Sunny September Sunday

It’s a really sunny day here, and since “we” won the football game yesterday, people are strolling around in good cheer, not even complaining about the heat. I, of course, am in my windowless office. However, I figured out how to use some essential functions of vlc and handbrake, so I am looking forward to an interesting day, and it is air conditioned in here. (Glee!) Of course, officially I am writing a scholarly book and preparing for my research seminar tomorrow.

Turned on the computer today to two wonderful things.

First, the reminder that fans worldwide are about to have another opportunity for Armitage simultaneity. Here’s the detailed program of the piece to be broadcast today, and I can’t believe I didn’t look at it sooner. Richard Armitage reading excerpts from Manhattan Transfer? This is only one of my top three or four works of U.S. literature of all time (oddly, since I am probably one of the three academics in the world who can’t stand James Joyce). Seriously, this is something I’d have wanted him to record (but never would have thought of listing / requesting because I think of it as a so quintessentially U.S. piece). I’ll be so interested to hear how he deals with the stream of consciousness style and dos Passos’s attempts to write from the standpoint of a camera. Another reason to stay in my office this afternoon.

Seriously, Mr. Armitage, thanks for doing this. You can’t imagine what a gift this feels like to me.

Second, an article / interview in the Sunday Times, h/t Richard Armitage Online, intriguing as much for what it doesn’t say as what it does. It’s exactly the kind of interview I’d have advised him to give if I were his publicist. Discussion of it starting at RAFrenzy. As always, pi has something great to say in RAFrenzy’s comments.

~ by Servetus on September 12, 2010.

15 Responses to “Sunny September Sunday”

  1. It’s a gorgeous day here as well, Servetus. So looking forward to Richard’s reading on the Beeb, and the thought that so many in his fandom with be enjoying it right along with me gives me great pleasure.

    I found that photo that went with the article quite drool-worthy in and of itself. Love the stance, leaning back, the placement of those beautiful hands; that enigmatic smile on his face, slight crease in his brow and those eyes–oh, those eyes . . .

    OK, where was I? I loved the article; so tantalizing, with humor and insight, creating such images in my mind. The fellow brooder in me longs once again to give him a hug and tell him what he means to me and so many others.

    And I will gladly volunteer to assist him with any straightening needs around the flat, I swear I won’t divulge any secreta.

    • Love the “no escape” graffiti next to his waist / pelvis. 🙂

      I think this is an instance where he definitely means a mood and not an impulse to reproduce. (reference an earlier discussion about this). I wonder if he has any idea how that resonates with certain readers. He must.

  2. I was sitting down to do a bit of work and thought I’d check out what was happening in Armitageland. I thought he came off as pretty adorable in the interview. I would love to cook him a nice organic home cooked meal anytime. It is going to be really hard for me to focus on work now. 🙂

    As for Pi’s comment, dull as dishwater, hmmmm…I wonder what she thought he should say to sound less dull.

    • Go over there and ask her. 🙂

      As salmon and couscous is something I like to eat, too, I’d be glad to be invited over to his tip of a flat for dinner. 🙂

  3. Looking forward to this now, but as it is on so late I am going to listen in bed!! If I fall asleep I will just get it off iPlayer tomorrow (in fact I’ll do that anyway). Music looks good too – Charles Ives, Gershwin, etc but….Ralph McTell?? Sorry I don’t get that for Radio 3 (Radio 2 – yes)! It’s likely Richard has less than 10mins actual performance though.

    • Hope you sleep well, kaprekar. I figured given that list of events he wouldn’t get much time — but I’m still looking forward to Dos Passos. Hope you have a great week.

  4. Oh my – I never expected an American accent!

  5. Rainy and cool here. But I love September (if I could just stop thinking that it might start snowing month, and the snow tires and winterizing of the car are sort-of beconing ah, just live for the moment, woman!) 🙂

    • it rained three days last week, but it was a tropical storm. 🙂 I’d love cool.

      try not to stress too much ahead of time, you will certainly have plenty of opportunity when the snow actually falls 🙂

  6. Such a clever article/interview! Those mundane little details of “a day in the life of”. Knowing full well that the audience will seize on every little item; “He likes porridge!” “He’s messy! how sweet” – “I’ll houseclean for free, and iron a few shirts!”
    😀 Well, yes, I would…..

  7. […] a reading of this feature, not as a description of the real qualities of a life as actually lived. I love that she said those things, because they spoke to me at a gut level. Skip the next section and go directly to the picture of […]

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