Intermission: Love the makeup!

This is mostly just to prove that I am not nothing but morose. I’m morose a lot, but I do have a cheery side!

John Porter (Richard Armitage) warns Leila that a ransom offer could jeopardize their efforts to liberate Katie Dartmouth in Strike Back, episode 1. Source: Richard Armitage Central Gallery

Love how they coordinated Porter’s camo and face paint with Mr. Armitage’s eye color. What color are those eyes, anyway??

~ by Servetus on May 15, 2010.

9 Responses to “Intermission: Love the makeup!”

  1. They’re blue-grey, which picks up surrounding color and light easily, which is why they appear different colors in different settings.


    • Aha. It was totally eerie how much his eyes looked like the background in those green and bluish shots that appeared on the UK TV magazines in the last few weeks.


  2. His eyes change colour constantly and, combined with his changing facial expressions, comppletely mesmerise! They are such an important part of his talent and attraction.


  3. Yeah, his eyes color change a lot. Back then when I first watched N&S and then RH, I thought his eyes were black or brown, it was after when looking at pics of himself that I realized they were blue.

    Actually, now remembering a scene from N&S, I still ‘see’ his eyes brown…(this needs a re-watch, for investigation purposes you understand)


    • LOL! I thought they were brown in N&S, too. Brown is my favorite. I was actually disappointed when I saw Robin Hood and realized they weren’t … 🙂


  4. Oh…I’ve always known his eyes were blue. Like MillyMe says they are mesmerizing and a huge part of his appeal. I am sure that many shots of him enhance the colour, but they are still amazing.


  5. […] fangurling, I have serious matters to discuss. Such as his wonderful blood smears and splatters. Servetus mentioned how the camo paint went well with his eyes. I think the blood is a nice contrast. Especially on his upper body and sometimes on his pants, but […]


  6. […] involving taming his reflexes enough to discriminate between shooting opponents and bystanders. (Armitage has put on his luscious green eyes to match his camo for this scene. Yum, yum, yum, though brown are still my favorite.) The film intersperses these scenes of shooting […]


  7. Yah his eyes really beautiful… But i’ve never been entirely sure whether his eyes were blue, blue-grey, green or hazel…


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