RA’s Diary Entry — Clothes are something I wear to cover my body

[I am doing this cuz RAFrenzy thinks I need some more fun (read: aggravation) in my life, and because I ran across this German realfiction this morning, and because basically, though I started my blog before hers, I just copy everything she does or react to it somehow. We’ll see how it goes, as the adjective “sour-faced” could apply as equally to Servetus as to Armitage. As Mr. Armitage would say of himself, “I am SO not funny.” I am hereby signing my name to her disclaimer. This is a joke and your first clue should be that I’m using the “RA” acronym, which I never use elsewhere. This is not a real letter from Mr. Armitage. I have never received a letter of any kind from Mr. Armitage. Of course, I’ve never sent him one, either. I just diddle around on this blog. And since I am on record as doubting that both he and I exist, there should be no real problem, right? Just in case: LOL! 🙂 🙂 tee hee! Another joke: I have no idea how to write British idiom.]

Entry — two weeks after the BAFTAs

My publicist sent me a note today about my clothes at the BAFTAs to summarize the press and fan reaction. Luckily most of them liked it, though a few of them were disappointed that I didn’t go for the hypercorrect dinner jacket and trousers. Though they are always sweet when I meet them, I’m relieved to finally have them off my back about my clothes. 

The publicist is a little worried, though, about a woman blogger in the U.S. who wrote 12,312 words so far in response to the suit and is still threatening to write another piece about how seeing me in it brought her to tears. Apparently she looked at every candid photo of me several dozen times. Seriously, some of these women need to get lives. I’m not a mannequin for frustrated female academics having identity crises to dress, and I honestly don’t need one more person to tell me that my arse is big. Luckily, my image as a dancin’ fool is still pristine, as no photographers were allowed at the dance to see me gettin’ down.

I wonder what that woman would think if she knew that when the after-party was over I came home, tore the suit off, and crumpled it up in a corner before going to bed?

Man, I almost forgot about that. That suit was expensive! I better go hang it up now. I wonder if two weeks of lying in a corner will have hurt it irretrievably? After all, I’m still paying installments to the tailor. I know I’ve raised expectations, but I really don’t want to buy another suit when I could get a really brilliant leather jacket instead.

~ by Servetus on June 19, 2010.

17 Responses to “RA’s Diary Entry — Clothes are something I wear to cover my body”

  1. So how does it feel to slum it? Of course you can’t do this very often, or your fan base won’t be happy. 😉


    • 🙂

      I think I’d have an easier time writing RA as angsty. 🙂 For obvious reasons.


      • Maybe one of these days I’ll reciprocate and write some angst. On second thought, no, I’m not going to inflict that on you. At least with yours there’s something redeeming.


        • If no redemption from these feelings were possible, I’m not sure what I’d do. Not to hit a somber tone on what is supposed to be a funny post, but …


      • If you can’t resist make him angsty about DIY, screwdrivers and such don’t forget to throw in a few bollocks here an there. Your sentence starting with Man,… makes him sound American I think.


        • I agree. 🙂 We’ll let that be the clue that this is not a real letter from RA. Thanks for the suggestion.


  2. You guys are a GREAT tagteam! I’m in stitches and I almost thought I landed on the wrong blog 🙂 hope it was therapeutic. Might beat the Germans at their, what was it? Realfic?


    • It’s all her fault, iz4spunk. Actually, she’s writing these posts as me and I am about to hijack her blog with an analysis of RA realfiction as published in four different languages and illuminated by postcolonial critiques of Lacanian psychology derived from the sub-sub-altern response to Homi Bhabha. Just stay tuned.


  3. You two are a comedy team!

    What do you mean, you are so NOT funny, servetus?!? 😀 😀


  4. “Seriously, some of these women need to get lives. I’m not a mannequin for frustrated female academics having identity crises to dress, and I honestly don’t need one more person to tell me that my arse is big.”

    Rolling on the floor laughing!

    RA ( 😉 )probably did exactly that after the Baftas. Shooting in the morning, event in the afternoon, it has to be draining, not to mention he had to go shooting the next day!
    In regards on how he treated that great tux, I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt…*grin*

    OML 😀


  5. I’m thinking up my own disclaimer as a commenter in case his people were to read this 🙂 At no time was I led to believe to be in contact with Mr. Armitage. I am fully aware this blog is a creation of imagination based upon a real life persona.

    Another idea: make it as if his people hack in!

    On another note: please can a get college credit for reading this blog? 🙂


    • Great disclaimer. 🙂 I’d be happy to give you college credit if you’d be willing to write a term paper of 20 pp. analyzing the content of the blog as a (mis)interpretation of Mr. Armitage from the standpoint of the creative misunderstandings evident in the works of Kristeva and Zizek and the responses to the dilemmas they create for understanding popular tv drama as enumerated obliquely in Agamben’s _Homo Sacer_. If you need to come to my office to discuss the arguments of these theorists, I should be back around the end of August.


  6. SQUEE! Oh RA, how wonderful that you’re once again communicating with your fanbase. I almost swooned when I saw this letter, THUD!

    :D, I had you frightened there for a minute, servetus. Why can’t you have fun on your blog? You’re on holiday now, time to relax. There’s plenty of time for angst later.


    • I did have an anxious moment there when I thought of the flood of “pants” that would be coming my way. 🙂


  7. Ah, you have put a smile on my face and I cannot stop grinning thinking of “frustrated female academics” and “the flood of “pants” that would be coming my way”. Good to see you are having a bit of fun during the holidays Servetus.


  8. […] [Same disclaimer as before.] […]


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