Pile up of stuff and OT: Annabel Capper in EastEnders

My students turn in their papers tomorrow. I’ve been immersed in North & South but not writing about it for that reason. And because it’s just that time of year. Finished watching all of Spooks, want to write about that now in particular. Tomorrow, or on the weekend. Sickness also got me this week, which was not helpful. So many things swirling through my mind. Job stuff. Six weeks till end of term. What to do next? “The last temptation is the greatest treason / To do the right thing for the wrong reason.” Would love to see Mr. Armitage play the tortured Becket of T.S. Eliot’s verse drama.

You can, however, hear something I said about Mr. Armitage over at Frenz’s, whom I sincerely thank for the kind words and whose sentiments I return. It would be hard for me to name a blogger whom I respect more.

And so I say at least one substantive or informative thing this week, here’s an interesting novelty. This is the clip of Annabel Capper’s (entire) appearance in EastEnders. I know nothing about this soap opera at all; perhaps British readers can give us some context. Here’s a description of what happens in this episode, which was broadcast January 4, 2005. Ms. Capper plays the role of DS Passmore, who appears only this episode and is essentially an extra role. She’s interviewing an ongoing character named Kate for a job with the police force. Regarding the plotline discussed, which relates to her relationship with Phil Mitchell, a central character of the series, see here.

British readers, help us out: I am assuming Ms. Capper’s accent in this role is a London one of some kind?

Anyway, not tons to say here, except that her voice, accent, persona are again completely different from the earlier roles we’ve seen her in. She’s once again entirely someone else. And she’s not only pretty, I love how Ms Capper makes DS Passmore cock her head attentively to listen to Kate.

She’s just got a fantastic voice, I think, with a lot of range and flexibility. I was noticing on her CV that she’s now done roles in three separate productions for the Puppet Barge Theatre. These are marionette productions with recorded voices. My limited research so far suggests she’d be extremely good at that. Interesting: the most recent production she’s in, The Getting of Wisdom, is a well-known Australian Bildungsroman that I had never heard of. Will be reading that soon, just for kicks. (This is how the academic mind unravels …)

~ by Servetus on March 31, 2011.

13 Responses to “Pile up of stuff and OT: Annabel Capper in EastEnders”

  1. Yes, I’d say a London accent of some kind, or possibly supposed to be an Essex accent. Eastenders is peopled with characters with ghastly, strident London accents but provides work for many solid British character actors. DDA did a stint on it as did Rob Kazinsky, and Jo Joyner (Fanny Thornton) is a current incumbant. Oh yes, there was Ross Kemp as well but…


  2. Eastenders, my goodness, I used to watch that when I was a tweenager before it was axed from Australian TV (right when Nick was suspected to have attempted to kill his mother Dot, I never found out what happened!). I’m now in my early 30s. It’s been on air forever.

    All the best for the next chapter in the life of Servetus. Perhaps an opportunity to get the International Journal of Richard Armitage Studies off the ground? 😉


  3. EASTENDERS! MY EYES! MY EYES! *scrambles for remote control and panics when there isn’t one* 😉

    And yes, that really is my usual reaction if the TV is on BBC One (?) whenever Eastenders comes on. A panicked frenzy to find the remote and quickly change channel to something less offensive to the human intellect. (Soaps, yuck.)

    Haven’t heard the clip with sound on (at work) but Ms. Capper looks fab. I’d love to see her in a part that’s bigger than 57 seconds. Saw Operation Mincemeat recently, and I don’t think her part was even that long. She strikes me as a great actress, so it’s a shame we don’t get to see more of her!


    • After seeing her in all these tiny roles / extra spots, I think she really must have decided she wants to work on stage. One would imagine that anyone this good would make it in TV — she’s so much better than so many people we see.


      • You’re probably right. If that’s her choice, power to her! Doesn’t that speak volumes about her as a person, actually? *just realised* To prefer the obscurity of stage rather than making it big on TV? I can easily see why she and RA seem to get along so well! 🙂


  4. Sev — I know the future holds good things for you.


  5. When I saw the video clip of “Mcabeth No More” in an earlier post, I believe she’s got depth and range in her acting on stage so it’s not surprising she in some TV roles ..different medium for acting.

    The thing that fascinates me with this clip is how beautiful her hands/fingers are. Her fingers are long, slender and tapered. This reminds me of my sis-in-law who used to hand model for jewelry and other stuff.


  6. Ms Capper seems to have a wide and very intense range of acting.
    She must be stunning on stage performing in any classic piece.

    Dr Servetus, sometimes your future path unfolds itself before you. You just have to be attentive to its signs.
    Hold on!


  7. I agree. Annabel is speaking in a London accent of some kind. I was already living in Canada before the show began in ’85 so have never seen it. I did watch the even longer running Coronation Street for a time, but only once we were living here. It began in 1960 and although I initially swore I would never watch it, I got hooked on it for a while then totally lost interest.


  8. Thanks for all of the input on the accent and on EastEnders, everyone, and on the good wishes for me 🙂

    I’m glad this is one post that didn’t turn into a collateral attraction — can’t imagine watching more than a decade of backepisodes of EastEnders, frankly!


  9. […] role, while it involves an actual character (as opposed to her appearance in EastEnders), is of course entirely instrumentalized as a means of showing something about Al to the viewer, […]


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