Quick update, in place of the weekly obsession update

Enough time in the car for Sylvester twice and Venetia twice. Enough time late nights in motels for one complete Strike Back watch. While acknowledging that it’s tripe I am still completely besotted.

I recommend to everyone the experience of all that time alone in the car with Mr. Armitage’s voice. My car stereo is much better than my desktop computer for broadcasting all of the nuances of his voice, and I hadn’t listened too carefully to Venetia — only had caught the first disk, and that with not much attention. Mr. Armitage is just spectacular in this. It was seriously like having him in the passenger seat reading to me. I may be conditioned to this because when my last person and I went on long car trips together, the passenger always read to the driver, so it was just a bit like Mr. Armitage had taken his place. Oh, the deep, deep voice he achieves for Damerel. I will admit, though, that all that Georgette Heyer in one gulp is a bit overwhelming. I need to get the other audiobooks, I guess. Or Mr. Armitage could read something a little more, well, edifying. (Is it shameful of me to say that? It feels disloyal. Mr. Armitage, I will listen to whatever you read, I promise. Dozens of times. I won’t be able to help myself.)

The long post I promised last weekend is almost ready for prime time. I have to catch up on everyone else’s blog posts. I have to comment on all the things you wrote! Monday is Memorial Day in the U.S.. Perhaps the local obsequies will give me a clue as to what is going on with me and John Porter. And I composed a long post in my brain about driving and imagining someone beside you who isn’t there. Got some notes, so will hopefully get it out soon.

It’s always so quiet here; I always forget that I need almost two days to acclimate to being able to hear my heart beating as I fall asleep.

~ by Servetus on May 29, 2010.

16 Responses to “Quick update, in place of the weekly obsession update”

  1. His reading of Venetia is certainly a marvelous treat for the ears! I had to replay certain parts — like the scene in the barn!
    I am edified enough by the sheer sensual pleasure of being read to by the best voice on the planet!
    I was never interested in audiobooks before, I had no use for them, but now, well… my opinion has had a radical change. I haven’t been able to get a copy of the Sylvester audiobook yet — it seems to be always out of stock!
    Hope you have a great weekend!


  2. New experiences since Christmas directly attributable to Richard’s influence listed alphabetically: audio books, blogs, a book written by an ex-SAS serviceman, downloading series, fanfic, fanvids, googling an actor, perusing art-work and pics devoted to object of devotion, posting on blogs that weren’t study-related (ok; this seems to be a wierd form of study for me) radio plays, rereading books that I studied years ago (North and South),web-sites devoted to an actor, zealously reading any article, review etc. remotely related to said actor. My excuse is that I have at least expanded my horizons!

    Have a continued fun road trip, servetus. You can’t go wrong with such a travel companion.


    • MillyMe, I love the phrase “weird form of study.” That is what it has become for me, too, although I am fairly sure that is also at least 50% a rationalization.


  3. “Lords of the North” is my favorite Richard’s audio book. I can listen to it over and over again. So many characters and he found different voice for everyone. Just love it!


    • I have heard this before. I am going to try to buy it this summer when I am in Europe. Somehow organizing the energy to call England from the U.S. has been impossible so far.


      • You simply must buy The Lords of the North, servetus, it is seriously wonderful…plus its 12 HOURS long!!!!


        • OK, OK! 🙂 I was planning to get it, and now I will do it the second I get to Europe, June 13th.


          • servetus, I’m not certain you would just find it that easily in Europe. You need to order it from BBC Audiobooks in Bath I believe. Don’t be disappointed!


            • The issue for me has been the time difference; I am not an early riser, except on days when I have to be up that early for a specific reason, and by the time I am together enough to call the UK the UK is usually closed for business … so at least in ten days I’ll be an hour ahead of Britain instead of six hours behind. I can hardly wait!!!


  4. I’m nearly done with Sylvester, having listened to both back to back (Audible sent me a $10 gift certificate which fully paid for Sylvester since it’s on “sale” – yay!)

    Both are fully enjoyable, but I liked Venetia better. Damarel’s voice literally gave me shivers at some points. His narration is definitely a performance rather than a reading; his voices are very distinct and convincing including his female voices which is a real test of a narrator. I would not put him in league with Jim Dale (who narrated the Harry Potter series brilliantly), but he’s good. I do wonder if he’s listened to Harry Potter as his Sylvester at his haughtiest sounds a bit like Cornelius Fudge, and his Grandmama Ingham has a bit of Dumbledore in her (the old, breathless quality to her voice). Oh, and Tom has the same accent, though not the same deep voice as Hagrid.

    I didn’t notice any of these similarities in Venetia. Sylvester has a much stronger conflict, though. I wish I could gain access to Lords of the North, but it’s not in my library system or Audible, and the cheapest online copy is $100.


  5. I’ve just finished and enjoyed Venetia but have you managed to find Lords of the North? I agree with Olietta above, it is also my favourite. RA does a fabulous job 🙂


  6. Sorry em…I can’t buy Richard’s cd here in Mexico, do you know a web page where I can download them?


    • Many of the CDs are available via amazon.com or amazon.com.uk, both of which deliver worldwide.


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