fanstRAvaganza two, last day!

This is the last day. Sob! Actually, I’m kind of tired. As fitzg said, it’s nice that the end of fanstRAvaganza two coincides with the beginning of filming for The Hobbit — although the spread out nature of our globe means that as the 21st is at high noon where I am, it’s already the 22nd in New Zealand, coming up on 9 a.m. as I start to write this post, indeed the second day of filming. We certainly wish them all well.

To recap, at this blog, you will find: a poll (which Porter trousers?); fitzg’s opinions on Mr. Armitage’s work; an attempt to write a restraining order to prevent undue violence to John Porter in Strike Back, series 2; an interview with Angie about her development as a fanfic writer; a poll on which eyes you’d like John Porter to wear to your first encounter with him; an interview that reveals khandy’s journey as a writer of fanfic and now, original fiction; resonances between excerpts from a biography of the late Heath Ledger and the career of Mr. Armitage.

The results of the polls:

1. Which Porter trousers?

The winner (attributions for all of these photos can be found in the original posts):

The classic! I agree that these trousers look really well on Mr. Armitage — they work really well with the construction of his hips and thighs — they are loose and tight in all the right places.

In a near tie for third we had Mr. Armitage with no trousers (cough — won’t repost that one), and the one below, which I’m reposting because it was my personal choice and this is my blog, heh, heh.

The reason that I posted the “nakey butt” photo (as Nat called it) was because I once had a boyfriend who never liked my clothes. When I called him on it he said, “it’s because you look so much better naked.” That was kind of tasteless, but as some of us have discussed, Armitage has a difficult figure to fit. Why pour something into a mold it doesn’t fit into, after all?

2. Which Porter eyes?

Here’s the hands-down favorite, which is no surprise:

Feline green!

The two “blue eyes” options were close seconds, and nothing else came close. Someone noted this may be because the light in the green picture is so penetrating that it makes the picture especially high quality, whereas the blue-eyed photos are both in lower light.


I think it’s the common consensus of the fanstRAvaganza bloggers that so much was published that we haven’t been able to appreciate it all. Thus, there will be no further content posted here today. Instead, I encourage you to explore the postings of the other bloggers. None of us anticipated either last year or this that we’d get so much attention (11,000 hits during the event on my blog alone, for instance). I personally am grateful for everything they wrote and all of the effort they put into their postings this week, as well for the participation of all the readers, both the commentators and the silent. Usually I don’t push lurkers to comment, but exceptionally I’d like to urge you, if you’ve been lurking all week, to leave a comment at a post from one of my fellow bloggers that you particularly liked, just to say hi. And if you have constructive criticisms of this year’s event or suggestions for the future, it would be helpful if you left those, too.

[ETA: Because of logistical difficulties she encountered last week, Frenz will be extending her personal fanstRAvaganza into this week. I know she’s got some great stuff, so watch that space!]

The fanstRAvaganza two bloggers:

An RA Viewer’s Perspective (Mulubinba)

The Spooks Fan Blog (Skully)

The Squeee! (Traxy)

Avalon’s Blog (Avalon)

Phylly’s Faves (Phylly)

RA Frenzy (Frenz)

The Richard Armitage Fan Blog – (Nat)

From the Quill Tip (Sarah)

CDoart: Richard Armitage & History & Spooks (CDoart)

Nevermind, Mr. Armitage (pi)

Mesmered’s Blog (Prue)

White Rose Writings (Musa)

Confessions of a Watcher (Judiang)

Richard Armitage Fan Videos & Graphics (bccmee)


Thanks to Nat and Traxy for their organizational efforts.


Thanks to the creator of this year’s banner, who wanted to remain uncredited.


The End! See you next year!


~ by Servetus on March 21, 2011.

11 Responses to “fanstRAvaganza two, last day!”

  1. I have not had time to make much of an inroad in to all the blogs but have thoroughky enjoyed everything I have read and will make a strenuous effort to read more. It is such a great idea and especially at the moment when there is little fresh news. Thank you so very much to everyone , all the effort has been much appreciated and admired.


  2. Many, Many thanks to servetus and all the bloggers, artists, fanfic writers and vidders, and fellow-commenters for having surpassed even the 2010 International FanstRAvaganza.

    Would put this into a voice thing to send Frenz, having just located ports for microphone, which appears to involve two more little pieces of hardware…If I ever have a blog, it will be titled Me + Technology…

    Thanks, servetus, for your blog, and for the past week. I trust you’ll be back before next year? 🙂


  3. It has been a real event my thanks yo you and all the other bloggers


  4. Yay, both my favourite choices for the pols won so great minds think alike!

    Thank you for a lovely FanstRAvaganza with fun polls, interesting interviews and thought-provoking posts. I’m already looking forward to next year’s event!


  5. Thank you so much for the great blogs, photos, polls, etc. I’m a new fan to RA (first saw him in December 2010), so this has all been very exciting for me 🙂


  6. My internet has been down for much of the day, so let me pop in at this late hour and say thank you again, Servetus, for letting me be a featured part of this event and thanks to all those who participated and had a part in making this a success. This fandom has an amzing amount of talented, creative, interesting and fun people! Fanstravaganza was a first for me and it will always mark another first in my life: the week I dipped my toes into vidding. Well, considering how many I’ve made, I should say the week I jumped in!


  7. Thanks servetus. I may not have commented much but I’m lurking!


  8. “In a near tie for third we had Mr. Armitage with no trousers (cough — won’t repost that one), and the one below, which I’m reposting because it was my personal choice and this is my blog, heh, heh.”

    Heh heh, too late to take the high road now. Meanie. 😉


  9. I want to thank everyone who read through the fanstRAvaganza stuff and took the time to comment, especially the delurkers, but also the regular commentators. Your participation made this a great event!


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