Armitage drought?

Today’s drop in the bucket: a closeup of background of first pictures released from The Hobbit, June 23, 2011. Source:

It’s been interesting to me that even before Spooks 9 ended, people were starting to speak about an “RA drought.”

I didn’t feel that way at the time, and I certainly don’t feel that way now. Probably the metaphor doesn’t work especially well for me because I lived in an area of drought recently. When it doesn’t rain for months, it really doesn’t rain. Pictures of rain don’t do it for you.

But new stuff has been popping up regularly — new pictures, for instance. The Christchurch benefit video. Mr. Armitage seems to still be working, even on his hiatus from Hobbit filming — I managed to get a copy of the Wimbledon program, but I haven’t had a chance to listen to it yet — and today the first pictures from the Hobbit set.

[To which I say: beard! beard! beard! This is probably going to be my favorite Armitage production so far if only for that reason. Beard! beard!]

There’ll be Captain America, and then a little bit of Strike Back in the summer. Potentially Armitage is doing even more stuff in London right now that we will find out about gradually, and hear / see toward the end of the year. And then the first year of the “drought” will already be over. Without us having had a chance to get very dry at all.

A more accurate term might be “RA rationing,” I suppose.

I was wondering this morning if something isn’t happening here that’s roughly parallel to what seems to be happening with sex at the moment. It’s a complex process, and my perspective on this is obviously only my perspective, but …

Thirty years ago the main point of any of this stuff would have been seeing the productions. We would have read some advance publicity and then would have seen the production and perhaps participated in some merchandising if we’d especially liked it, action figures or posters or something. Now the marketers know that the buildup is really important to getting people to the production, so they spend more time on that. At the same time, the buildup is more than advertising; it actually becomes part of the event itself. So months and months of little pieces put together are meant to be just as exciting / interesting as the event. This development occasionally bothers me — like when you decide to see a movie based on the trailer, and it turns out that all the best bits were in the trailer already. But now that I’m implicated as a fan, I’m appreciating the process a great deal more as something that the creators of the project and their team put together to extend the pleasure of the experience for me.

The reason I bring up sex is that I’ve been thinking lately that (say) fifty years ago the point of sex was the orgasm. Even the introduction of extensive discussions of foreplay and how to do it into the popular sphere was mostly focused on the orgasm — this time for the female: how does one get a female to enjoy sex as much as a male? Then there was a wave of writing focused on women performing foreplay correctly in order to enhance the male experience. Now when you read an article in the popular press about sex it’s frequently all about foreplay, hardly about the orgasm at all, which seems to have taken second place. I realize the analogy is really crude (and doesn’t apply, for example, to teenage males, who are probably as orgasm-centric as ever if what’s written about them in the media is true).

Anyway, I don’t feel like I am / we are in Armitage drought, although we might be in rationing. And although I had vowed not to get that interested in the media surge toward the beginning of The Hobbit, I’m now starting to understand that much more than simply a marketing ploy, it’s become a way to extend (and of course, milk financially) the entire experience.

Armitage foreplay, anyone?

~ by Servetus on June 23, 2011.

30 Responses to “Armitage drought?”

  1. It hasn’t exactly been a drought on the blogs, either! There is always much to discuss about RA roles, etc., and clever, creative bloggers to – incite? inflame? – discussion. 😀

    So great to have you back in peak form. (Happy that the 70-yr-olds have you running around, too! 😀 )


    • Yes, yesterday: cleaning about four dozen bluegill, then made a big crock of beans and a rum cake for my mom’s company picnic. Today: pumpkin horticulture. Haven’t even had a chance to wash clothes yet. Tomorrow I think will be dedicated to something related to the local chapter of the Wisconsin pumpkin grower’s club and then there’s an evening event of the Two Cylinder Club (men who love antique tractors and the tractors who love them …).

      No, I am not making this up.


  2. LOL! I’m not even going to touch Armitage foreplay. LOL! And I’ve long thought there is no drought. Not yet, and perhaps there will never be.


  3. “rationing”, yap…!

    Has anybody been watching Dr. Oz TV show? They were discussing the 3 kinds of female orgasms….and the size of the male anatomy. I haven’t seen any on foreplay yet or I might have missed it. LOL


  4. I don’t think it is a drought, either. Not when vidders keep vidding, fanfic writers keep writing, bloggers keep blogging and commenters keep commenting, NTM we do get these snippets of the Lovely One along the way. And that new photoshoot and video of the shoot coming up soon! And CA! And maybe more projects . . .

    And I enjoyed all the build-up to “Strike Back” even if it was a shameless, manipulative marketing ploy. So while I am not immersing myself totally in all things Hobbit (I do have to get other things accomplished)– I surely like these photos and vids and other news we are getting. 😀


    • Oh but look, Angie – he’s got fingerless gloves again! 😀


      • I don’t see a lot of GofG there 😦 And did you check out the size of his boots!! Still excited though to see ANY “Hobbity” picture 🙂


  5. Right behind you there servetus! Rationing it a far better description. We have had so many other things come our way over the last several months in the form of photoshoots, videos, etc , etc as well as little tidbits from Sir Peter and even, of course, a personal message to “our little community” from the man himself, all of which are guaranteed to keep our interest – piqued – as you might say! 🙂


  6. Oh my! I can’t believe I didn’t mention the above picture! So excited when I found it on this morning!! I’m also thrilled at how Thorin looks and very happy indeed that we still can see lots of the the real person visible behind the beard to be in no doubt as to who he is!! 😀


    • I’m glad we can recognize him, too, and I’m looking forward now to seeing Mr. Armitage be “short” and seeing how that affects his SA.


  7. Thorin looks more menacing than I thought he’d look. Most of a movie budget goes to marketing and promotion.


    • I didn’t think he looked menacing as much as very reserved.

      I guess what I was thinking is that this is not marketing in the sense that I think of it as a means of pushing a product at a market that you’ve predetermined will be interested, as it is an attempt to create a long, drawn-out experience for the community. When you think of what this costs, vs what they hope to get — I mean, say $12 for a movie ticket, maybe an especially devoted fan buys a t-shirt for $20 and the DVD edition for $60? They must be spending much more than that per head at this point to create an experience for us, no?


  8. Well, Teuchter and Tedgirl, the actor does seem to have rather big feet. Read what you care into that.

    Abstaining from further comment…. 🙂


  9. I don’t know why this topic reminded me a regional expression of Brazil: rain of cashew, which describes the first rains (June to August) after a dry period, but before the rainy season (October-March) properly said. It marks the cashew flowering and maturity. Well, today it rained some news (Hobbit and CA) about Richard Armitage! But we know that the strong rains are yet to come! ;0)


  10. Hey Serv (I hope I can call you that) could you give me a hint where you got the Wimbledon documentary here in the US? I’m a huge tennis fan and would love to see it, even without the added bonus of RA’s voice, but everything I see indicates it’s only available in Britain.

    A little help, please?


  11. I’m so glad that I can see a new picture of RA as Thorin 🙂
    Someone wrote on Facebook that “Thorin looks like an Guy’s older brother” and still don’t know if I agree with that, the picture is slightly blurred. But I’m glad that on his face, has no much make-up (and I hope it will not change by the computer).


    • I don’t think we can see him clearly enough yet to say that one way or the other — but he doesn’t seem to have the raw sex appeal that Guy had.


      • Sadly I think you are right 😦 I guess he doesn’t need to have that look for this movie. We will just be happy to watch him be Thorin!


        • He’ll probably be happy to have less sex appeal, if some of the statements in his interviews are accurate.


  12. I can’t help but think the image of Thorin looks ever so slightly like that horse people leader dude (played by Jason Momoa, another actor VERY easy on the eye) on Game of Thrones. Heh. 🙂

    Doesn’t feel like a drought. I mean, there are new things popping up ever so often. New CA trailer, pics from the Hobbit, photoshoots, SB2 trailer … seems like new things pop up quite regularly! He’s not going to be everywhere all at once when he’s busy filming. The only time we could expect that is around the launch of a project – there was a lot of publicity when Spooks 9 was about to go on the air … because it gave the new series PR. There is bound to be more interviews etc. when SB2 comes around in August.

    What you’re writing about the build-up to an event is really interesting. Basically, putting more into “the journey” rather than “the destination”.


  13. […] to have jacked us up, step by tantalizing step, for all of 2011 — only to abandon us in 2012. @Rob, our local marketing expert, has noted that most of a movie budget goes to marketing and promot…. We’re going to meet a lot of new people this year as they jump on the bandwagon. And this […]


  14. […] Spooks 9). In the end, however, this problem (“the drought,” as some have called it, another perception I didn’t develop) never really materialized for […]


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