COMMENT FOR CHRISTCHURCH — Your donation will be tripled!

[Servetus update: Final grades posted about an hour ago. Laptop computer purchased (MacBook Pro 15″). Commencement tomorrow and Saturday. Boxes to be delivered Monday to office for packing. Apartment packing already underway.]

So while I’ve been busy managing the wrapup of my professor existence, with no more time than to approve comments by first-timers, other Armitage fans have not been weary in doing good. There’s a challenge underway from Calexora, for example.

On my own front, I was flattered to tears when Frenz offered to match my donation on the same terms up to $200. And then I was stunned when an anonymous donor approached her to match hers on the same terms up to $200! gave us blurb in their daily news, and we’ve gotten attention via posts on C19 and tweets as well.

So now a comment on my blog earns $3 US for Christchurch if you’re one of the first hundred commentators, and $0.75 US if you’re one of the next four hundred.

Our current UNOFFICIAL comment count (taken at 01:36, May 20th in UTC +2) is: SEVENTY-FIVE COMMENTS FROM UNIQUE IP ADDRESSES. That’s $225 already.

So the next twenty-five unique commentors earn $3 each! And everyone after that just adds to the total.

Can I say that I am really excited about this? Given the synergy here — I was doubtful when I issued the challenge in the first place that we could really make 500 unique commentators — that would be well past a record for this blog — I am hopeful that we will meet the challenges already in place, which will generate $600.

And I’m also encouraged to ask: is there another angel out there — or more than one — who’d like to match my donation on the same terms? If so, you can contact me or Frenz with a guarantee of total confidentiality.

Thanks to everyone who has already commented — especially to the delurkers and new visitors. But, let me exhort you again, if you haven’t commented on the post below, to do so, and to bring your (unique IP addressed) friends. Let’s get five hundred comments for Christchurch. They need the money, and the ongoing proof that Armitageworld is the best fan community out there has done a lot to energize me the last few days. You guys are great. Let’s keep up the good work and get those comments in!

[Comments on this post closed so that you can add your COMMENT FOR CHRISTCHURCH here!]

~ by Servetus on May 19, 2011.

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