This is the POD at from a few days ago:

Richard Armitage as Lucas North in promo still for Spooks 8.2. Source:

Here Lucas is hanging out in a popular Russian club in London, trying to find out what the Tazbeks are doing in the background of their natural gas negotiations with the British government. Lucas is supposed to look watchful here, but I’ve always thought he looks a bit tired. Something about the eyes. Or is it just the lighting.

After a night to sleep on it, yesterday’s fantasy reads to me like a plea from my ego: you’ve rescued me from this abyss, please don’t put me in another one, even if all you can do is leave me lying naked on a sheet somewhere. Thanks for all the supportive comments.

Feeling much better today. My grad student comes to help this afternoon; she’ll keep me on target.

I’ll probably post again late tonight but for now go to bccmee’s and vote in this poll. Seems like a lotta fun. Then make sure you’re up to date on all the blogs in my sidebar. Servetus resolution #3 for as soon as this is done: get caught up on what everyone is writing.

Catch you all later.

~ by Servetus on June 8, 2011.

12 Responses to “Aaaah.”

  1. There is a certain world-weariness I see in Lucas’s eyes and expressions at times that is distinct from Porter or Guy or other characters. Heaven knows, after the horrors he’s been through, he has the right to it.

    I am so glad you are feeling better. We all love you, you know. 😀


    • I do: and I’m really grateful for what shows up here. I feel a bit guilty sometimes, as if I am fishing for love, but on days like yesterday it helps so much. Thanks.


  2. Yes, he looks like his mind is elsewhere… maybe thinkin in what moment the blond will appear or maybe thinking why they hired a blonde and not a brunette like in ‘Russia’ as it seemed he really enjoyed that scene :P.

    OML *innocent look*


  3. Glad you are feeling better today. I was watching N&S last night, usually hubs gives me major crap, lots of huffing and puffing followed by “You are watching this AGAIN???” He must’ve sensed that I need a therapeutic viewing and let me watch it. He prob thought let Armitage calm her down. AND when I went to turn it off, asked if I was sure I was done watching it.


    • I think you get a couple of freebee watches of N&S after yesterday, @Rob. Smart of your husband not to stand between you and the DVD player.


  4. Strange, Servetus, with this picture I had exactly the same impression that he somehow looks tired. I thought perhaps this was the first shot in the morning, when he had to get up so early. I think he mentions something about having to get up early for filming Spooks in an interview.
    They needed an empty establishment to shoot, except this all is stage equipment. But when it is inside a real club, they had to avoid the usual opening hours.
    The working of my muddled brain to deliver a halfway logic explanation ;o)


    • Nice explanation, really. And the irony of shooting in a nightclub first thing in the morning is delicious.


  5. Didn’t Ros say, “Taking one for the team, Lucas?” before he went to the nightclub? At first look I did think he looked tired but when I enlarged it to the maximum size there was something going on behind those enigmatic eyes! Trying to stay focused with those scantily clad girls around? 😉

    I’ll say this for him! You can’t stay in the doldrums when he is around 😀 I know I feel a whole lot better and happy that you are too servetus 🙂


  6. Tired and world-weary are rather right. “One more boring nightclub? Same old, same old..”

    If the producers and scriptwriters had not been so rushed to resolution in S9, this might have been another intimation of Lucas’ potential traverse, which unfortunately was travesty.

    Either that, or the actor’s expression mirrors mine in winter – ANOTHER flipping snowstorm!!! (Sorry, levity is not always appropriate. )

    But you are right, there is a fatigue in the eyes, more a grimness of the jaw than a determination. The field agent is going through the motions? That’s only a perspective, Teuchter, just one, and I like your thought on it.

    @servetus 😀 and thumbs up! No wonder mood varies day-to-day. Courage! The sun always comes up.


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