Against my better judgment?

[This post is a bit aphoristic because I’m so tired. My grad student came again today and gave me office her treatment, and it’s mostly debris left in the corners now. We recycled three huge bins of paper; I gave away probably five dozen books to the library; about seven boxes to various grad students; sold about 100 books, and there are probably another hundred sitting in the hall waiting for someone to love them. I think I’ll finally be able to go on Wednesday, at least for the present; two dozen more boxes to the post office today, but some stuff will stay here in storage and I may need to come back to put all this stuff in a truck and drive it home. I also want to note that I had a bizarre waking fantasy of Lucas today that I need to explore / write about, but can’t now. Finally, I apologize for writing so much more about my feelings lately. My brain is screaming out for an analytical post, but I don’t have the necessary peace / equilibrium at the moment. If I’m home at the end of the week I am hoping it will be there then.]

I tend to prefer simple things over complicated ones. I wasn’t going to tweet, ever, and I already have a (very active) facebook account with my real identity.

I surrender.

Servetus at facebook.

Servetus at twitter.

Facebook: I feel like I’m losing track of what everyone else is doing / writing. Facebook should help me with that.

Twitter: This is more complicated. I think it comes down to reading this comment today. A year ago I’d have said I didn’t care where Richard Armitage was on any particular day. A year ago I’d have said as well that I didn’t care to get sucked into the maelstrom of fangrrrls who were wondering where in the world Richard was today. Neither did I care to spawn an industry of people looking for Richard Armitage on the streets of the world and pinning him down. I think that all of those things are still, roughly, true. But the thought that Mr. Armitage was in a theatre in London, enjoying a play, gave me such a burst of joy. I have to think and write about this some more, but somehow it helps the fantasy to think of Mr. Armitage out and about leading a life. I’m aware that this latter perception contradicts the earlier one. But I can’t resist. So I’ll be following stuff on twitter, now, and presumably, eventually I’ll be tweeting as well.

Anyway, more soon.

~ by Servetus on June 14, 2011.

26 Responses to “Against my better judgment?”

  1. If it’s any consolation, I was pretty chuffed to read that about him enjoying the play in London, too. I love the thought of him smiling and laughing and simply enjoying himself. He brings so much pleasure into my life, I like thinking of him having a good time and relaxing a bit, too. 😀

    I keep resisting Twitter, however. Even though I have an account (required by my boss) and even have followers LOL But as you know, I AM on Facebook. It certainly got the word out when Benny broke his leg . . . and to be honest it can be a useful tool for work.

    Funny how we do get sucked into things . . .Oh, and I was never going to start making videos. Yeah. Right. Just made, like, my 60th one. RA has created a monster. 😉

    And it’s OK if you want to take a bit of time off from the analytical stuff. Think of it as a sabbatical.


    • I feel a bit like the last several months have been time off from analysis… but we’ll see. I’ve got a lot to process right now.


  2. Reading people’s reactions to news of Richard back in the UK has made me analyse my own reaction. I’m not that excited, why? Perhaps because he is just down the road again, not on the other side of the world where I naturally feel he is more vulnerable and in need of TLC. Perhaps he’ll make another trip to the National Theatre next Monday when I’m there and it’s a shame I’m not travelling up to London Bridge via East Dulwich any time soon (Olivia Colman – Peep Show, Green Wing, Exile sat opposite me after ED last time I did). But anyway he is home for a little while, although I doubt he is taking a genuine rest, not really his style, is it!


    • Oh, and I don’t do Twitter or Facebook as I have so little time as my absence from commenting here for the last few months proves. Hubby is very grudglingly considering Facebook so he can read info that his mates in the band post there but I can’t see him ever making an entry himself!


      • I think both of those are wise decisions. I’m trying to set up safeguards so I don’t spend too much time on FB while I’m unemployed.


    • Interesting how the concern changes, isn’t it? I spent a lot of time asking myself, why do you care that someone spots him in the theatre? It’s not like you’re there or get to see him. It has something to do with my fantasy about him, which involves him being a person who’s pursued his joy and gets to benefit from that occasionally.

      Funny, I was praying different things for him while he was in NZ, too, esp that he not be hurt while filming 🙂


      • I too prayed he would be kept safe and well. I find it so scary when they are having all these earthquakes in Christchurch, and Wellington is prone to them also. Even though I know he isn’t there, obviously some of the cast and crew live there so I hope they will all be okay.


  3. Welcome to Twitter!

    Hope the move goes well! I’m sure it will, though moving is always so exhausting. Have a safe trip.


  4. Not surprised that he’s been spotted in a theatre, I would guess he visites theatres whenever he gets a chance and after half a year away he’s interesed what London has to offer. After all it is were he comes from. I’m more interested to learn that he has not flown directly to Hungary to film more SB.


    • I really don’t care where exactly he’s spotted. It’s that he’s spotted that’s of interest to me. I’m trying not to geek out on all the SB stuff because I’m sure he’ll be offed in the first episode.


  5. I see you”ve come to the darkside, but it’s no good unless you go all the way and get a tweetdeck or hootsuite account or something like them. We’ll talk. : D


  6. Finally you joined the dark side! LOL If you can’t be connected most of the time to Twitter, clicking on ‘Mentions’ is very useful to know who ‘spoke’ to you or mentioned you regarding something. To monitor RA’s spotting you can type on the Search bar ‘Richard Armitage’ and then save that search to see you have mentioned him in their tweets.

    For more professional advice consult RAFrenz.

    OML 😀


  7. Indeed, welcome to the Dark Side! We have cookies. 🙂


  8. Anybody wonder who he went to the theatre with? Probably not, you’re all much better people than I am (LOL)


    • I wondered that, too, but unless he goes with a celebrity, it’s unlikely that anyone would be able to tweet that 🙂


  9. OK, at least I’m not the only one who wants every little detail.


  10. […] I noticed Servetus has finally come to the darkside. She just needs a picture and a few tweets to keep from looking like a potential spammer, and never […]


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