Captain America schnick-schnack at Barnes & Noble

I don’t think schnick-schnack is an American word, but I’m importing it from the German anyway as it describes what I saw today perfectly.

Spent some time at the nearest Barnes & Noble drinking coffee and journaling this afternoon, and on my wandering path to the bathroom I noticed the Captain America table there again. Two publications included pictures of Mr. Armitage. The one below is from a pamphlet entitled “The Hydra Files,” which costs $3.99 and is written as a confidential file assembling all known information about HYDRA.

From “The Hydra Files,” copyright 2011 Marvel Entertainment.

The other publication has a full-page shot of him just before he detonates the explosion, with a great resolution — so I could look very closely at the details of that wonderful double-breasted suit.

I was really excited — Richard Armitage in this tiny, provincial Barnes & Noble (I actually dislike this store heartily, because everyone who works there seems so unhappy, but there aren’t a lot of bookstore options around here, why is maybe why everyone there seems so unhappy) — so I decided to look in the media section. MI-5 seasons 7, 8, and 9 were there, as was North & South!

OK, Barnes & Noble, I love you a little more now.

Captain America: The First Avenger trading cards were produced and have been available since mid-June. Has anyone seen these? Is there a Kruger card?


I am way behind on Armitage-related correspondence, so do not despair if you’re waiting to hear from me. I’m hoping to attack the pile tomorrow. Still working on the beard posts, too, so don’t despair. Need to go hang out a bit with the parental units.


ETA: I don’t normally urge people to vote on anything, but Richard Armitage trailing Matthew McFadyen??!? Vote here for Armitage at BBCAmerica.

~ by Servetus on July 30, 2011.

20 Responses to “Captain America schnick-schnack at Barnes & Noble”

  1. Just came from finally seeing the film- incredible!!!- they did kill off Richards character a little too early of course- would like to have seen more but Tommy Lee Jones did a decent job of keeping me amused as well- gotta love a fellow Texan and do I ever love that man!- he bad part was that the theater was packed And my hubby and I had to sit in separate rows- because some fool decided that the seat next to hubby belonged to the toddler who never even sat in it for more than 10 seconds , those were the only two side by side seats left. Some people!


  2. Amen on Tommy Lee Jones! He’s one of hub’s favs (and mine) so I’ll get to go again…TLJ was born just 50 miles away from my hometown, Jo Ann. My daddy kept bees down there for years. Makes me homesick!

    Serv, any cards I found don’t mention RA, but I didn’t go very deep.

    Interesting tho about the aforementioned pamphlet/publications…does it seem weird that such a minor character would be featured? Analysis forthcoming?!! 😉


    • His character was just big enough to get a card, I think. There are something like six movie tie-in publications and he’s in three of them.


  3. I haven’t actually seen any of the cards, but I googled Captain America: The First Avenger cards Upper Deck, and found a site that offered a glimpse of the entire set of Captain America: The First Avenger Costume Cards from Upper Deck (2011). Heinz Kruger is labeled M-8. The link was posted on July 19th:

    The note for the costume cards: “Cards inserted 1:48 packs.” I have no idea what the chances are of actually finding a Heinz Kruger card.

    Like I said, I haven’t actually seen the cards, but I’m going to pop down to the local trading card shop tomorrow and see if they have them in stock.


  4. Just saw CA last night and I really enjoyed it. RA had discussed his fear of water and the diffuculty shooting the underwater scenes, so I was a bit distracted during that scene.

    BTW RA is now beating MF but it is a tight race to be sure! Hope all is well in your world.


    • Yeah, don’t get how the race can even be close, but I’m doing my bit, anyway 🙂

      Glad you liked CA.


  5. I just saw CA last night! RA was so wonderful! Thanks for the link to vote for RA vs. MM. Right now it is 50/49 for our boy. He’d better win!


    • It’s only too bad that the role is over so quickly. Although that made me relax more for the remainder of the movie.


  6. […] Screenshot of Heinz Kruger trading card — costume card produced by Upper Deck. Image located at Trader Crack’s Card Blog. Link kindly supplied by Dhana. […]


  7. hey that’s cool- I was born in San Antonio- so it’s only natural that I love the cowboys!


  8. Does anyone else think the Hydra File photo of RA looks a little like ‘Beaker’ the muppet?? I think it’s the pronounced semi-circle his mouth makes. I’ve been trying to suppress this association, but I finally showed my neighbor (who has never seen RA) and his response was ‘yeah, he does look a little Beakerish’. He’s like a cross between Clark Kent and Beaker (at least in the photo – I haven’t seen the movie) and it always makes me grin.


    • It also has something to do with the suit he’s wearing and the color combination along with the shoulder construction — calls to mind Beaker’s lab coat.

      Thanks for the comment and welcome.


  9. OMG! now that you mention it he did kinda look that that!


  10. the stupid web site won
    t let me vote again — tried three days in a row after the 1st day.


  11. yeah me too


  12. […] Captain America merchandise, including trading cards and something called a costume card. I see some of this stuff in bookstores, and even buy some of the publications. July 2011 saw not only the Captain America premiere, but […]


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