Just a moment I really like: “Demand away!”

Lara Pulver and Richard Armitage in Robin Hood 3.5, “Let the Games Commence.” Source: Richard Armitage Central Gallery

This is not a detailed acting moment but rather one that transfixes me when it appears on screen: the Guy who feels he has the support of Prince John and (finally!) autonomy from the Sheriff suggesting to Robin that he’s in no position to make demands. Of course, Guy is wrong, and Robin sets all his plans awry, but it’s neat to see a confident Guy on screen. Even if this plan is evil, one feels like this is the sort of Guy who had the poise to have won Marian. I love the way that a slight move in the posture of the head and shoulders changes the defensiveness of the arm-crossed pose that we encounter so often at the beginning of the series into bravado. There are so many problems with season 3, and I found myself thinking today that a chief one is that there are so many new characters that we never have the opportunity to get a purchase on their characterizations. That was how I felt about Isabella — she mostly remained a plot device for me, and never became a real character. But this moment is great. As is the one a few seconds later when Robin gets the upper hand and you see Guy moving to protect Isabella. What I loved about that was the apparent instinctiveness of the action despite his ambivalence about her reappearance. It reinforces the strands from the beginning of the series that try to get us to see Guy as someone who plays by the rules in a world where the rulemakers are constantly breaking them.

~ by Servetus on May 9, 2010.

One Response to “Just a moment I really like: “Demand away!””

  1. One of the few instances in which Guy did not not “go round with a face like a thundercloud on…” him?


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