Weekly obsession update: travel edition

My Armitage viewing for the week can more or less be summed up in six words: Strike Back. Strike Back. Strike Back. When my generous friend enabled me to see the last two episodes I was in heaven. I also caught one full viewing of Between the Sheets. I reread some of my favorite GuyxMarian fanfics, and previewed some of the new ones added by the helpful commentors on the original post.

Then I packed up the region 1 pieces of my Armitage library: Robin Hood 1, 2, and 3; North and South; MI-5 series 7; The Impressionists; Vicar of Dibley; and put them in my grip, along with the USB drives that have Spooks series 8 and Strike Back and Clarissa on them. And I packed up the region 2 pieces: Marie Lloyd, Between the Sheets; Moving On; Sparkhouse; and put them on the shelf as I won’t have access to a region 2 player this summer even though I will be in region 2 from mid-June to mid-August and my Strike Back DVDs will be waiting for me upon my return. I put Venetia and Sylvester in the car. I’m saving the Robin Hood audiobooks for the return trip in a few months.

So yes. When you read this, I will be in my car and driving 1300 mi cross country again. I do this about twice a year. I always dread the trip when it starts and start enjoying it about 100 mi in. This time I have a certain amount of fear because I am not sure exactly what I will find when I get to my destination, but I have put off starting too long and need to get underway. I will tell myself that everything will be fine. The next couple of posts are pre-written and will post automatically. Already-approved commentors should have no problem posting. If you are a new commentor,  you will have to wait until I can check the web to approve comments. I will try to look in but honestly don’t know whether I will.

Right now I am anticipating a return to regular posting toward the middle to end of the week. I’ve got lots of stuff still in drafts.

And I am looking forward to one thing, at least: the extended fantasy of having Mr. Armitage in the car next to me to talk to for two to three days. Plenty of chances to think up potential interview questions.

~ by Servetus on May 25, 2010.

5 Responses to “Weekly obsession update: travel edition”

  1. Have a wonderful summer. And don’t work TOO hard researching etc. to refresh your courses for next semester! Even teachers need some holiday.


  2. I’m glad you’ve come to the end of what was probably a hectic school year whilst still having time to share your almost obseesion with Richard. Have a nice holiday. You’ve obviously remembered the essentials for your trip, the dishy Mr Armitage and his oevre.

    I’ll be looking in on your blog just as often as we’ve still got a few weeks to go before we can take our hols.


  3. have a safe and enjoyable trip – the latter should be easy considering your “company” 😀 .. I almost forgot to get off the train yesterday, having my eyes closed and my ears and mind on “Lords of the North”
    Schönen Urlaub 😀


  4. Have a safe trip!


  5. Safe trip. Looking forward to more posts soon!!


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