Favorite visual moment: Strike Back 1.2

John Porter (Richard Armitage) starts to overpower his Iraqi captors at the beginning of his attempt to liberate Katie Dartmouth (Orla Brady) in Strike Back 1.2. Source: Richard Armitage Net

The quality of this cap is not great but I am grateful to have it. It comes sort of at the tail end of a very brief moment in this scene. Immediately before we see Porter storming the door where the filming of Dartmouth’s execution is about to take place, then he shoots the door open, breaks through, and assaults her captors. The beautiful moment is constituted in the way in which Mr. Armitage gracefully whirls around as Porter uses the now-empty machine gun to block the sword swung by the would-be executioner. By this point he’s dropped it and now confronts the assailant directly. It’s an almost dancelike moment, and it makes me think that all of those years of dance lessons must have fed into the almost balletic energy Armitage reveals at the beginning of this scene. Two thumbs up.

~ by Servetus on June 20, 2010.

5 Responses to “Favorite visual moment: Strike Back 1.2”

  1. I was so pleased to read this because I have had exactly the same thought about this scene – agree that a better screen cap is probably possible to illustrate better.


  2. The way I take a screen cap of a video is that I PAUSE the video and use MicroSoft One Note to capture the still. It is what I have on my computer, but if you go to download.com I am sure there is freeware out there that does the same thing.

    I hadn’t watched STRIKE BACK in this detail to catch the moment you describe.


  3. […] my huge debt to screencappers, and when I started capping things I wanted to illustrate — an early commentator told me how, and I took that step on June 10, 2010 sometime before 1:33 p.m. Ge… — I became committed to caring about this question sooner or […]


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