Since no one raised any objections

Here are some more HDTV screencaps, this time from RH 2.11 (the episode where Guy learns that Marian is the Nightwatchman). His face is so expressive in this episode, it just hurts to watch it.

Guy of Gisborne (Richard Armitage) reacts to his unmasking of the Nightwatchman in Robin Hood 2.11. My cap.

Guy of Gisborne (Richard Armitage) takes Marian to task after her escape attempt is foiled in Robin Hood 2.11. My caps.

Guy of Gisborne (Richard Armitage) and Marian (Lucy Griffiths) after the foiled execution of the Nightwatchman in Robin Hood 2.11, as he asks her to stay in the castle. My caps.

I admitted during fanstRAvaganza that of Armitage’s roles, I most identified with Mr. Thornton and Guy. My identification with Guy is especially strong in this episode, and there are some pieces of this series I’ve only watched once or twice because I feel physically ill when I see the pain on Guy’s face. Amazing job of characterization, Mr. Armitage.

[Mark: Next third of grading has been submitted. Nice time out with TA and his GF. Keep on.]

~ by Servetus on May 15, 2011.

16 Responses to “Since no one raised any objections”

  1. The 5th one from the end (the start of the last series of pictures) is, for me, my idea of quintessential Guy. There is a wariness, a fear of hope, and a few other emotions I can’t yet identify. There is almost, almost, a deadness….as if to say, is it worth my being kind, to dare to believe something good…
    I ADORE the last 2 frames…that half smile, almost in spite of himself. I think he steadies himself against the possibility of happiness, to avoid yet another disappointment. That is how I see him and that is how I write him…except, eternal optimist that I am, I let him dare to hope for happiness.


  2. Oh, dearest Guy. I understand what you mean when certain parts are difficult to watch, Servetus, because Guy’s pain is so palpable. I love the sweetness that shows in his face when Marian is thanking him . . . not a smirk, not a sneer, but a genuine smile reflected in his eyes.

    I have been reading some fanfic this weekend–it’s been ages, frankly, since I read anybody else’s fanfic, I think RL and making 48 vidoes might have something to do with that–and most of it has been about Guy (what a surprise!). Some of it is very well written but–so bleak and dark, it rather depressed me.
    It’s just not the way I want to think of Guy. Like Ann Marie, I want him to dare to hope for happiness, for someone he can love and trust who feels the way about him.


  3. “feels the same way about him” . . . *sigh*


  4. I just love Sir Guy and want to make everything better for him. He is such a sweetie.


  5. Servetus, I think you can carry on this forever, lol!
    It’s my favorite ep in the whole series, I watch these scenes again and again. “Stay and make this place bearable”, ohhh…
    There are some fics where the writers make Guy suffer so much. I understand the redemption’s need, but became very painful to imagine.
    (Forgive my bad English! Still trying to learn.)


  6. I really like this episode Guy proved that his love for Marion is so true, ready to make sacrifices. And RA as usual, masterfully showed those emotions.


  7. You won’t hear a complain from me (well, if you stop I might :P). I’m always happy when you give Guy space in your blog.

    I love his eyes, I can stare at them forever. His gaze when he discovers the NW is Marian, conveys so many emotions, is grabs you and it’s difficult to let go.

    His smile is so endearing, I just want to hug him and not let that smile fade away :D.

    When I watched S2, I can’t help wishing S2’s end wasn’t true and to have more Guy, 13 eps per episodes in too little.

    OML 🙂


  8. Believable emotions make for believable characters- Richard is quite obviously the best at it.


  9. Slightly OT: I can’t believe how young he looks in HDTV. What a difference. Mind you, I find him GORGEOUS either way but in these caps you can really see the youth in him. *love sigh*


  10. I for one would never complain, no matter how many of these you did, servetus! It IS Guy after all so what could possibly be wrong with that may I ask? I just got my RH S2 back from my friend today so I think I know where at least part of my day will now be spent!

    I find the second last cap very emotional. His love for Marion just shines out of his eyes yet there is a hint of caution in that little smile which suggests he isn’t quite sure of her. She has already hurt him and he knows she has also used him. I too find it physically painful to see some of the things done to him (even though I am totally conscious that this is NOT RL). Isn’t that one of the things that endears him to us? What we see above are mere pictures on a page but his eyes alone can convey all these emotions as eloquently as if we had heard him speak. Add his voice to the equation and we are overwhelmed.


  11. RA said someplace that Guy should have married Marian and I think he’s right. Imagine all the interesting plot lines with Marian married to passionate, sexy, politically corrupt Guy, but still feeling in some ways committed to Robin and his ideals. It would have madea a great Season 3 — sort of a reversal of season 2, with Robin as the illicit lover she still has feelings for — and an interesting storyline for Marian…


    • Daisy,
      This is pretty much the storyline that I also felt would have been so much better than what we were given. It would have given Lucy some real challenges as she played the woman conflicted by a growing affection and desire (you can’t tell me Guy wouldn’t have done some serious stirring of her in their marriage bed) and a sense of duty and loyalty to Robin . . . and I think she and Richard would have been splendid in scenes together. Those two had great chemistry and obviously enjoyed working together.


  12. I have recently been re-watching seasons 1 and 2 of RH. This afternoon I watched episodes 12 and 13 of S2, ending with Marion’s death of course, plus the Extras on disk 5 for both series. The part I found difficult to watch was the “Farewell to Marion” Extra because of seeing Guy “kill” her at the end of the series then listening to him talk about how hard it was to film that. Each time I watch it I am touched by how he expresses himself and how he said he needed to have lots of conversations with Lucy as he felt they had a lot more to say to each-other than what Dominic had written for them! It was hard to watch his the expressions on his face when he has to do the deed as well as after he has done it. He looks like the sword pierced his very soul. There is real pain there I think.


    • Teuchter,

      As I recall, after reading the script for The First Episode That Dares Not Speak Its Name, Richard got on the phone and asked the scriptwriters if they were “effin’ crazy.” And he didn’t say “effin.” It strikes me it would take a lot for our gentlemanly fellow to blurt an obscenit out over the phone like that. It’s just not characteristic of him.

      I suspect Lucy and Richard spent a lot of time preparing for that very difficult final scene. I interpret it as Marian practically committing “suicide by Guy”–she knew how he felt about her, how intense those feelings were, how dangerous he could be, and yet she stood there and laughed at and taunted him when he had a great big sword in his hand . . . I think she’d gone a bit mad at that point, frankly.

      And I have never believed Guy actually meant to kill her–I think he was so overcome with having his world falling apart around him, he was blinded by emotion and grief and struck out without really knowing what he was doing. I actually object to people saying he murdered her as if it were cold-blooded premeditation. A crime of passion–yes.

      I never, ever felt the genuineness of Robin’s mourning for Marian as I did Guy’s. Robin’s reaction seemed more like crocodile tears to me, especially after he so quickly started playing tonsil hockey with not one, but two other women. Guy loved her, as flawed and obsessive as that love might have been, and goodness knows time and time again he’d taken pains to protect her and save her. A lot more than Robin ever did . . .

      I also think that if they had to write Lucy out of the show by killing off Marian, it should have been VASEY that did the deed. You’d still have Robin and Guy blaming each other for allowing it to happen, and Guy could have found himself unable to live with being under Vasey’s thumb any longer and teaming with Robin against the troll.

      If only they had let US write the scripts . . .


      • To refresh my memory I just looked at that extra and jotted down a few things that Richard and Lucy said. Richard said near the beginning that from initially only wanting Marion as a “prize” that “it changed from that into somebody that he actually deeply fell in love with.”

        Commenting on the scene when she is revealed as the Nightwatchman, Lucy said that when you see Richard’s face his reaction was “fantastic” and “spot-on”. She also remarked that Marian had been “stringing him along” and so “the second thing that hits him is that he almost fatally wounded her in the previous season which because he loves her has got to really, really hurt.”

        Richard, commenting on her death said it was “probably one of the most difficult scenes for me because I really didn’t sleep for a couple of nights before shooting it.” I have to say I found that an extraordinary statement! To me it is further evidence as to how much he really enters into the character of any roles he plays and having to do this obviously had a profound effect on him. He added,”Lucy and I had endless conversations because there was so much they needed to say to each other.” Incredible! I wonder what it would have been like to listen in to those “conversations”?

        Later when speaking of the scene he said, “from my point of view, in order to do that to somebody it has to come out of a moment which isn’t really rational. I don’t think he intended to put a sword through her stomach. I think he grabbed her in a clinch, which is probably the closest they’ve ever come, and the fact he has a sword in his hand meant that the sword went through her stomach. I don’t think he thought in that moment ‘I’m going to kill you’. I don’t think he intended to kill her at all.” My thought is that being the person he is, regardless of the character he is portraying at that time, it would be an unthinkable thing to do to the woman you love and he just couldn’t totally get his mind round it even though he knew he had to adhere to the script. Somehow he had to rationalize the action and convince himself he hadn’t meant to kill her in order to be able to do it.

        Sorry, I really have rambled on far too long here but I just find that whole section so compelling to watch and love to stare at how he uses those beautifully expressive hands of his. You are right as usual Angie. Many of you talented souls could have come up with a much better ending to series 2 and a fantastic series 3. I do trust, however, that you would have kept the S3 costume AND those tempting long locks!! ;D


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