once or twice. Probably an hour browsing the photos from the Strike Back premiere, and then also quite a bit of time looking meticulously at the tape and screencaps that have just surfaced of Armitage’s appearance in Boon. (I retain some skepticism that this is him, but it could be, I suppose, and it’s fun to think of being him.) And, last night, as a recompense for my labors, the first three episodes of Between the Sheets — the whole episodes, not the clips with just Armitage’s moments. So now I have seen the other (aside from Spooks 8.4) major appearance of the posterior.

~ by Servetus on April 17, 2010.

5 Responses to “Weekly obsession update”

  1. I have two things to say:

    1. Have you ever thought that is just your perception about Armitage that works on Guy and his electrifying image? well…I think hehe.

    2. Where can I find (download) between the sheets and Clarissa?



  2. Yeah, I know, as my brother would say, it’s a personal problem. 🙂


  3. I think I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again; DO YOU SLEEP?! I’m envious of your organisational skills to fit in work and TV viewing!


  4. I have pretty erratic sleeping patterns, or rather, I can easily alter my sleep schedule to fit the needs of the day. This is very unhealthy, but professionally useful.


  5. Oh you’re lucky! I tend to go loopy if I mess with my sleep cycle too much. Did an all nighter for Spooks 8 and paid the consequences!


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