OT: Collateral attractions, for some of us, anyway

Jonas Armstrong has a new vehicle, a crime drama called “The Field of Blood.” The first episode aired on BBC 1 Scotland last night.

Jonas Armstrong as Terry Hewitt in The Field of Blood, episode 1. My cap.

He plays a reporter at the paper where the heroine works. Given the billing he’s gotten, one suspects that this role will expand significantly (he has about four lines in this segment), but we can’t say much as of yet. This role is pretty far away from romantic lead, however, as it seems after one episode.

Jayd Johnson as Paddy Meehan in The Field of Blood, episode 1. My cap.

Apparently there’s a new renaissance of crime drama in British tv at the moment due to the success of Sherlock. I enjoyed this episode very much, not so much for the crime drama, which is fairly predictable, as for the pluck of the heroine, Paddy, who’s a copyboy at a Scottish paper in 1982 and trying hard to become a reporter despite the fact that pretty much everyone around her is discouraging her (boyfriend, family, people at the paper). Jayd Johnson is fun to watch and a sympathetic heroine. Here’s the review in the Herald Scotland, which is pretty dismissive, but I for one am not bored by dramas about the struggles of young women to find their places in the world.

~ by Servetus on May 9, 2011.

7 Responses to “OT: Collateral attractions, for some of us, anyway”

  1. Curious, because I have seen no publicity about this at all, but perhaps it is only airing in Scotland at the moment. I must check iPlayer.


  2. I have to say that I often had a hard time understanding what was being said. I may wait to watch the rest of this until I get access to subtitles 🙂


  3. I watched it too. It confirmed something I suspected, mainly I don’t care for JA’s acting style. He seems to associate constant head tilts/leans/slouches as gritty acting.

    I did like actress playing Paddy and David Morrissey as the editor.


  4. It made me think that Armstrong was possibly cast against type as Robin in RH, and that that’s part of what we’re struggling with when we try to appreciate what he’s doing there. This type of role (dirty around the corners, grim) seems more suited to him.


  5. I did watch the end of it, after all, and we see a bit more of Armstrong, but not much. It was ok. Nothing really memorable. I don’t wish him ill, but he doesn’t really seem to shine as an actor.


  6. There were a few moments, especially in RH3, where he demonstrated a stronger glimpse of talent. He was playing with, rather than against Gisborne then. Less actor-competition? And more relaxed toward RA as actor/mentor/example? But I’d only go out of my way from curiosity to see if he develops any further.


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