OT: Annabel Capper in “Macbeth No More”

[ETA, March 2, 2014: the full film has now been posted on vimeo.]



You can see Ms. Capper playing Lady Macbeth in a section from the notorious “mad scene” of the play (Act V, scene 1) as adapted for a 28 minute short film by a UK Production company, The Shorthouse Organization, which inter alia produces works developed at the Actors Centre (where Capper and Mr. Armitage appeared together in Lucy Edkins’s “Annie Lee” in 2002 in a production of the Operating Theatre Company). Capper has played Lady Macbeth at least once before, in the 2006 South East Tour of the Hazlitt Theatre / Changeling Theatre Co., as directed by Robert Forknall. The productions of this cooperation are performed outside of theatres, often in open-air venues in Kent.

The production is called “Macbeth No More” (2010). Here she is:

The idea behind the piece was that a number of souls of people buried in a particular graveyard would rise again to play these roles in a shortened version of the classical play. Although the souls are all from different periods and backgrounds (Capper is supposed to be an Edwardian women’s rights activist), they are brought together by their performance of the work. You can see a different clip from the short here (an audio showreel from the person who did the sound design) focused on Macbeth.

The tone of the performance is influenced heavily by its setting (the characters are supposed to have risen from their graves) so it transmits simultaneously a sleepy and an eerie quality. Ms. Capper mixes these elements skillfully with the agitation of the unhinged murderess and the same luxurious voice quality that we heard from her as Helen in “Troilus and Cressida.” The performance calls attention to itself via its understatement, and one can understand why the producer would pick this particular sequence as the focus of the clip advertising the short.

~ by Servetus on March 26, 2011.

19 Responses to “OT: Annabel Capper in “Macbeth No More””

  1. I’ll say it! I would love to see those two as the principals in this play! As you know, this is one of my favorites. And now you’ve turned me into an Annabel fan. : D


  2. She is very good, isn’t she? I do really like her voice. Rich and resonant. I pay much more attention to voices recently, it seems.


  3. She has a *lot* of range both vocally and dramatically, I think. It’s sad that we only ever get to see these little snippets of what she’s doing.


  4. Oh, yes, she is very gifted. I agree with RAF, it would be grand to see her opposite RA in a full scalle production of the Scottish play.


  5. She is a lovely actress, isn’t she?

    Wish I were domiciled in England, to see more of the U.K. talents more immediately, and more timely…


  6. Oh wow she’s good isn’t she ?


  7. She has a commanding presence. I too love listening to her voice. Thanks for finding these little treasures Servetus!


    • I’m glad you like them. I wonder a bit whether this whole strand of posts is appropriate, but not enough to stop, I guess 🙂


  8. It just occurred to me that they could appear in a production together in the U.S. In graduate school I used to go to APT all the time: http://americanplayers.org/ . Armitage and Capper could appear there, and they would sell out the house, I think.


    • ooh, ooh — and they’re doing both The Tempest (Servetus’s wish role for Armitage=Prospero) and Crime and Punishment this summer.


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  10. […] We also saw her in this role before — check this out. […]


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