Porter, monumental

In the midst of all this rumination on the meaning of things I definitely need some self-empowerment, some redemption and some PHWOAR. I thus reference this picture pointed out to me first by iz4spunk.

John Porter (Richard Armitage) somewhere in Afghanistan in Strike Back, 1.5. Source: Richard Armitage Net.

Love how the camera perspective emphasizes the power and stability of the lower body musculature, which is also underlined by a sort of thrusting parallelism between the angle of the left thigh and the line drawn from the right elbow to the tip of the gun. That the angle of the rifle stock to its barrel reproduces the angle of the figure’s thighs to each other. That the massiveness of the lower body makes the facial features, which are distant in our view, seem even more refined.

I would be remiss if I failed to note that this angle on the left thigh and the strains in the fabric of the fatigue pants highlight the muscle on John Porter’s body where I would most like to sink my teeth. Yes, I did say I like thighs. On men as well as on poultry. I’m thinking this is the adductor magnus?

From Richard Armitage Studies to human physiology. Grin!

~ by Servetus on June 29, 2010.

18 Responses to “Porter, monumental”

  1. PHWOAR indeed, and yes, it is the adductor magnus, plus the adductor longus and maybe also a little bit of sartorius. Oh dear, there are so many other parallel lines here – the straps of the gun and the rucksack, the bracelets, and there’s something definitely phallic about the gun and the magazine *blushes*.


    • *blushes* indeed. Especially where he’s positioning the magazine of the gun. Also, what do you think of his sort of columnar quality against all the curves in the background? At first it made me feel kind of dizzy, but then I wondered if that weren’t the effect of the camera angel that makes us feel we are looking up at a near 90° angle.


  2. Naughty servetus! I nearly spat my Lucozade over my keyboard!


    • If you drink lots of that you’ll have the energy to run through the central Asian desert and get some Porter yourself. 🙂


  3. That is indeed, a magnificent picture. Love how you wax poetic servetus!


  4. Before my RA addiction, I was a nice girl, who didn’t have filthy thoughts about men. Now that has changed.


    • I used to have filthy thoughts about men, but only those with whom I’d already been (cough) intimate. It’s so bizarre to me to have such thoughts about someone I’ve never even met. It’s chastening. And kind of energizing!


  5. servetus, you’ve taken armitage study to a whole new level. Whilst before it would have been enough to notice the thighs, the angle of the gun and the bracelets on the wrist, now we’re invited to take into account the framing of our hunky hero by cliffs and clouds, plus learning about the adductor magnus and longus.

    Your next step should surely be to open a course of study at the Royal Armitage Institute of advanced Studies. I know I’d be graduating with honours in PHWOAR!


    • I like the idea of a Royal Armitage Institute, although since Mr. Armitage didn’t study at RADA but at LAMDA, maybe he’s skeptical of the monarchy?

      If one opens, MillyMe, you’d be a professor already. You’d have the Regius chair, probably.


  6. servetus and nietzche, thank you for mentioning those “angles”. I really didn’t want to, because I’m such a nice little girl. But there was no visually ignoring the obvious! Just happy someone else is brave enough to be frank!

    I think servetus already has the RAias here and we’re all enroled!


    • I wonder whether he did it deliberately…or did the DoP just catch the happy moment? Endles speculations here…:)


  7. You know what a relief! I was nervous I had overstepped blogging bounderies by linking to this pic! Sadly I lack the rich vocabulary to put it so elloquently as all you ladies. Besides my brain cells stop working looking at it. In one word: composition!! PHWOAR indeed and since I am in good company I can mention that I have one of the X-factor pics as my googleskins. I won’t link to that though. Those last 2 episodes had a different director and he used interesting camera angles; this is one instance and the X-factor scene another. The reason I’m calling it that, is because Bccme’s fanvid uses a quote from Mr.A. But since you are all educated fans i probably didn’t need to explain that! 🙂


  8. @Servetus,

    You crack me up. Sink your teeth? LOL! Oh, and the magazine position was the first thing I noticed when I watched the episode. Shows how lofty my mind is. 😉


    • Complete honesty, that’s my motto, thus ensuring that I will never be able to meet Mr. Armitage for fear of discorporating for sheer embarrassment.


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