Can’t tear my eyes away from Armitage!

Definitely not lost on me that I’ve been forwarding the charitable issues and neglecting the prurient ones lately, so I need to get back into Armitage mode. Yum. What a punishment for spending a lot of time on charity — being forced to look at Mr. Armitage.

[Well, actually, I am now packing my office, which is the academic equivalent of the Augean stables. Years of accumulated dung to get rid of. So looking at Armitage is also balm for the disgruntled ex-professorial soul. Dear Friend, who’s moving on to a new post, emptied hers today. Sad to look at it, dusty bookshelves. I’m going to try not to look at mine after it’s packed.]

À propos of cleaning up: Saw this icon in my iTunes today while I was tidying my work computer to get it transferred to my new laptop (read: removing things that I don’t necessarily want the tech guy to stumble over) and thought: it’s coming up –22 hours with nothing but my thoughts and Mr. Armitage’s voice in a car!

Khandy’s new N&S time travel fic, “Passages in Time,” updated. It’s starting to get intriguing! I like seeing Mr. Thornton vulnerable and not in control — it’s an intriguing effect.

Angie’s started a new story, “The Lady and the Panther,” with a time travel twist as well — Guy in the eighteenth century as a highwayman. This chapter is PG; future chapters will be NC-17. I can hardly wait!

Calexora’s starting a Richard Armitage Retrospective to curve her cravings for Armitage while The Hobbit is being made. First installment: Sparkhouse.

Here’s another beautiful Blu-Ray screencap I made while procrastinating from packing:

Richard Armitage as Guy of Gisborne from RH season 1, as Guy gives Marian (Lucy Griffith) a ring at a party in honor of the king’s birthday. My cap. If you enlarge it you can see every pore on the man’s face. Do it at your own risk, you may never pry your face away from the computer.

Someone told me yesterday that she misses the analytical posts. Me too. I’m going to get back on that as soon as I can. It’s like when I’m not looking at something in detail I’m not quite alive … or is that alove?

Oh, Mr. Armitage. Just wait till I get my words on you. You won’t know what hit you.

~ by Servetus on May 24, 2011.

23 Responses to “Can’t tear my eyes away from Armitage!”

  1. I kept sneaking peeks of that new promo pic of Lucas for Spooks in Australia today–the one they had on Richard Armitage Net–Lucas just wearin’ his tats and jeans. Oh, mymymymy . . . oh lalalalalalala!
    (I know he’s supposed to be John Bateman there, but he will always be Lucas to me . . .)
    Benny sprained his ankle pretty badly today and I have the Steel Magnolia auditions tomorrow night, so tonight I shuffled between playing Nurse Angie and watching my Steel Magnolias DVD to soak up some M’lynn and Truvy.
    My misadventures last weekend meant I didn’t make much of any progress on The Lady & The Panther, although I do have Chapter 3 underway . . . I will try to get in some writing as time allows this week. A lot going on this week . . .

    I will look forward to your posts, prurient or analytical. It’s ALL good! 😀


    • Ah, ya beat me to it!


      • 😀 Great minds think alike, judiang. Or, in the words of Oiseau, “A Dirty mind is a terrible thing to waste . . .” 😉


        • *snicker*

          A lot of us seem to have been er..impacted by that photo. I think it calls for Servetus’s close analysis as soon as she is situated. 😉


          • Oh, yeah, definitely needs a thorough, detailed, in-depth analysis. Gone over with a fine-toothed comb, as it were.


            • Forget the comb analogy Angie!! God created hands and eyes long before that. Hard to tear one’s eyes away from THAT hunk of gorgeousness ;D Tats and jeans 🙂

              @judiang Oh yeah! We ARE impacted!! Anyone noticed how warm it has got lately?


              • I don’t want to say I started salivating as I viewed said photo–but I surely felt like it! There’s just sooooo much yummmmy masculinity in that pic. And in those jeans! *swoon*


  2. Just spent 6 hours driving with Mr. A’s lovely voice as my companion. The miles just melted away…


  3. How strange Angie – we are also doing some scenes from Steel Magnolias – and I just bought the play and the DVD, which I have never seen.

    I also love that Spooks promo pic….woah!


    • Kaprekar,

      I was suprised in doing some reading about Steel Magnolias how popular it also is abroad–especially in Japan. ??? I had never seen the entire movie–don’t ask me why, good southern girl that I am–until I bought the DVD and watched it. I confess I cried at the end. But I am a sentimental softie. And it hit very close to home with what happened to some of those near and dear to me.

      The Spooks promo pic–which is POD and you can enlarge it even BIGGER!!–is . . . awesome. *thud* That there is one glorious specimen of manhood, y’all.


      • Yes I am aware SM a weepy – need to steel myself for that.

        I also need to practice my Southern accent – oh dear! I could probably do with a lesson from you lot!!!


        • Seriously, Kaprekar,

          I will record myself and send it to you if you like and think it would help. I am a born-and-bred southerner 😀 I was rehearsing some lines from the movie last night trying out slightly different accents for the different characters.(I think the two older women have the funniest lines 😉 )

          Email me at angieDOTlongATcenturytelDOTnet if you are interested.


          • You’re on!!!


            • Alrighty then. 😀 Will look forward to hearing from you.

              BTW I had my audition last night. Won’t know until later today or tomorrow if I got one of the roles, but I am pleased with how I did and if I don’t get it, I know I had very worthy competition and I gave it my best shot.


  4. It’s very, very difficult to stop looking at Mr.A…
    I miss your analytical posts too, they’re great!


  5. Wow, you’re hitting the road fast Servetus!

    Yes one does need to keep one’s computer in pristine condition. *wink wink*

    Speaking of not tearing eyes away, you might want to drink in the screencap on my post today. tweeted it and it literally stopped me in my tracks.


    • That’s the same pic Angie mentioned in an earlier comment – and it does take your breath away. I wonder how many other lovely pics of Richard are hidden away in photo libraries…


      • That is the stuff of which dreams are made . . . *wibble*

        Wouldn’t it be such fun to rifle through lots of photos of the Luscious One and discover new treasures . . . 😀


        • I can only dream of dreaming, if you know what I mean. I’ve tried a)eating late b)alcohol (not a lot!) c)cheese d)gazing endlessly at pictures of Richard before turning off my bedside lamp, etc but to no avail 😦

          Any other suggestion would be welcome!


    • My boss wants leavers out of their offices quickly (there’s a shortage here) so people can have the summer to reshuffle — and my folks need me. Otherwise I wouldn’t be in quite such a rush.


  6. Thanks for the plug Servetus I amenjoying placing JT out of his element. Hope your packing is going well.

    Milestone in my house today my youngest daughter left school today apart fron exams. Lord that ages you.


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