Praying for the central U.S.

It’s starting. Western OK is already showing multiple tornado warnings, not just watches.

My morning prayer is always, since I was around ten years old, the collect for grace from the order of matins. The operative sentence here is “O Lord, our heavenly Father, Almighty and everlasting G-d, who hast safely brought us to the beginning of this day; Defend us in the same with thy mighty power … grant that we may not … run into any kind of danger.”

Used to be if you lived in the midwest you had a storm cellar; my grandparents certainly all had one; hope that’s where everyone is going. If for some reason you are reading this and you’re somewhere in the white or red zones please take cover.

If you want to help out in Joplin, MO, here are some links:

Heart of Missouri United Way

Facebook page for Joplin, MO Tornado Recovery, with running updates on ways to donate and matching challenges like the one we did here, and someone who’s offering $1 per “like” up to $2500.

American Red Cross donations, including information on donation by texting.

Honestly, I didn’t mean to turn this blog into all charity appeal all the time. It’s just so heartbreaking to watch this and I’ve got a feeling that now that we’re so technologically up to date we’re going to see a lot of this particular disaster as it happens.

If you have a charity you’d like to bring closer to any readers here, please feel free to mention it in the comments. I know Alabama still needs a lot of help. There are wildfires going on West Texas, which is always particularly brutal.

More Armitage soon. I’m working on a post for tonight.

~ by Servetus on May 24, 2011.

11 Responses to “Praying for the central U.S.”

  1. It’s so disheartening to see so much of this activity.
    Sadly, here many people (myself included) do not have storm cellars or basements to retreat to, which helped increase the number of those killed and injured here in Alabama, I am sure. And yes, with the immediacy of technology we get the horrendous all too quickly. The good aspect of that is resources to help these people can also be mobilized more quickly.
    Thoughts and prayers for the great Midwest where I spent a decade of my life. Now my battery is about to die and I forgot my power cord. Hubby’s puffy, bruised ankle distracted me this morning . . .


  2. I can’t believe just how much devastation is happening around the world these days. Is it always this bad and I’m just more aware of it this time? Anyhow, I’ll definitely keep everyone in my prayers. Hearing the video of those people in the large fridge where they took cover while the tornado was passing through Joplin was so scary – even more so, for some reason, than if we had seen the images….just hearing numerous voices in the dark praying to God, screaming, saying I love you…thinking the end was near…and hearing the unbelievable force of the winds as the tornado was hitting brought it home all the more. Luckily everyone in that ‘video’ was ok…the same can’t be said for all those who perished.


    • It IS almost unbelievable! I was talking to my eldest son yesterday morning and we came to the conclusion that technology brings an immediacy to these calamities because of the proliferation of cellphones that can take pictures and videos of things as they happen. Unlike, for example, a couple of centuries ago when lava from Vesuvius engulfed Pompei. It may have taken many months or even years for news of that disaster to travel around the globe. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all in those very vulnerable areas.


  3. It’s simply appalling – Joplin and now Oklahoma…

    It does seem that the number and intensity of natural disasters have increased. The perception probably does have much to do with increasingly instant communications.

    Thoughts go out to the tornado-threatened states. The heart is with all the affected people, families and communities.


  4. My husband people are from Joplin. He received an email from his cousin this am, she spent most of the night in their storm cellar. I think it is super that you include these posts.


    • I’m trying to be me, but sometimes I feel like it’s a bit of a bait and switch if I only end up writing about one thing that’s not Armitage for a week. There’s a bit of weirdness about this in that you start blogging to say exactly what you want and then you end up noticing that you worry about what your readers might think 🙂

      On the other hand, I’ve learned something about myself last week and been wondering if I should go into disaster crisis publicity / philanthropy.


  5. Thank-you for including us (Joplin). We were at a graduation party 15 miles away and the celebration turned to a tragedy so quickly as everyone huddled around the tv and their iPhones. Technology certainly makes it real, faster. Losing the hospital was so hard to watch. Our kids pediatrician was with a c-section just finishing when it hit. Mom and baby taken to another hospital in back of pickup truck. A nurse sucked out the window and put down six blocks away was released from hospital yesterday. Graduating senior still missing, sucked out of sunroof of SUV. And on and on….
    Please pray or think hopeful thoughts. I am helping with a crisis counseling team and hope I’m up to it.


    • Pamela,

      Sending thoughts and prayers from Alabama. We know what you are going through. Some of the folks from here have already headed your way with supplies. The devastation that can happen so very, very quickly is hard to get your head around. I will pray for strength and courage for you as you help counsel people in the aftermath. God bless~


    • Oh, Pamela, I’m so sorry to read this. The pictures are so devastating. I will definitely pray for you and the people you are happening.


  6. My friend and colleague the former Cambridge professor just dropped me a note — they were on the tarmac in Dallas last night for their flight to LHR, all settled in and getting ready to taxi, when an announcement came on that they had to abandon the aircraft immediately because of approaching tornadoes. He said he’s never experienced such chaos …


  7. […] of her campus building and facebooking about it as I start to write this post. Made me remember last spring, when Tuscaloosa, AL and Joplin, MO, got it; this year’s it’s Branson, MO, and Harrisburg, IL, and, I see, in the last few hours, […]


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