A Guy of Gisborne spinoff? REALLY?

At Digital Spy. Beware of more Spooks 9 spoilers. Really, Mr. Armitage, we read that spoilers were the bane of your world. And a Guy of Gisborne spinoff? After you said Guy had no reason to live after killing Marian? Is most of what you say in public tongue-in-cheek (grin)? Or do you just get so exhausted from all of these interviews that you say whatever pops into your mind get away from people? Or to agree with them so they will shut up? Or see if they are listening?

Man, a Guy of Gisborne spinoff. Have to think about how I feel about that. Which Guy? Sexy Season Three Guy? Along with the news about Lucas not being who we thought he was. Urp. My jaw is starting to clench!

~ by Servetus on May 6, 2010.

8 Responses to “A Guy of Gisborne spinoff? REALLY?”

  1. BRING GIZZY BACK! I don’t care what season (although long-haired S3 Guy is my favorite look) I just miss Gisborne. I’m guessing this is just something off the top of Richard’s head… but wouldn’t it be awesome!?


    • How would you get past the fact that he died at the end of S3? A “Dallas”-like: “it was all a dream. Just a terrible, horrible dream!”? 🙂


  2. What a tease! I wonder if he’s just having fun with his fans/audience here. A willingness to get back into the leathers bodes well for the Ros Vs Guy skit! 😉


  3. Things that make you go WHAT?? I rest my case.
    Just jokin´ are ye? How ´bout a skit?




  4. Isn’t it bad enough ensuring continuity for posterity in one’s own life, let alone maintaining the personalities of a bunch of aliases? (I’m glad no-one’s tracking my random utterances for consistency down the years!) Perhaps Gizzy’s got a new zest for life since his newly acquired SAS skills may prevent him being whopped by girls and old sheriffs.
    Teasers or spoilers? Appetisers or a big bag of sweets before dinner? The test is – are you still salivating?


    • The (sick) answer to this question is: Yes. If I watched all of the bizarre season 3 of RH, I would certainly watch a standalone show about Guy. And I would still watch Spooks if Lucas turned out to be a baddie. I am that addicted.

      The consistency problem is interesting because it gets at the issues of self and construction of self in a world where there are different venues for presenting the self. And obviously, one can change one’s mind. Mr. Armitage was interviewed for Vulpes Libres shortly after finishing that roll, right? So if you asked me the week after the semester ended if I ever want to teach that particular course again, of course I would say no. But I do it again with pleasure six months later.


  5. Of course he was joking! But in all seriousness I wonder whether it was talked about at some point, though I am not sure if the GoG character would have worked without the Sheriff and RH. It would have been nice to have left open the possibility by having Guy not die at the end of S3. But I understand that he fought for Guy to be killed off, so perhaps the writers were going to leave it open originally. Mind you I seriously doubt whether he would have signed up for any more seasons and anyway, he is way past that kind of role now (thank goodness), I mean in the sense of being a supporting character in a long running show – I can’t see him doing that again (except possibly in the US).


    • I didn’t know that he fought for Guy to be killed off, but that was really smart of him, I think, after the way the scripts turned out the third season. Given what I’ve read about his fear of not working, had he been asked to do a fourth season it might have been hard for him to refuse, and might have trapped him in a supporting role in a show that was getting more and more ridiculous.


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