[What’s hot is not being boring for a change — RETRACTED]

First reveal of Richard Armitage as Thorin Oakenshield, July 17, 2011.

I’m retracting what I originally wrote in this space. I apologize to everyone for publishing it. Upon reflection it appeared unnaturally mean-spirited. I want this blog to start off with questions, good feelings, and not judgmentality or anger. Eventually I will manage to be friendly to Hobbit-origin fans of Armitage, but I need a few days to shake off the bitterness over the last several months, first, ‘kay?

I’ve got a lot to say about this photo, but it’s going to take several hours, I fear. Stay tuned. 🙂

~ by Servetus on July 17, 2011.

18 Responses to “[What’s hot is not being boring for a change — RETRACTED]”

  1. Guess I shouldn’t say he looks like a Klingon with no ridges? ‘Kay.

    *goes back to her corner* 😀


  2. No, I was being mean to Hobbit fans, which I emphatically didn’t want to do.


  3. I read some comments today and they seem to be very happy with Thorin’s look. I never read the negative stuff so I can’t comment on that. They just didn’t know how great a Thorin they were going to get. But WE certainly knew. It’s always fun to say “I told you so!:


  4. That wasn’t quite what I was saying 🙂 It was a good deal more pointed than that. If I have a besetting sin it’s anger.


    • OOoo! I hope I never make you angry! 🙂 I have a bad temper too. Especially when I’m hot (which I am). We are having a hotspell where I am and I don’t have air conditioning. So I’m spending a lot of time in the lake!


      • it takes a long time get me there, but once it’s out, it’s unpleasant. For me, too.

        It was awful here today, too, we hunkered down inside all day and put puzzles together 🙂


  5. I had this image on my computer screen and the fuse kept tripping! This image made our power short, not once but twice.


  6. I also have a temper.
    And today it was out of me!
    I know the effort that is backward.


  7. I lurked on that forum last night, as well as looking at some of the staff comments. Actually, didn’t find them THAT bad. As with forums in general, there are always some who get nasty and stroppy with each other. But comments on the released photo of Thorin were more favourable than expected. Still I prefer “our little community”. Bloggers seem to have a stronger sense of responsibility and ownership of their blogs than do forum moderators.


  8. I only scanned the original post, but it was immediately obvious it was out of character for you. You are big hearted and a true scholar in that you’re willing to listen to all opinions. I really appreciate that about you.



  9. The fact that he reminds me of a Klingon probably says more about me than about his portrayal of Thorin.
    I just can’t shake this hilarious image of Captain Picard popping up in the background. Of course it also helps that Patrick Stewart is awesome too. ;D

    Ok, I’ll shut up now…At least I’m currently thoroughly amused.


  10. He reminds me a bit of a Klingon and that doesn’t make me want to laugh. Hey, I liked Warf. S3 Guy as a short Klingon. I have no problem with that.

    Re your post, Servetus, it didn’t seem in character to me, either, and I knew something must have really rattled your chains. Glad you are feeling better. I haven’t been to those boards at all, just in case they did make me angry. I got peeved enough at some of the Spooks fans disparaging Richard.

    PS I have a terrible temper. I’ve been working on it for most of my life, and for the most part, I keep it under control. But every once in a while . . .


  11. […] debate over Armitage’s good looks as an obstacle to his performance, to the point of writing the only post I ever retracted. So yeah — I probably felt not only targeted — but culpable in that sense. Frustration […]


  12. […] with intense Tolkien fans, of whom I had, until approximately July 2012, a low opinion. Indeed, the only post I’ve ever retracted concerned an explosion on my part that related to the aftermath of their reaction to […]


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