Please excuse me for a moment while I exchange continents

So, I have to fly to a different DVD region today for work: ORD / LHR / TXL. I’d thought to get the next few posts up to appear automatically, but it’s not going to happen. Look for me on Tuesday or Wednesday, please.

Yours in Armitageadmiration,


ps. Unfortunately, we know that Mr. Armitage is filming spooks in London, so chance of any fulfillment of my Armitage anti-fantasy even though I am going through the right airport…

~ by Servetus on June 14, 2010.

6 Responses to “Please excuse me for a moment while I exchange continents”

  1. Lucky you winging your way to a new destination and entering another reality!
    We’ll keep Richard safe while you’re away!
    Have a lovely time in Germany!


    • Thanks, MillyMe. I hope no one tried to hurt him in my absence!

      As I understand it, Mr. Armitage is under-appreciated by the broadcast media in Germany. Perhaps I can do some ambassadorial work while here.


  2. Flying right into the land of a World Cup triumph – give our best to Teena!

    And if you should happen to run across Richard B, on Virgin, please plead for him to fund the Richard P production for Richard A … (perhaps not mention Richard A as “A” there)


    • The mood is good. It was also neat to sit outside in Frankfurt last night and see that every restaurant had a tv on. We saw the North Korean goal and were very moved.

      I had a ticket for VA but ended up on a different carrier going to a different city — but this request on your part is seriously witty. How do you think of these things?


  3. Perhaps we passed one another somewhere in the LHR madness today. Yours in AA and the usual friendship; apparently I’m heading back to a very hot place.


    • I actually was a little relieved to have avoided LHR. I was supposed to have to connect from Virgin to bmi and had only 90 minutes, and that airport is so huge, and they are always having extra security checks there.

      Hope it is not too hot.


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