While I was away

Got back to my office after the holiday and discovered that the postcards have arrived! Designed by Heathra, they are just as beautiful in reality as they are in the imagination. (Plus points if you know what important philosophical debate that statement relates to  — haha, just kidding!).

The first thing I did after I sort through my mail was to take care of this important responsibility. I’ve just put a 44 cent stamp on one, written a short message, and dropped it into the mail. Hopefully it will arrive soon!

This post references, of course, the campaign to persuade PBS to broadcast North & South in their Masterpiece series, described here. I also received notice of the appertaining facebook page — many thanks.

I got two postcards in my mail. It really is tempting to keep the second, but I am going to try to convince one of the two colleagues of mine who are also devotees of the production to send the second one in as well.

If you have your postcard already, don’t forget to send!

As fitzg noted, the fall is a time for introspection and I had three productively introspective days. I think I liberated myself from at least one false assumption about my life in the short to middle term, and I’m really feeling much more energized and optimistic about the opportunities that may lie in my future. I hope that, whatever the circumstances of the lives of my readers, that you too can take energy from the change of seasons (whenever it happens in your neck of the woods) to look at your life with energy and creativity and, most of all, hope.

~ by Servetus on September 10, 2010.

2 Responses to “While I was away”

  1. Actually, I think my IQ might have gone up a smidge and maybe yours too. Too early to tell. LOL!


    Send in the card!


  2. The facebook campaign is also a place where people’s messages to Ms. Eaton can get posted anonymously by sending them to the same emailaddress for the postcard request:


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