Feeling gooey

It’s not like there aren’t seven things going on around me today that are more important than this, or like I even really have time for this at the moment, but I have this really gooey feeling and I just have to put it down. The blog’s gone crazy with hits, so I might not be the only one.

The glut of stuff has just made happier and happier. I feel alternately cheery and teary with joy.

From Armitage in LA …

Richard Armitage, Captain America premiere, Los Angeles, CA, July 19, 2011. Source: RichardArmitageNet.com

and the affirming report of an encounter with him and even more pictures …

…to Armitage in NZ …

Richard Armitage as Thorin Oakenshield in rehearsal for The Hobbit, from Peter Jackson videoblog #3 distributed July 20, 2011. Source: RAFrenzy

…to Armitage in NYC, looking so relaxed and confident …

Richard Armitage at Captain America premiere, New York City, July 20, 2011. Source: RichardArmitageNet.com

to getting to see Captain America myself, tonight …

Richard Armitage as Heinz Kruger in a publicity photo from Captain America. Source: RichardArmitageNet.com

.. it’s hard to know how to think, living in this cloud of euphoria. Now I have to go out into a hot, unpleasant world, but I will definitely take all of these images with me in my mind.

Thanks so much, Mr. Armitage, for making this possible for us.

~ by Servetus on July 21, 2011.

21 Responses to “Feeling gooey”

  1. I won’t get to see it until Saturday night, but I already have my tickets (only one theatre showing it in 3D in the Montgomery area–I wasn’t taking any chances!!)
    And every time I think about it, I start smiling. 😀

    I feel there has been a postively fantastic amount of RA stuff of late. And I REALLY loved how he looked last night in NYC. Handsome, distinguished, sexy, and confident. And he looks and sounds so utterly right as Thorin, doesn’t he?
    Surely there are more and more Tolkien folks who see how great a choice he was for this role . . .


  2. Is the gray suit he’s wearing at the NYC premiere the Heinz Kurger suit? Enquiring minds….


  3. The Heinz Kruger suit is double-breasted with wider lapels–much more “period” than what he is wearing in NYC–he seems to like grey as well as black.


  4. He’s fabulous on pic number 3, I could almost like the beard. 😀
    One more week waiting CA here. I’m looking forward to your impressions.


  5. He definitely looks more at ease in the NY venue than in LA. Not to mention, no distracting tie.

    Guess his 4 weeks off are indeed over.


  6. My favorite of the NYC photos I’ve seen is the one you posted. Like you said…relaxed and confident.

    In six hours, I’ll be at the movie theater, waiting for the start of Captain America!


  7. EW.com has a review of the movie–they give it a “B” –old-fashioned but good superhero blockbuster fun. No mention of our boy, though. 😦


    • that’s kinda what I’ve been thinking. I can’t imagine I’m really going to like this film all that much as a film. Giggle. 🙂 The last superhero film I saw was, I think, Spiderman 2? (the one with Alfred Molina in it)


      • It is getting an overall fresh rating at Rotten Tomatoes of 70 percent. Most seem to think it one of the better super hero entries of late (some consider it the best)–actually, I did enjoy the director’s movie “The Rocketeer” and so have hopes I will like it OK. Lots of comments about it being good-humoured, fun and gleeful with a good, sincere performance by Evans. So at least it doesn’t look like RA’s first role in a blockbuster ( I don’t really count his five seconds in The Phantom Menace) will be in a turkey.


        • I felt like the fact that Stanley Tucci was in it was a good sign — I really respect his role choices and wasn’t willing to believe he’d be in something bad or too ridiculously corny. Of course, I’d have said that about Harrison Ford, too, until this latest film (sticks out tongue)


  8. I loved the gray suit. The photographs of it were not especially good, but it was really well chosen for him, and the closeups allowed you to see the care with which it was made. I hope we see that one again.

    Seven more hours for me …


  9. A little more for the euphoric cloud with another new Hobbit pic http://www-images.theonering.org/torwp/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/HBT-DWF-007.jpg –same dwarf shots but new one of RA, and the costume is exquisite!


    • mostly good for me because I now know I can survive the abbreviation of his legs 🙂


      • Yeah, I have to say I didn’t look at it and go, “Oh my lord, he’s so SHORT!!”

        I think Thorin’s regal bearing will make him seem taller than he actually is (and isn’t he in fact the tallest or one of the tallest of the dwarfs in costume??)


  10. I think the grey suit is beautiful and with his blue eyes and brown hair it really suits his colouring making him look really terrific! 😉

    The dwarf costumes are just amazing when you see them in detail and I’m glad Thorin’s is blue! Royalty are said to be blue-blooded aren’t they, so with him being the King of the dwarves – very regal indeed! 🙂

    I saw elsewhere that someone was wondering why his Orcrist sword was not with him, but if you look closely at the enlarged picture you can see it is in its scabbard just under his right hand. (He – Richard/Thorin is right handed after all! 🙂 ) I have seen other pictures where you notice that the top of the scabbard is shaped to hold its curved hilt.


  11. Shallow again, I know, but I am happy that his hair looks thick and healthy again 🙂 – it was a bit thin in Spooks 9.


    • some of that is the length, isn’t it?


      • I think length and whether or not he is using hair product and what type . . . his hair is fine-textured and it looked like in the NYC shots he may have some type of gel in it, which would help give fullness.


  12. […] was that time when we were all fevering about the Captain America: The First Avenger premiere. Armitage appeared in public for the first time in several months, and one of the main things he […]


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