Obsession update: slow week

The big issue in my life this week was that western civ made it to the second half of the twentieth century and so I was lecturing about events that have had significant, direct consequences on my life and then events that I lived through personally. I’ve been teaching western civ for over a decade and so most of the material only has to be retouched and rehearsed before lecture, but I always find myself rewriting the twentieth-century lectures nearly from scratch. Wonder if that will ever change? I had to laugh, though, when I was discussing decolonization in South Asia and found myself thinking about Spooks 8.7.

It was NOT a slow week, of course, in terms of consuming publicity about Strike Back! Reading and watching lots and lots of that, though I won’t get to see it until the DVD comes out. This week I watched Robin Hood 1.3 and 1.4 each about five times, twice as whole pieces and three times for segments (still working on that post about Guy and evil), Sparkhouse twice, and I finally saw Marie Lloyd, from which I learned one important thing, although the piece is not that great. I should be able to get the definitive “me and richard” post about that done this week, I hope. And my unbelievably personal Guy fanfic is now 14,000 words long. Gulp. Probably I spent the most time this week looking at pictures of Mr. Armitage, including new ones that hit the web only a few hours ago (h/t Armitage Army on facebook) and morosely pondering objectification.

~ by Servetus on May 1, 2010.

10 Responses to “Obsession update: slow week”

  1. OMG! Those pictures are soooo great! I wish we could use them without the watermark! I wonder how much they cost for individual photos and what if one purchased one and then put it out on the web? How does that work?
    I see the photos are from the same shoot as the photo on the righthand side of your page. Thanks for posting the link here. I might not have noticed them for quite awhile otherwise.


  2. I imagine that the cost for the photo and the cost for the rights to reproduce them are different. However, that page is not the original source of the photos — it’s a Russian fan page. You would buy the photo and rights from celebritypictures.co.uk. As I’ve had the picture on my right margin posted now for several months without complaint, I assume that certain sorts of reproductions (perhaps those with watermarks?) will not be contested. I think I stole this picture from an online newspaper article it appeared with. I am not confident it is part of the same photoshoot as the pictures it appeared with today, though.


    • The picture from your sidebar is definitely part of the same photoshoot.

      Several years ago an online friend of mine got, for her birthday, a photo of an actor from a well known photographer. It had cost her friend about $200 for it I think.

      With all the publicity Richard is getting for Strike Back, hopefully a good samaritan will finally post the photoshoot without watermarks at one of those HQ forums – and no one will have to pay anything crazy for a picture!


  3. Thanks, cesta. To clarify, the Russian fan page has a “gallery” of pictures entitled “photoshoots” in which the pictures with the funny dazzling background are included, as well as the pictures we’ve seen in the SB publicity. The sparkly background pictures (like the one in my sidebar) appeared some time ago, whereas we haven’t seen many variants on these new SB pictures, I believe. That’s why I wrote that I wasn’t confident they were all part of the same photoshoot. The sparkly background pictures have a different stubble pattern and color, for example, than most of the ones we’ve seen in conjunction with SB publicity. I wasn’t excluding the possibility, just saying that I wasn’t certain.

    I have mixed feelings about the posting of pictures. I don’t do much of it because I believe that the artist should get some profit, and making pictures widely available on the internet interferes with that. On the other hand, I am about to post some pictures in order to comment on them, so it’s not like I am any different.


    • I’d thought the stubble looked the same. Is it really different? I guess they could have been shot on different days to accommodate his filming schedule. I first learned of this photoshoot – all 43 pictures including the ones with sparkly background and the new ones being used for the SB publicity – last fall and due to his weight in the pictures thought he might have shot it while he filmed Spooks during the first half of 09 since he was in S. Africa in the second half. There’s no date on them so it’s hard to pinpoint. I guess he could have done the photoshoot across different weeks or months but I really think he kind of looks the same in them, but then I’m no expert! 😀


      • I’m no expert, either, Cesta, but I perceive a lot less stubble and darker in some of the pictures, especially where he is sitting on the stool. I guess beards grow fast, so maybe they are all of a piece. I agree that the face in the “sparkly” pictures looks a lot like the one with the sort of blatant, almost mean stare that appeared in TV week. So maybe you’re right — as a historian I am cautious about documents unless I have firm evidence. So you could be right!


  4. Looking at some of the blue t-shirt pictures, though, he (still?) has really enormous biceps. So maybe you are right, maybe these were all taken immediately after SB filming. The picture in my sidebar appeared in the Daily Mail in October of 2009, I believe.

    Wonder if he is going to keep up those biceps.


  5. Forgot to mention – I hope we get to see your Guy fic one day. 14,000 words – yay! 🙂


    • Thanks! But it’s really awful. I self-inserted, it’s unbelievably violent, and I think I am writing compulsively to work out some personal problems. But maybe a heavily edited version will make it onto the web someday? I am grateful for your encouragement.


  6. […] my reaction to some of the Strike Back publicity embarrassing. This morning, in response to the new photos I mentioned previously, I figured out one dynamic that feeds into this response. That is, I think that some of these […]


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