Fan Letter #3

Dear Mr. Armitage,

At the end of a long day, I rewarded myself for getting through it by listening to your BBC5 interview in conjunction with the Strike Back publicity, which a thoughtful fan group uploaded for those of us in the former colonies.

In the second half I heard you say that you didn’t want a big billboard of yourself pictured with a gun, as the show was about more than that.

I can’t tell you how much this moves me. Partly because I’ve been talking all day, but mostly because it moves me more than I could ever say.

I write with gratitude, as well as all best wishes to you personally and for your future endeavors.


The “me + richard armitage” blogger

~ by Servetus on May 5, 2010.

7 Responses to “Fan Letter #3”

  1. Numbering Richard Add-icts!

    I also spent last evening listening and watching Richard broadcasts. In the one you mention he was teased about the average age of his admirers. He replied in his usual witty manner that the one admirer was 25, the other, 35. I decided to do a little arithematic of my own.

    In RL I am definitely the younger (plus 20 years). *Who’s counting? Isn’t age just a number?*
    But in the RA fandom I’m also the younger (minus 10 years). *OMG, he’s hot! SQUEEE!!!*


  2. @MillyMe – lol – In RL I just turned the younger (+ 15 yrs) last week! That is a great way to describe it! And we are the same age in RA fandom!

    @servetus – It was wonderful to hear RA talk about not having him posed with the big guns in the billboards!

    Ahh to be in England – especially tonight about 9pm their time!


  3. I can’t take much more of this…

    Not a long interview and yet – wooo hooo as a single younger + 15 yrs!


  4. I’ve had a secret theory for awhile that all of this advert activity all of a sudden has to do with him building up a nest egg and starting a family. Probably nonsense, but I like to think of him happily and stably partnered, even if not to me.


  5. I am an infant fan, but I’m 41 IRL. Guess that puts me in his target demographic. Also well-educated. But he’s almost as old as me, so I refuse to be made to feel as if I am cradle snatching!


  6. […] in Richard Armitage’s work, as he has described himself as a pacifist, and also because he insisted that the posters of him up in the UK for Strike Back not include huge depictions of weap…, but recently I got interested in the number of times he’s ended up in a production with any […]


  7. […] of the projects in which I’ve already seen him, I have cut him a lot of slack in light of his statement in May 2010 that he had lobbied to make sure John Porter was not portrayed with a gun …. That statement tended to make me think he was aware of the problem and that his heart was in the […]


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