Heinz Kruger question answered + admission

In March, I was wondering how you write a bio for a comic-book villain. In this interview, Armitage is quoted as saying, “I didn’t want to play a two-dimensional bad guy. … Kruger had to believe he was doing something for the good of his country.” So it’s not just comic book emotions. I feel like this bodes well for a film that I’ve been less than eager to see.

Mr. Armitage goes on to talk about his cigarette-lighter detonator, pictured here:

Richard Armitage as Heinz Kruger in Captain America, screencap from trailer. Source: RichardArmitageNet.com

OK, yeah, that’s a beautiful prop, but the second I saw that, I thought, “mmmm. Thumb shot.” A thumb like that is much better equipment than a cigarette lighter, overall, methinks. I also thought that the sleeve of the jacket is cut just a little too long.

And yeah, I also think the Armitage-related publicity blitz for Captain America must be starting, along with the announcement of the upcoming piece in Total Film. Three weeks: let’s hope we get to read some cool stuff. One thing that struck me positively about this article: no mention of North & South, no questions about crazy fans. Fingers crossed, thumbs pressed, toes curled.

[ETA: I guess what I linked to was a scan of the complete Total Film interview. Too bad it was so short.]

~ by Servetus on July 4, 2011.

20 Responses to “Heinz Kruger question answered + admission”

  1. And above all…no comments about the circus!
    Publicity blitz? Yay!!


  2. Nice thumb! Btw I already read the total film interview on C19.


  3. When I read the article and saw that quote about Heinz not being two-dimensional, I said, “Yes! I KNEW we could count on you, Richard!”
    Just makes me all the more eager to see this film–let’s see, 18 days until its premiere? Not that I am keeping track or anything.


    • It’s nice that he’s in a film that will actual come here. I was looking for some other films I’d like to see right now and some of them are at least a 50 mi drive away.


      • Oh, absolutely. The thought I will get to see him, not on my computer or on a DVD, but on the big screen—and being a big summer film, this one will definitely play in Greenville.

        Just read an article entitled “The Five Reasons Why We are Excited About Captain America,” and one of them was the supporting cast. He didn’t mention Richard specifically, but did say it was a strong supporting cast and “don’t be surprised if one of these guys steals the show.” Hmmmmmm . . . . yeah, I could see that happening. 😉


  4. This weekend I saw Richard in a 3D cinema ( the trilher of Captain America). After that, I do not remember anything from that movie that I actually went to see!
    : 0)


  5. Oh, Ana, I can fully understand why that happened! I would probably be the same way. *sigh*


  6. I think we knew he would make more of his CA character of Heinz Kruger than any other actor, but it’s good for him to confirm 🙂 🙂 Can’t wait to see him on the big screen in 3D, I signed up for the Fandango site alert so they can let me know right away when tickets are on sale in my area!


    • Musa, I agree. I don’t think there was every really any doubt he would deliver in this performance as he always does, but hearing him say so just makes me even happier. 😀

      Which reminds me, I had better get thee hence to Fandango myself!


  7. Seeing this film will be the first thing I’ve ever done specifically to see him. I’m still not eager to see it either. We’ll see if he changes my tune.


    • Same with me (unless you count those shows where he had minor roles) Judiang.
      I’ve enjoy very much X-men, Batman but I didn’t grew up watching Captain America so I’m not really eager to watch it while at the same time can’t wait for it to be released in Spain (we have to wait until August 5) to see RA in the big screen, even if for only 10 mins.
      Also I have this dilemma, whether to drag my friends to watch it which would mean dubbed in spanish :-/ or by myself, watch it in english and enjoy not only his acting but also hearing his voice…

      OML 🙂


  8. happy wednesday! here’s a little goodies for all you good girls in RA land



    • Now I’m’na get all fangrrly — so in that second video they feature a producer, him, and the female lead? Are they trying to tell us something? Like he *is* going to steal the show?


  9. Of course he will steal the show. 🙂 I think he’d make a cute couple with that female lead.


  10. […] she is offered and then takes a job that she is not really sure she wants. Fans of Richard Armitage eagerly await the premiere of Captain America. The movie premieres. We see him on the red carpet. Savvier fans than I point out the manufacturer […]


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