Continuing with the “I like his brown hair” theme …

Steven (Richard Armitage) at work as Annie comes to see him in Frozen. Source: Richard Armitage Central Gallery

I’ll be grading all day today, except for my hour of conversational French practice, so no blogging for me today. (Also left my wallet at home, so no invigorating caffeine push to look for in the later afternoon, either.) Steven doesn’t much look like the sort of guy who really likes using a pen here, does he? Nonetheless, like the “normal guy” brown hair, the raised right eyebrow, the look of concentration. Also like the shirt here, esp. the pattern, and the rolled up sleeves, but not the collar.

Oh wait, this is a character in a film. I don’t need to be analyzing his style choices.

Got to get to grading. Talk to you when I’m done.

~ by Servetus on October 13, 2010.

16 Responses to “Continuing with the “I like his brown hair” theme …”

  1. Tell the truth, you would rather see him naked, sprawled out on the desk 🙂


    • I refuse to answer on the grounds that the answer may tend to incriminate me.

      I guess we’d find out if he’s a real brunette or not, though.


      • Uch, I am really bothered that I just wrote that. I’m leaving it there in order to remain accountable to myself, but it’s a bit beyond my own boundaries.


      • Not really, just look at his arm/chest hair and you have the answer.

        OML 😉

        PS: He looks cute but he looks more handsome and sexy to me with dark brown/black hair.


  2. I think, for me at least, he is getting sexier with age. @ Sev blame it on Armitage, he has a way of making nice girls think and say naughty things. He really needs to contain it more. 🙂


    • Yeah, my reactions are ALL HIS FAULT. 🙂


      • Yep, that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it! I was a normal woman not some hormonal fan gurl before The Armitage took holda me. He needs to stop working out and should eat lots of pizza and beer then do a shirtless scene. Hmm.. I’d still swoon. Got it bad.


  3. In this clip, I wouldn’t have recognised him. Chipmunk cheeks? Must be the lighting or the camera angle or the haircut – don’t think he’s ever been portly!

    @OML, definitely the arm hair says it; you can’t shave/dye everything…


    • Man of a few dozen faces. 🙂

      I don’t think he’s ever been portly either, but I do think he has chipmunk cheeks (though not in this picture).


  4. He’s an ugly duckling\(sort of) who turned into a swan…(and what a swan)!!!!


  5. Still haven’t seen this movie – it’s so cheap to buy I sometimes think that I might as well, but on the other hand it doesn’t seem to be particularly liked, and I’ve already watched the clips on YouTube.


    • You won’t like it unless you really like arthouse films. @Rob is not wrong when she says that it has “pretentious film school idea” written all over it. I think it’s pretty, but I have a thing for coast lines.


  6. I think a refered to it as self indulgent, but none the less Armitage was good in it. He was pretty creepy. I just didn’t love the story. I just bugged me. I bought it with VofD and I just wanted to find anything with him in it to watch!


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