Patience, patience

Count Friedrich (Dexter Fletcher) tries to help Marian (Lucy Griffiths) with her headache as the Sheriff (Keith Allen) and Guy of Gisborne  (Richard Armitage) look on in Robin Hood 2.2, “Booby and the Beast.” Source: Richard Armitage Central Gallery

2.2 is one of my favorite Robin Hood episodes, and I think it’s because Mr. Armitage appears to be enjoying himself so much. His grimacing in the background is as much fun to watch as the moments at which he’s front and center. If you don’t have access to the episode (available on netflix, for example), look at the caps in the gallery linked above — some of his most interesting and vivid facial expressions come when he’s actually in the background of the action of any scene. This seems to be one of those moments when he’s embracing the pantomime. Anyway, just love how Guy rolls his eyes here. Armitage allows us to have so much fun. If you’re curious, this is definitely one reason why Peter Jackson cast him in The Hobbit, I’m sure.

ETA: The much-loved “Poker Face” video by delicateblossomvideo. I’ve spent many a happy minute watching this myself.

~ by Servetus on January 3, 2011.

12 Responses to “Patience, patience”

  1. It’s one of my favorite eps, too. Dexter Fletcher is a hoot as the count and Guy’s reaction to this encroacher on Marian’s attentions is unmissable.

    I love the look of absolute distaste, the lordly sneers in some of those background scenes. Saying so much without saying a word.

    Yes, he does know how to embrace the pantomime and do it absolutely brilliantly. He’s just made of awesome.

    PJ is no fool. He’s making the most expensive films ever. You don’t put key performances in the hands of inexpressive, wooden actors (take THAT, all you naysayers!)

    Guy also looked absolutely sleek and sexy in his gambling den attire . . . and OK, I get a frisson of guilty pleasure when he throws the dice and tells Marian to “fetch.” Bad, bad Angie.

    (If you love this ep and have never seen this vid, may I recommend Delicate Blossom’s “Poker Face?” Terrific.)


    • Angie!! I SO get your sense of humour!! I have found you in various blogs/websites and your comments just crack me up. I’m totally with you on this episode. Always one of my favourites. After watching it I’ve actually gone back and watched it all over again it is so much fun!
      Dexter Fletcher is so perfect in the role of the Count especially when he says near the end of the episode that he remains Marion’s “Boobie” – but I have to say that I’m always drawn to what Guy is up to. So often it is merely his facial expressions that make you almost oblivious to what the others are doing in a scene – specially when he raises one eyebrow!!
      And yeah – the “fetch” thing gets to me too – as does the “beg” in another episode! So I guess I’m bad as well.


      • Why, thank you kindly, Teuchter. You are obviously a woman with extremely good taste. *grin* My father had no son, so I carry on his legacy of a little laughter in life. Yeah, I tend to turn up like a bad penny in many spots linked in some way to a certain Gorgeous Greek God-Like Geek. Right now I should be asleep, but I am busy trying to figure out what this nasty red scaliness is creeping across my face . . . allergic reaction, I am guessing, but to what??

        It always pays to keep your eyes on Guy–Richard will reward you for your patience. Oh, the Winged Brow Raise! Man is an amazing Eyebrow Actor. Not to mention the Smirk. Love it! he could have been a great success as a silent film actor, but then we would have been denied THAT Voice.

        Commanding Guy–“Fetch!” Beg!” “Talk!” Any other man doing that and I wouldn’t want to give them the time of day. Guy? I get all gooey. So come and join me in the Naughty Corner.


  2. Love this ep. for all those reasons and more! Also I love Delicateblossom’s version of Poker Face too. It’s brilliant!


    • Delicateblossom thinks outside the box, too. I mean, a Jonas Brother song for one of her Guy vids?? As she likes to say, she has no shame. *grin*


  3. I think this was one of the inherent problems with the BBC Robin Hood series, at least for me. I became much more interested in watching the lovely Mr. Armitage,even when he was just in the background than watching anything Robin Hood or the gang was doing. Judging by the way there was always a camera around him, it appears TPTB realized it too. Well, thanks sooo much for starting my first Monday post-holiday back to work off in such a pleasant manner. And can I just say, for the record, how freakin’ blue are those eyes????!!!! *sigh*

    Hang in there Angie- I went through that Nov. & Dec. (Stress, isn’t everything?)..feel better love.


  4. Angie and servetus in particular say what I’m far too much a Lady to venture! (Giggle). My sister visited from the Coast over New Years’s and is a convert to the big Geek. She made a comment about leather, which caused son and daughter to raise eyebrows and roll eyes…not conforming to their vision of appropriate behaviour from middle-aged aunt and Old Trout mother. Sigh. (sister goes home with my N&S – have another on order for me).

    The anachronisms of the BBC production charm me – especially the mediaeval casino! And Marian’s High Street, TopShop costunes. Brilliant designer.

    As for Gisborne in command mode – oh dear, absolutely in conflict with my ’70s fervent feminism – ah, who the heck cares??! 😀 This episode demonstrates so strongly that brilliance with “background” acting. Compare with Keith Allen here; when without lines, Allen`s face and body go into freeze mode…


  5. I meant to say daughter-in-law – she is the closest I have to a daughter! And sister`s comment was neither crude nor explicit, may I hasten to say!


  6. What is the old saying “the eyes are a window to the soul”? He certainly is an example of that in all his roles. The man knows how to use those incredible eyes.


    • Indeed Musa, this the very old saying is very true. When I look into those blue eyes I’m sure that this is a very beautiful soul and perhaps this is the reason that each of his roles is so charming


  7. Love the cap, looks like a poster for a movie, where all the main characters interact to give you an idea of who is who.

    OML 🙂


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