I was always pleasantly moved by how supportive people have been to each other on this blog, but frankly, I’ve just been unbelievably humbled by some more Armitageworld generosity.

You see, while I was away from my desk for just two hours, having a last dinner with the history honor society students, two angels wrote to agree to donate to match the original challenge. One of them is judiang, and I’m waiting to hear whether the second angel is willing to have her name known or not. So now each of the first 100 comments is worth $5 and each additional comment is worth $1 US. So Frenz was right. I was thinking too small. A total donation of $1,000 US is possible, and it lies within our grasp.

I’ll be back with more details tomorrow — but this was too much news to let marinate overnight. I’ll let you know again exactly where we are tomorrow morning after I get in.

Thank you, angels. Thank you, Armitageworld. From me and from Christchurch.

So everyone else: let’s go! If you’ve already commented, know that your comment has just increased in value by 40 percent. Feel free to publicize this to your Armitage friends. And if you haven’t yet, please go here and leave us a comment! Comment for Christchurch!

I’ll talk to you again soon.

[ETA: another anonymous angel has popped

up, so now the total possible donation from

this activity totals $1200. Wow! This is on

top of the many donations that I am sure you

all are making independently of this effort.

Keep it up, gang. I’ll be thinking of you today

as I listen to the strains of “Pomp and


~ by Servetus on May 20, 2011.


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