Fanstravaganza two, day 3!

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Guy of Gisborne (Richard Armitage), dead at the end of Robin Hood 3.13. Source: Richard Armitage Net

It’s true that it’s a hazard, if you are a fan of television drama, that the characters and the actors you love may meet with an end you find them less than deserving of. This problem has occurred frequently in Richard Armitage’s career.

A not-very-cool ending for Captain Ian Macalwain (Richard Armitage) in Ultimate Force 2.6. Source: Richard Armitage Net

OK, the series can’t go on forever. And yet — we wish for something better for the characters he plays. It’s agonizing to watch them get killed over and over and over again.

Harry Pearce (Peter Firth) looks down over the edge of the building that (the viewer presumes) Lucas North / John Bateman has just plummeted to his death from in Spooks 9.8. My cap.

And NO, it’s not consoling not to have had to watch Lucas’s death, or that we didn’t see it on screen. It was still really, really disturbing.

If you have a history of Armitage watching, the possibilities that are now pending are a bit terrifying. We’ve got this man …

After the showdown at the mud house on the Lashkar Gah highway, John Porter (Richard Armitage) drives away to (we hope) safety, in Strike Back 1.6. My cap.

… left on screen with the voice-over: “projected intentions: may be headed for Iran.”

Porter drives toward Iran in Strike Back 1.6. My cap.

Things are really not looking good. Aside from the many unpleasant demises Armitage characters have suffered on television screens, we have the added problem that he’s filming a major feature film, and is likely to be present in very few episodes of the second series of Strike Back, which is going to star an entirely different actor! Servetus senses unpleasantness about to happen, and she feels like Porter has already suffered enough!

So I decided to take action. When we want to prevent impending violence against ourselves or our immediate relatives in the U.S. we file for an injunction called a TRO (temporary restraining order) against the person threatening the violence. I assume this is the same in Britain, so I’ve decided to file for an injunction in the UK civil court system to prevent any further violence to the person of John Porter as played by Richard Armitage. I actually know how to do this in the U.S., as I jobbed as a paralegal for awhile, but it took me awhile to find the British form, which is much less complicated than the one for the state of TX — which has twenty-seven pages of forms and instructions. (I’d file the order in Texas, but I figure it would be pointless.) The British application is only a page long. I got a bit stymied when trying to figure out where to file — I assume this is a civil claim to be filed in County Court, but Her Majesty’s court finder website wouldn’t load for me. In the end I decided to fly by the seat of my pants and file in West London County Court, figuring they’d forward the form to the correct court in such an important case! After all, since it potentially involves the death penalty for an important tv character, there are definition implications for the Human Rights Act 1998, right?

I’m almost done filling out the form:

But now I need your help. In the U.S., requests for TRO tend to be more successful the more detailed they are. I need your help filling out the blank section in the middle of the page (near [4]) where we describe what the writers are forbidden to do to Porter.

In other words, how do you NOT want Porter / Armitage to be written out of Strike Back? Please hurry with your answers. I’m sure the scripts are already near their final form — we’ve not got any time to lose!

~ by Servetus on March 16, 2011.

55 Responses to “Fanstravaganza two, day 3!”

  1. Simple is best and suits the simple form:

    No damage or injury may occur to any part of the body, mind or spirit of the character of John Porter as played by Richard Armitage. Not.A.Single.Hair.On.His.Head or anywhere else.

    this part is optional: Or else we’ll let loose a case of Whoop ass on you.


  2. Oh and by the way- this is utterly BRILLIANT!!!


  3. I would greatly prefer Porter exit alive and intact to find a more peaceful way to make a living and to enjoy his family (well, I’ve gone and married him off . . .) I do NOT want to see another RA character die (I mean, we already KNOW Thorin is going to bite the big one in the second Hobbit film and I’m pretty sure Heinz Kruger is going to meet his demise in CA)–so please, pretty please, do not have Porter going out dying to save this Sullie What-ever-his-name-is’s life so he can take his place in the Jeep. Dammit, that’s Porter’s Jeep or Land Rover or whatever the heck it is.

    Porter should LIVE!!! And if TPTB are bound and determined to kill him off, then don’t you dare take a page from the Spooks 9 writers’ scripts and turn him into a baddie dies in disgrace after he fought so hard to get his life and reputation back. Or die some totally stupid and needless death. Because if you thought SB was violent? . . . Oh, you haven’t see me get really riled up.

    Oh, and by the way, LOVe your idea, Servetus. Brilliant!!!!


    • It is a Land Rover Defender 110 Series III, desert combat version. The Defender is an amazing car, it is almost unbelievable what you can do with it, offroad-wise :-). I know, I have a Series IV, civilian version, of course. You have to be careful as it has a high centre of gravity and may topple over if you are driving too riskily, although the open-topped version is less susceptible to this. The driver here at the end of episode 6 knew what he was doing!


      • Thanks, Nietzsche, for clarifying for me. 😀

        I have a Jeep–we live on a dirt and gravel road which turns into a truly slippery slide when muddy and I appreciate what I can do with it ON-road-wise. 😉 The Jeep has the same problem with centre of gravity, too. Yes, the nam behind the wheel is skilled in so many areas *sigh*


    • Thorin is going to die???!!! Nobody told me that. *WAAAAAAAAH!*


  4. LMAO!!! This is brilliant. Hold on, gotta catch my breath.

    *adjusts glasses*

    Hmm, line 3 is interesting with the operative words being “believable” and “honorable,” perhaps “sensational,” but “unbearable” is too relative and subjective. The inclusion of “violence” and “cruelty” suggests you don’t object to their occurence. So jumping from a tall dwelling (otherwise known as doing a Lucas) wouldn’t be precluded as long as a reasonable man would believe the motivation. Is it my understanding that you don’t want JP to die, or no?


    • Oh, lordie, “doing a Lucas.” I do have to laugh to keep from crying sometimes.


    • I thought it was interesting how simple this form was in comparison to the TX one, which has a specific listing of dozens of things you can ask for relief from and you just check them off. There may be somewhat less willingness in TX to believe that the average person could formulate a request, of course. So yeah, I was a little vague figuring that y’all could make it more exact.

      I’m not totally opposed to him dying — I’d rather he not, but I accept that he is a soldier. I just don’t want it to be a crazy death.


  5. Sgt. Porter will sometime after the end of ep 6 run out of diesel. The Iran is huge! So somehow he has to get on, on foot? Steal another car? Dangerous in a country practicing sharia. He must eat and drink (I guess there are provisions in the car, but they don’t last forever, and he doesn’t speak Farsi. Goodness, it is difficult to imagine a way out of this…He is bound to be captured, not a pleasant outlook for a citizen of the Little Satan. I despair, I really do. Maybe he can be exchanged for an Iranian held in England under anti-terror laws? There are also several perscuted minorities in Iran, such as the Bahai. They might help him, contacting other dissdents along the way to help him on until he crosses the Turkich border to safety…A girl may dream, may she not?

    Er…does it show that I care for John Porter? 😉


    • If John Porter’s creator, Chris Ryan could effect “the longest escape and evasion by an SAS trooper or any other soldier” from Iraq in 1991, I’m sure Porter himself, being hunkier and just as resourceful will get away, rejoin Layla in England and start a tender and scorching hot realtionship with her which ends in marriage, an amazing honeymoon and a new blended family. It’s all in Truce. Thanks to Angie for writing my dream scenario for my hero, John Porter!


    • Of course you care for him–how can we not love our hero, our Knight in Khaki and Camo? *swoon*


  6. We do not want to see the character of John Porter as portrayed by Richard Armitage betrayed in ANY way. His character may NOT be impugned, the tiniest part of his body harmed, or his honour or loyalty put in question. In other words, HE MUST NOT DIE SO JUST KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF HIM!! Think up some respectful way for him to leave the show with everything, mind, body and spirit, INTACT!!

    And to Servetus! You go girl!! That form is brilliant!!


    • That’s what I was thinking. She needs to rewrite line 3 so that exit by DEATH is strictly forbidden. I’m thinking:

      ” Must not write Sgt John Porter of the series in any manner in which he sustains grievous physical, psychological, psychic or spiritual harm or fatal injury caused directly or indirectly by any living entity including himself, object, substance or Act of God.”


    • This made me laugh in the middle of the night in OZ …”He must not die so just keep your hands off him”…the battle line is drawn in the sand …


  7. The defendant be forbidden to inflict harm be it physical or psychological on Sgt John Porter for the entirety of the series and any ensuing series in the future. Moreover a subsection of the claimants would find it expedient if the defenders would write into the script an escape story for Sgt John Porter to Australia where he will spend his time involved in adventurous enterprises featuring spies, assassins, dangerous animals, sea creatures, reptiles and insects. He will however come off any encounter with the aforementioned risks with mortality intact. The claimants are not averse to Sgt John Porter indulging in an affair of the heart or steamy romance and would highly encourage the defendant to write this into the script.


  8. Application for Injucntion
    Section (4)

    The Defendent——-

    is hereby enjoined to refrain from a) unlawful surveillance in the form od harrassment of Sgt. John Porter (aka Richard Crispin Armitage);
    b) committing an act of literary violence upon the person of said person; c) performing an act of character assassination to the detriment of said person, and to the grief of the claiments.

    Transgression of any or all of the above will result in actions requiring restitution to the claiments, on behalf of the victim.

    N.B. Victims’ reports are currently being filed in the Court of —


    • Well put, fitzg!!


      • Hee. We’ll have to brainstorm what restitution would be. Writing a drama to our specifications starring said RA? Can I insist that “A Knight in Shining Armor” by Jude Deveraux be made into a screenplay immediately?


        • We might be able to get a claim in at the War Crimes Tribunal in the Hague. Of course, that would only mean that the defendants would spend years and years testifying and then potentially die or kill themselves. Are we out for blood?


  9. The Defendant is forbidden from writing that John Porter is actually a guy called John Bateman who didn’t really disappear off the side of a building, but changed identity again (though not his first name, since it seems to be useless to try) and joined MI6. Porter is forbidden from accepting any suitcases full of old photos from any limping strangers who call themselves “Vaughn” and pretend to have known him years ago. They must also have a steamy love affair for Porter with a great woman worthy of his passion and love (Layla), but keep away from women named Maya or Danni. They are forbidden from writing a tragic love affair where the woman he loves tells him after ruining his life for her that she never loved him. They are forbidden from killing off Porter, but instead retire him to Mallorca with his lady love where he opens a DIY shop that’s “all about love.”


  10. Not a particular fan of RA,(dont dislike him either) but had to post – I cant stop laughing!!! liked Strikeback, hated what the writers did to Lucas and love the injunction…!!! It will cost you tho!!!!
    LOL you lot are a dedicated bunch!!!!
    BTW pic of RA in freezer very disturbing…


    • Thanks, Spook Addict, and welcome to the blog.

      I’m anticipating having to raise donations to pay a UK lawyer. There’s at least one person with a US law degree who reads this blog but I don’t think she’s been admitted to practice in the UK. Sadly.


  11. Great idea Servetus…And simple enough methinks.

    Porter should not die or sustain any life threatening or disabling injury. He shouldn’t be taken captive unless we see him safely released. There shouldn’t be any shoot out from which we are expected to wonder if he survives or not.
    He should not turn out to be a traitor or villain of any kind.

    What I’d like to see is his being able to leave Section 20 for a
    safer job; so that he can go off and be a loving Dad to Alex.


  12. I suggest they hire angieklong as the head writer and that Porter is only incapacitated due to the *ahem* attentions of Layla.


    • Angie as head writer will ensure that Porter is safe and flourishes and is portrayed as the virile hero he is. She will need a bevy of discerning ladies to be her betas and Mr Armitage’s personal assistants during filming of the new series of Strike Back! *Dances with glee at the prospect!*


    • *holds up hand* Hey, TPTB at Sky! I work cheaper than the guys at Spooks and could do a whole lot better by our hero! And I suspect Jodhi would have no qualms about needing to *incapacitate* Mr. Armitage as part of the role. She is a very dedicated actress. (And why should Shelley have all the fun?!)


    • This is an interesting solution. We could add “Angie to be hired as head writer” to the list of positive injunctions. That might solve the problem.


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  15. […] the end of the event next Monday; learn about fitzg’s opinions on Mr. Armitage’s work; participate in the attempt to write a restraining order to prevent undue violence to John Porter in …; read about Angie’s development as a fanfic writer; or decide which eyes you’d like […]


  16. […] till Monday evening my time; learn about fitzg’s opinions on Mr. Armitage’s work; participate in the attempt to write a restraining order to prevent undue violence to John Porter in …; read about Angie’s development as a fanfic writer; decide which eyes you’d like John […]


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