Early career PHWOAR

Captain Ian Macalwain (Richard Armitage) tells Mrs. Twamley his Christian name during a visit to Pete Twamley’s house that sets him on an unexpected path in Ultimate Force 2.3. Source: Richard Armitage Central Gallery

After all the discussion of nudity, and then a note that there hadn’t been much PHWOAR here recently, I’d thought I’d compromise with a photo that makes me PHWOAR even though the subject is as covered up as he could be without a balaclava (“ski mask,” for Americans). Yes, Ian turns out to be a would-be adulterer and this is his first step down the garden path. (We want to excuse it because in this scene we realize that the reason he’s such a jerk is because he’s in need of real human warmth.) Yes, the fit of the arms in the jacket is wrong so that the shoulders bunch all to pieces when Mr. Armitage hunches Ian’s shoulders, but don’t we love this anyway? A gorgeous smile with just a little bit of danger in it. The crinkling of the cheek muscles on the left side of his face contracting the nose down just a bit, which makes him look interested and a little abashed, all at the same time. So charming! Only a Rupert? If I had to choose between Ian and Henno Garvie or Pete Twamley, there’s no question in my mind what I’d do. No wonder Mrs. Twamley was tempted.

[ETA: I totally forgot to mention that this picture offers an example of why I love it when Mr. Armitage puts on his brown hair. There’s a warmth to the flesh tones in his complexion that goes away when he’s wearing his black hair. Big-time personal squee here.]

I wish everyone a delightful beginning of the week. Spooks 9.4 premieres tonight! I can hardly wait, but I’ve got two seminars to get through, first.

~ by Servetus on October 11, 2010.

26 Responses to “Early career PHWOAR”

  1. It just goes to show that,while nudity has it’s place, and topless is just fine, too – the Phwoar factor is just as often generated by by “full dress”; even if not alway perfectly fitted.

    Happy Thanksgiving, those whose whose holiday it is!


  2. This is a clever ploy, Servetus, introducing us to the head-and-shoulders phwoar so that we are forced to acknowledge that you are right as usual. We really don’t need Lucas jeans or Porter fatigues, the dark hair or stubble, the maximus laongus or the iliac crest to enjoy this amazing man. I love the mischievous eyes and the charming smirk, the ears and the small glimpse of neck! Thanks for a pwoarific start to a busy week!

    Bring on the Lucas! He’s sure to supply us with more than sufficient pwoarific moments in this episode!


    • that’s my goal, to consolidate and expand my rhetorical power base 🙂

      I just really think he looks good here. In the scenes were he has camo on he also looks great, foreshadowing SB 🙂


  3. I too, love his natural brown hair, but not when it is cut so short as in BTS. Here is hair is a bit longer, or the cut is better, but I do like it very much!
    As for him being an adulterer, he didn’t really go out looking for it, she really chased him down! He’d have to be a saint to refuse, plus didn’t he feel sorry for her because her husband was abusing her? (Not too sure on thess point as I have only seen clips from Youtube). Anyway, Ian M. seemed just fine to me! Hate the way he was written out of that show!


    • typo: thess(?) — should be “this”. :}


    • It’s a slightly warmer tone here, too, than in SB.

      I don’t know. He did kiss her when she was vulnerable, so he’s not entirely innocent in starting the whole thing. What you do see if you watch the whole series is that (as per Armitage standard) it’s not a black and white character, even though the men of Red Troop can’t stand him; that’s as much about them as about him.


  4. I am just so happy that I asked yesterday what the heck phwoar meant and was answered. Now this post makes sense to me. An attractive man is an attractive man, in or out of boiler suits or snug jeans. And he is one. THUD.
    @servetus, the “personal squee” started me off laughing for the week.


    • Glad to make you laugh.

      I figured saying that I prefer the brown hair would make me part of a subaltern minority, so the squee is only personal.


  5. My mama raised me to know an attractive man when I see one–and, boy, do I see one! How anyone could prefer Ross Kemp as an actor or example of PHWOAR boggles my mind. I have also noted, Servetus, that his natural brown hair with its reddish highlights sparks his complexion, bringing out those roses in his lovely cheeks. He is very striking with the black hair, but it does make him look so pale at times.
    Think of him also as Sweetie John Standring (who I thought was still lovely, just a diamond in the rough pre his makeover, after which he looked like–Richard Armitage! ( 😉 He looked like an absolute angel, the goodness of that sweet, shy man shining in those lovely eyes with his pink cheeks a-glow.
    The man is full of phwoar no matter what he is wearing . . . Look those expressive eyes and those crinkles, the mischief in the smile.Re Ian, he would never have pursued that woman if she hadn’t gone to his room fully intending to seduce him, so I feel he was more sinned against than sinning. And what they did to him! Not cricket at all.


    • I agree — I like seeing the warm tones in his complexion. I have no problem with black hair and ethereal beauty, he looks good that way, too, but this is the average boy next door appearance that really trips my trigger. I believe that I could actually meet someone who looks like this.


  6. Please no spoilers about ‘what they did to him’.

    Ross Kemp is no RA but when he first arrived on Eastenders he wasn’t too bad…that was quite a long time before UF though!



    • RK just isn’t my type at ALL . . . I remember seeing him on the Eastenders when they showed it on BBCA and was not impressed then. But I know he has plenty of fans who are. I wasn’t taking it any further than that re possible spoilers, no worries, Kaprekar.


    • I guess he was really popular. He’s so not my type, though — emotionally. (Physically he’s fine).


  7. PS I just watched Spooks 9.4 – Squeeee!!!!


  8. I’m taking that as I sign it was pretty good . . . *grin*

    It will be late tonight or tomorrow before I can see it.


  9. I can’t wait to read your post on episode four!!! WTF is going on with LN???? I am totally confused. Good Grief.


  10. Must say this is a cute piccy. I like how since he got his teeth sorted out, he now gives big toothy grins. I haven’t seen this show, I am a bad fan gurl.


    • I think you have to have a region free DVD player. I wil say that the show is actually interesting apart from Mr. Armitage, I’m watching all the episodes of it even after he got written out.


  11. I prefer him with black hair. It looks more dramatic with his pale eyes, and I also think it suits his skin tone better. his skin is also very pale and the tone is very cool, that’s why he looks good in purple and cold blue and grey. In the old Prescriptives Colour Printing System he would be blue-red, level1, 😉


    • Don’t know — I love the peach tones, here. Luckily he seems to change his hair color subtly but fairly frequently, so we have plenty of opportunity to see what we like. Such a considerate actor. 🙂


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