Frenz was really busy today, so I’m posting the following information on the end of the challenge. Both Frenz and her anonymous angel #2 donated to the Rise Up Christchurch / Te Kotahitanga global telethon and got records of the donation on their credit card bills, but did not receive receipts. Both offered to show me their credit card statements, but that was a bit more transparency than I was really prepared to present to blog readers! I know both of their real identities, and I believe them. Frenz is really busy at the moment with her family, but she has stated that she will try to track down the receipt from the challenge and post it if she receives it.

Anonymous angel #2 donated 159 NZD. (She was then watching TV and saw what was happening in Joplin and made a donation to American Red Cross, and sent me that receipt, but I’m not going to post that here, as it’s not relevant to this challenge. She’s really got a big heart, that anonymous angel #2.)

Frenz donated 160 NZD, per the terms of the challenge, and she figured out how to do it anonymously, so her donation was posted under “Friend of Christchurch.” She then made an additional donation to a separate Christchurch charity that amounted to 200 USD total. (Frenz also has a really big heart.)

The total donated from the challenge was thus, if I am calculating correctly, 1,392 NZD.

With this post I consider the accounting piece of this job finished. The thank-you notes will take me a little longer, I think! (Maybe I am lucky I didn’t get 500 comments.)

~ by Servetus on May 24, 2011.

10 Responses to “COMMENT FOR CHRISTCHURCH, appendix”

  1. In the words of the late Lawrence Welk–wunnerful, wunnerful! 😀


  2. Servetus, Frenz and you, anonymous angels, are absolutely wonderful !!!! You make the world a better place to live in.


  3. Hats off to all you, every event in RAdom is wonderful in everyway because of you and many more.

    OML 🙂


  4. And just when we think things are slowing down, Joplin happens. This thing just gets worse with every minute. So many missing and more bad weather headed that way. We’re under a severe weather warning for the entire day and that’s not good for anyone east of us. Please pray if you’re so inclined!

    Kudos to all of those who supported the Rise Up telethon!


    • I’m really worried that this is just the middle of the tornado season and it’s already this bad. I think this isn’t the last one we’re going to see.


      • Yeah, I’ve thought of the same thing. With the weather continuing to be so turbulent and changeable, I fear more of these super storms will develop. And let’s face it, there’s only so much preparation you can do, especially if it hits during the night.


        • Exactly, Angie. There are nights when we sleep in our basement, but not every night. What ifs can drive you nuts!

          FOX weather lady said this am that there have already been 7 times the tornadoes than usually documented by this time of the year. Way scary! I talked to a gal in Topeka (250 miles east of us) yesterday. She was in a race track parking lot when 2 tornados hit ground. No one knew where to go. They called 911 and were told to call the race track office, which, of course on a Sun. night, was closed. Duh. She said they were scared witless and ended up taking cover under a nearby bridge.


          • People who survived the Blitz and the bombing of Berlin in 44-45 said the same thing — you can’t sleep in a bomb shelter every night. You have to accept some risk or you’ll go crazy.


  5. […] I wanted to add that Frenz’s anonymous angel #2 sent her receipt this week, and I’ve updated the relevant post to include it. […]


  6. […] with preaching. When August ends, I anticipate, I’ll be dropping this theme until Chanukkah. Moreover, I had evidence this spring of how generous you are. So I hardly think all my readers are grinches — I know that some readers here already […]


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