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I’m still puzzling over the question that was raised in a thought-provoking message I received off blog about why certain preoccupations are okay and others are taboo; why it’s ok to make fun of people who like toes, for instance. When it’s demonstrably clear that I like thumbs. And the thumb is like the big toe of the hand and so on. I suppose I could make an argument about the relevance of the thumb to the rhetorical device of synecdoche (substituting the part for the whole). But that seems a bit evasive. And you already know I was skirting the point last time by using the Latin term, which somehow seems to make it ok in my mind, anyway. As a broader observation: seen from this corner of the world, thumbs seem to have fewer fans than toes. In general, once I refer to any topic on the blog I start to see search terms related to it, but so far no one has googled “Richard Armitage” and “thumbs.”

In other words: I have no answer to the question yet.

In lieu of an answer, here are three more “thumb shots.”

Steven (Richard Armitage) changes the angle of the security camera so he can better see Kath in Frozen. There’s something about watching a man with elegant hands move a lever gently. My cap.

Lucas North (Richard Armitage) examines a cartridge of Minox film that he’s picked up on his jaunt to Russia during the exposure of the mole in Section D in Spooks 7.7. My cap. This is such a funny moment, insofar as one imagines that spies are no longer using Minox cameras, though they were in use in the 1980s, at the tense end of the Cold War, when the Teirisias images were probably taken.

Lucas North (Richard Armitage) uses a device to copy a SIM card in Spooks 9.2. My cap. Love the shape created by the left index finger here.

Probably the main upshot of all of this is that although his fingernails look healthy, Mr. Armitage should consider moisturizing along his cuticles when he has a “clean” hand shot coming up. On the other hand, his cuticles look about like mine, so it does add a note of verisimilitude to the whole thing. One doesn’t imagine that security guards and spies have a lot of spare time to be getting manicures.

And yeah. This post totally evaded the actual question that prompted it. I just wanted to show you some thumb pictures.

~ by Servetus on September 30, 2010.

32 Responses to “More thumbs”

  1. You said: ´to my knowledge, no-one has googled “Richard Armitage” and “thumbs” before´
    Well, now they can! ROFLOL! 😀


    • 🙂 They could have after last week, though, and didn’t. I think Jane’s answer is relevant here.


    • Well, that’s EXACTLY what brought me here. You’re not alone. His thumbs are AMAZING. Well, everything about him is amazing. Perfection.


      • Did you get a gander at his thumbs in several shots in “North & South” – especially at the end when he’s holding Margaret’s hand – YOWSERS!!! Gotta remember to breathe . . . . .


      • Thanks for the comment, Beth, and welcome. Enjoy the thumbs!


  2. May I ask if you have seen Between the Sheets yet? If you have you get an answer to the question why people fantasise about RA doing indecent things with his toes.


    • Well, the search request that brings whoever it is here is slightly more specific than what’s happening in BTS. And I’d rather not say what it is both for technical reasons and because it’s not my aim to embarrass anyone about his or her preoccupations. I suspect they know already, if they’re still reading after the original “funny search terms” post.

      BUT, and I think what your comment points to for me is that the initial response could be something like, “well, that just doesn’t happen to be my kink” (toes). Indeed, the scene to which you refer doesn’t speak to my own erotic response. But it’s clear that there are lines — that there are some things it’s ok to admit that I fantasize about and others that it’s not, and that I employ these lines without thinking about it. I want to think about it a little. If I can find a way to write about it that’s not distasteful or offensive.


    • Well thanks for pointing that out, I’ve never noticed his toes in BTS … oh wait that’s not even that indecent!! LOL At least not in my book …
      The thing about fantasies is, is that they are often out of this world.
      You know what they say about the brain being the biggest …organ.



      • Something that I’ve found interesting on this journey is how fantasies develop — they start off rooted in something I see on screen, and then as they spin themselves out they become ever more Baroque, so that in the end they have little to do with where they started. I think that a similar process is underway in a lot of fanfic.


  3. If you know how to find BTS, please post a link.


  4. I love/adore/admire the hands! There’s a lovely part when Lucas is accessing information on his lap-top where he rests his long elegant fingers on/along the lid. Pretty please, Servetus, can you make a screencap of that as my Friday treat?!


  5. *rushes off to google Richard Armitage thumbs*


    • I’m now the number one result 🙂


      • Just know that not everyone gets the same search results. It depends on several factors including how many times you visit a site previous to a search. So clear your cache before you do the search and then see what it comes up with.
        BTW, I did that and you do come near the top but not at the very top, and kick in the head I come up too. I’m thinking what the h*ll? I’ve never posted on thumbs, but I’ve pointed to your site, so even that is bringing my blog up too. LOL!
        Oh, well, I would much rather get searches on Richard Armitage + thumbs instead of some of the other stuff I get. These people need to learn how to do a search without it showing up in tracking software. There is a way to do that. MUHAHAHAHA.

        For those of you who don’t know this already, WordPress tracks things dynamically for bloggers. It comes with the basic blogging platform. Most of the time I ignore it unless it’s something hilarious.

        I guess one reason thumbs are not as much a fetish is a significant number of people associate them with clumsiness or sensibility.


        • I’ve always had a thing for slightly clumsy guys. It’s just that Mr. Armitage is not clumsy. Though he can play a clumsy guy on TV. 🙂

          One of the brakes on my Armitagemania is that I myself am such a klutz. Fantasizing about dancing with the man just makes me ashamed.


          • 😀 I understand; I’m the original klutz and am only graceful when I’m standing still. Even then it’s questionable.

            I would pay really good money to see RA dancing! Wait. that didn’t come out right.


  6. One other thing to know is the basic blogging platform doesn’t allow WP bloggers to discover who is querying what. Just thought some of you might want to know that, and maybe Servetus has already said that. Obviously, I think it’s important enough to repeat ’cause if some of you are like me, you do not or cannot read every single word that’s written on every web page you visit. So let me say that again. 😉 We cannot tell who is searching what, and on some of them, I don’t want to know. LOL!


    • I said this in my post on spoilers and privacy a few weeks ago, but it bears repeating. We do not know where these search requests come from.


  7. “Thumb love”


  8. I’ve been meaning to return to this post to comment all day. I love RA’s entire hands – always have, always will. He uses them to express himself so well and he has lovely, long artistic fingers… and thumbs. He was born to play a musical instrument and he must be able to span an octave and a half on a piano. One thing, I suspect he has a degree of hypermobility in his joints watching him walk, his posture and looking at those thumbs (especially at the MCP joint – base of L. thumb, last pic.). They are a little like mine but he has done the right thing by choosing a profession that does not rely on using the hands in ways that require a lot of strength eg. musculoskeletal physiotherapy, massage , veterinary work etc. As a consequence of using my hands and thumbs in an incorrect way in therapy treatments, the years have taken their toll and I have arthritis in my thumb joints. Playing music is actually a great way to strengthen – I’m surprised he doesn’t play piano …. in fact i’d be more surprised if he can’t play the piano just a little 🙂


  9. […] to South Africa in Strike Back 1.4. My cap. Can’t resist pointing out that this is a nice thumb shot. They turn up everywhere once you start […]


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