Another interruption: The Hobbit starts filming “today”

Well, for me it’s still the 20th for about eight more hours, but in New Zealand it’s the 21st, so, one assumes, the big adventure is already kicking into high gear. Thanks to Calexora for the reminder. Here’s a relevant article that doesn’t mention Mr. Armitage. I had forgotten that the 21st was the day, but I woke up this morning with an unusually heavy dose of Armitage zooming around my brain, so I prayed for him for health, happiness, and the success of all of his endeavors, and for G-d to bless his friends and loved ones. Mr. Armitage, I’m wishing you an experience that is everything you want it to be, and that you get some opportunities to stretch your acting chops and learn all kinds of new things, personal and professional. We really are thinking of you!

Back to Fanstravaganza shortly. 🙂

~ by Servetus on March 20, 2011.

10 Responses to “Another interruption: The Hobbit starts filming “today””

  1. It has indeed started


  2. What a nice note on which to end this year’s Fanstravaganza!


  3. Hooray !


  4. Still the 20th here too but so excited to think that this great adventure us now underway for the cast and crew in NZ. We pray they would all be kept safe and well for the duration of the filming. We DO hope they will throw us a few crumbs during the next few months however! 2012 is a long way away!


  5. Of course that should read “is” underway. Where did my spell-checking skills go today?? Thinking about Thorin must have made me “all fumbly”!!


  6. First pic released of the new Bag End set – with PJ. I’m too excited for words. RA must be living the dream right now. Wishing him and the rest of the cast and crew (and PJ of course, he is looking a bit thin after his recent illness) all the best!


    • Thanks for the link. I’m excited, too, although mostly in an abstract sense. I suppose that’s to give it time to build up over the next year and a half, sob!


  7. Posted about this about 10 hours ago as I’ve been following the whole progress of these movies for way over 2 years. It’s a very emotional time for those of us who have been there for a long time … and there are many more people who have been enthusiastic for TH way longer than I have. I was excited when RA was cast (although a number of us had picked Bard as the role for him – Thorin is even better however 🙂 ), but I’m just so excited now that it has finally started.


  8. Well, and so it begins…and now we just have to wait (or carry on waiting). I think it was around October 22nd last year when his casting was announced so five months have already flown by. Of course some have been waiting and anticipating far longer than this, I know 🙂

    Probably in a year’s time we will be wondering where the time has gone. And then in the build up to the movie release we will have the publicity machine to keep us entertained. But it will sure be a strange (and wonderul) moment for me when I walk into the cinema to finally watch The Hobbit Part 1 in December 2012. And then it will happen all over again for Part 2. And with DVD and extended DVD releases this is going to be something that continues for 4 years or more…


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