RBOC: Catching up edition

  • I am now in the place which qualifies as my favorite spot on the face of the earth. Tomorrow, reentry into the library. Can’t wait.
  • The best technology in the world: sixteenth-century books printed on rag paper, with leather bindings and claps closures that are still fully function after half a millennium. Now that’s a medium with staying power. Eat your heart out, wordpress.
  • If you want to get a lot of hits on your blog, write about Mr. Armitage’s wardrobe. My goodness! I had no idea this issue could possibly be of that much interest. Thank you all for your attention and participation.
  • Unfortunately, trip ended up being ORD –> PHL –> FRA, so the anti-fantasy could not become operative. This was also too bad because TXL is one of my favorite airports in the world and FRA probably my least favorite. Stress.
  • On the up side, got a seat in the exit row so I could stretch out my legs, and didn’t read at all from PHL to FRA, and alternately dozed and ran through a number of my different AU character fantasies. This was hugely satisfying. Was able to spend several hours thinking about what it would be like to be intimate with Guy of Gisborne. Not sure whether to be frightened by that.
  • Will also admit that I printed out a picture of Mr. Armitage at the BAFTAs to carry with me on the plane, so that in case we were shot down by aliens, I’d go down smiling. 🙂
  • Deutsche Bahn rocks. (I know this is a minority opinion in Germany, but in comparison to the situation in a country that has no viable rail system outside a few metropolitan corridors, it is heavenly.) Plus they have a special World Cup discount rail card deal at the moment. 25% off all tickets for a €25 buyin in June and July, and an additional month for every further round that Germany lasts in the tournament.
  • Germany is just a gorgeous country, man kann es einfach nicht anders sagen. It showed itself from its best side today, too. 
  • White asparagus!!!!
  • Dinner tonight: catching up with two old friends, making me feel very grounded and happy afterwards, even though twists and turns in our lives are not the smoothest.
  • Didn’t turn on the computer for almost two whole days, and got to enjoy writing / jotting down notes in the analog fashion. Very liberating, that, as no need to self-censor in the ideas phase. Lots of ideas for new posts, and I am still fiddling with the “how Mr. Armitage’s BAFTA pictures made me feel” post. Going to bed now to make sure that my body clock joins Central European Summer Time, but will be back at it soon, as I missed talking to you all, my fellow Armitage admirers.

~ by Servetus on June 16, 2010.

12 Responses to “RBOC: Catching up edition”

  1. Intimate with Guy? ha! no fear my friend, I’m sure its wonderful ^^ by the way…excellent posts about Armitage’s wardrope!! (I absolutely loved the first one)


  2. Good to have you back. How’s the jet lag? (don’t answer). I can tuck my feet up on a coach seat, but it doesn’t make rest, or bones feel better at the end.

    How lovely to be into a library tomorrow. One of my best and longest-term friends has been with the B.M. for a number of years. And I have enormous envy. We had a discussion about using white cotton gloves (fibres) with old documents. B.M. has its view, and who could counter their conservation history? Return the Elgin Marbles? Hmnn. Don’t know the answer to that one. Sweat vs. fibre? etc.

    Enjoy tomorrow, and stay in touch.


    • I don’t usually have too much trouble with normal jet lag because I don’t have a strong regular sleep pattern. It’s a blessing.

      And oh, libraries. What amazing things they are. Love the British Library, too. Have loved every library I have ever been in, actually.


  3. Literally Laughed Out Loud at the “Will also admit that I printed out a picture of Mr. Armitage at the BAFTAs to carry with me on the plane, so that in case we were shot down by aliens, I’d go down smiling” 😉

    **the lol’ing was not about you being shot down btw – just to clarify**


  4. Welcome back


  5. How i would love some white asparagus! Or even better some fresh pastries, the ones with baked-in custard. Have fond memories doing a roadtrip w/ my dad in my teens in the Ahrvalley and fatefully stopping in each village for the local specialty. Loved your first post on the wardrobe especially your tangent on religious art (I am from the Rubens/Van Dyck country after all)I won’t say more in fear of offending anyone.


    • Yeah, I was treading on fairly thin ground there with the religious art aspect, as the aesthetic moments of images of Christ crucified are beyond controversial.

      I had an Erdbeerplunder for lunch today (pastry, custard, strawberries) and it was beyond fantastic. It seems that the local strawberries were late this year but I am grateful that they waited for me. I am only worried about the plums potentially being late, too, as I live for Pflaumendatschi in August.


      • Mmm, I can almost taste it on my lips.
        What cracked me up about your tangent is, that I knew that correlation was bound to happen somehow with your background. In any case I’ve never been so keen to go back to a church of my childhood and see that huge gothic crucifix again LOL


  6. […] I don’t have any physical photos, any keepsakes, autographs, etc., etc. I think I only have one printout of a photo for travel emergencies. I mentioned to her that I don’t even have the famous and increasingly hard to locate Guy of […]


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