Armitage XL


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A relatively early photo of Richard Armitage. Some kind of school picture, maybe? Source:

Happy Birthday, Mr. Armitage!

In honor of Mr. Armitage’s birthday, Servetus will donate £1 sterling (c. 1.64 USD) for each unique comment left on this post up to 100 comments, thereafter 50 p sterling (c. 0.82 USD) to Childline via Armitage’s JustGiving page, with no upper limit on the amount of the donation. Comments will be open from the appearance of this post until I get to work on Tuesday, roughly 39 hours total or so.

Another early photo. Cats days? Source:

The fine print: The donation will be labeled in the name of fans, alluding to the number of comments received, and will be made on or before September 1, 2011. The donation will be denominated in pounds sterling and made in the full face amount generated by comments; I will cover any additional bank fees / currency conversion charges generated by my bank on top of that amount. To verify the donation, I will publish a final tally and an anonymized receipt on the blog. A unique comment must come from a unique email and a unique IP address — one comment per email and IP address. New commentors are welcome, but per general blog policy a first-time comment is subject to moderation; all comments submitted before the poll closes will be counted, even if they were caught in moderation when the poll closed. I reserve the right to discard comments that I cannot verify as coming from actual unique emails / IP addresses. I am the final instance who will determine whether a comment / IP address is a legitimate one.

So leave a comment, and tell your friends! And if you’d like to donate more than a pound or 50 pence, why not make use of the JustGiving pages yourself?


Here’s the poll, so we fans also have something fun to do today, or you have something to write about in your comment.

Forty is an especially auspicious number in the western tradition. The Israelites wandered through the wilderness for forty years, for example, before G-d allowed them to enter the Promised Land; in the Jewish tradition you’re supposed to be forty before beginning to study mystic teachings. It’s a number that says ripeness. It seems only fitting that Mr. Armitage finds himself involved in the biggest challenge of his career just as he turns forty. So I decided to ask a poll question about the number forty, but just for fun, to make it around 40 seconds rather than 40 years.

The question: If you could have only 40 seconds of Richard Armitage’s work to remember for the next year, which of the following (roughly) 40 second clips would you pick?

(Not that you’d ever be snarky about the choices, but in case you were inclined: of course, any poll like this is largely arbitrary. In my case it was related somewhat to what stuff I had available in a form I could cut. Also, it turns out that 40 seconds is kind of an awkward number for much of Mr. Armitage’s work. 50 or 60 or 70 would have been better. I tried for roughly 40 but had to make one exception. Also, I avoided many obvious choices [the sort of “desert island clips”] either because they are really long, or because they would make competition pointless: everyone would pick the kissing scene from North & South, one suspects.)

You have eight choices, offered in broadcast order.

1. John Standring negotiates the terms of his marriage in Sparkhouse, episode 3 (2002):

2. Mr. Thornton reacts to the death of Mr. Hale, in North & South, episode 4 (2004) — I overexposed this a bit because the lighting is so low, so we can see Mr. Armitage’s facial expressions a bit more easily:

3. Harry Kennedy says getting married is the right thing to do, in The Vicar of Dibley: The Vicar in White (2006):

4. Ricky Deeming makes an apocalyptic prophecy, in Gently Go Man (2007):

5. Sir Guy of Gisborne is silently cruel, or dryly funny, depending on your view, in Robin Hood 2.6 (2007).

6. Lucas North returns to MI-5 in Spooks 7.1 (2008):

7. John Mulligan asserts his honesty, in Moving On: Drowning Not Waving (2009):

8. John Porter responds to Hugh Collinson’s explanation of how the world works, in Strike Back 1.6 (2010):

You can vote here — but don’t forget to leave a comment!


Happy Birthday month Richard Armitage! In honor of this event, consider donating your time, energy, and thoughts / prayers to an effort that’s meaningful to you. If you need a suggestion, here’s a link to Mr. Armitage’s recommended charities at JustGiving, as well as a link to means of generating a charity contribution on his behalf at, and a link to Act!onAid, a child sponsorship organization for which he recorded a voiceover in December 2010. Donate to Christchurch Earthquake Appeal here.

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93 Responses to “Armitage XL”

  1. John Thornton. Hands down.

  2. I was torn between John Thornton and Guy, Guy won out..Funny to see it’s 50/50 for those two!

  3. John Standring because he is the opposite of the other looking good and hot characters … and he did a terrific good job there. Nevertheless I should confess that Thornton is my one and only 🙂 Now, back on twitter to trend THE MAN!!!!

  4. Had to pick Lucas. That episode was the first time I consciously laid eyes on him.

  5. Exactly the same quandary as Carolyn!! A cruel choice. 🙂

    Finally voted Thornton: iconic Armitage facial expressions and body language. Life might be a bit richer for this classic film series. And for the significance to his career, of growing audience and industry recognition – N&S: a nice precurser to the current birthday year. Reaping the rewards of all those years of effort and dedication.

  6. Oh, what a hard vote for me. You picked three of my absolute favourite scenes: John Mulligan, Ricky Deeming and Lucas North. How could I possibly decide between them? In the end I went for Lucas, as in some way everything started with him for me (though not entirely correct, with an interview about him). Ricky Deeming with his free spirit and John Mulligan with his seductive charm … Can’t I vote three times without cracking and hacking the poll?

  7. Tough decision between JT, JP or even Lucas but had to pick JT – mainly because in the SB scene so much time is spent on Collinson and I wouldn’t want to have to think about him as well for the next year 😉

  8. Fairly pre-biased and had to vote Thornton, but was mightily tempted (based on your clip) to vote for Porter!

  9. Had to vote Harry because he was the first Ra character I ever saw 🙂

  10. Very, very hard to choose between them all but finally, after much thought, it was down to either John Thornton (he was and always will be my favourite Richard Armitage character as N&S was where I “met” him) and John Porter. In the end I had to choose JP this time as this scene was so powerful! The range of emotions that pass over his face and his whole demeanor are truly unforgettable and I am left deeply moved each time I watch.

    • I had the exact same conflict, Teuchter!! I voted Thornton for the reasons listed by fitzg (not to mention I’ve only seen N&S and VoD). But I watched that Porter clip 5 times, thinking, “DAMN, I hate how great this is” so I’m really happy you voted for JP!! 🙂

      • Thanks UK Expat (I am one myself incidentally!!). I didn’t think it would be a popular choice and yet felt compelled to vote that way. I recently watched the whole series again and it still blows me away!

        • @Teuchter: That’s so cool you’re also a UK Expat!! I always love discovering how much we all have in common here! It’s one of so many things I appreciate about Servetus’s blog – the caliber of the community she has attracted here!

  11. It was a toss up between Harry and Lucas for me. but Lucas’ vulnerability won out in the end. 🙂

  12. Such a difficult choice! I voted for John Standring. Sparkhouse was the first DVD I purchased because of Mr. Armitage, and it is the one I watch most frequently. I am very fond of Guy and Thornton as well, but I had to go with JS. 🙂

  13. No contest. John Thornton fer sure!

  14. Oh no how can you choose? oh well I had to go where it all started for me, Thornton

  15. John Standring. He always has a special place in my heart.

  16. Tough decision because I wanted to vote for several but after much thought and deliberation I chose John Thornton 🙂

    Thanks for doing this Servetus.

  17. For me it has to be Lucas North. I was fascinated by that character from the first moment, and still love that scene, when he says he has a craving for fish & chips. Of course, after 8 years in Russian prison, you would want comfort food.

  18. Really? Just a comment? Any comment? Anything at all I want to say about anything at all? Huh. So I could comment on the fact that I’ve recently decided that turkey with swiss on rye is definitely my favorite deli sandwhich, just edging out egg salad? Or should I stick to “Happy Birthday, Really Tall Good Looking Man I’m Never Going To Meet!”? I’d go with JS, BTW, but the Anglophenia thing scarred me (scarred, I say!) so i’m never voting in anything again. So there.

    Was that enough?

  19. Sorry to have been absent from my own screen — loving to read the justifications. Any comment is fine, jazz, even one about sandwiches 🙂

  20. Awwwww, I really do hate having to choose. They are all special to me. But it looks like Guy needs some love and unlike so many of you, he was the first RA character for me and thus, will always have a special place in my heart–the big, beautiful, temperamental, vulnerable lug.

    And happy birthday, Richard Crispin Armitage, and thank you for Guy and the good Johns (I can’t really thank you for Bateman, except shallowly for his really tight shirts and jeans) for Lucas, for Harry–for every wonderful performance (well, except for Bateman . . . great performance, but he KILLED Lucas–no, wait, that was the wretched writers . . . )

  21. My first thought was: I can’t do this – too hard.
    After watching each clip several times, I still didn’t know which one to choose. Then I cut eight pieces of paper, wrote the numbers on them and caught only one. My vote is going to…John Thornton. I swear, no cheating.
    🙂 (Fair enough, he was my first RA character/crush.)

  22. Lucas and his tattoos floating.

  23. School pics, great clips, and Johnny Marr in the post below–RA may or may not be having a terrific birthday, but at least I’m enjoying it plenty!

  24. Had to go with Harry Kennedy…that scene makes me so happy every time I watch it. Thanks for doing this, Servetus!

  25. This is a really difficult decision, but voted to Mr. Thornton. He will always be in first place in my heart 🙂

  26. John Standring. No competition there. What a beautiful performance – so sweet and innocent and shy, but oh so hopeful and loving! I could watch RA in Sparkhouse any day of the week!
    In fact, this is a bit of a surprise, as the character that made the biggest impression on me was actually Lucas North – he even appeared in my dreams, and that usually doesn’t happen to me…
    And I honestly love every single thing Richard has ever done, simply because he manages to make every character so completely different.
    Great initiative Servetus, a very nice way to celebrate our favourite man’s milestone birthday!
    Have a lovely Armitage Day everyone!! x

  27. Like Kaprekar am voting Lucas because the BBC trail for Spooks 7 showing the hood being pulled off his head (just before this scene) was the first time I noticed RA – am slightly ashamed to admit, having seen VoD previously …

  28. This was really hard, but it had to be Lucas! (Sorry, JP!)

  29. Great poll servetus.

    The John Mulligan clip always makes the hairs stand up on the back of my neck – a brilliant speech, so destructive and self-deceiving. Not exactly comfortable to watch but fantastic acting from RA. I felt a kind of mixture of shock and awe the first time I heard it!

    Thinking about charity, and charities – after the Hobbit they’ll be queuing up to have him as an ambassador. I wonder which one he’ll choose?

  30. This was a tough choice but one performance rose to the top in my mind. I noticed that (A) Richard Armitage can act without speaking (B) the shows are more enjoyable when the other actors are also of high caliber and (C) writing counts–even a talented actor can only go so far with sub-bar scripts.

    I chose the North & South clip. It has all the elements of greatness.

    • Until I got to the last sentence, I was sure you were going for Strikeback. I thought all your comments applied as well.

      I’ll stick my comment in here. Although I love all of the characters, of the choices I had to go with John Mulligan. I thought RA did a superb job in that prison scene, and at the end had me wondering whether he conned Ellie or really cared about her. I’ve watched that scene countless times, and still can’t make up my mind.

  31. Thanks for doing this.

  32. John Thornton. Mainly because I have only seen him in that, RH, and Spooks, and N&S was hands-down the best, most complex of the lot. Quality will out.

    Thank you for doing this.

    • The more I look at that “Cats era” photo, the less I can avoid just how like the Other Half at the same sort of age he looks. It’s actually a little weird, given how unalike they look now.

      • Karen, you’re not alone there. The ‘Cats’ photo? Make him blond and he’d be a dead ringer for an ex-BF of mine. It’s creepy, actually.

  33. Thank you so much for doing this.

    Happy birthday,Mr Armitage!

    The Guy clip was not one of his finest hours, but I’m with Angie.It always has to be Guy for me.

  34. I tried REALLY hard to be somewhat objective about this… but the answer is still Lucas… what can I say… I’ve got a craving 😉

    Thanks for the donation!

  35. Hello.
    This is my first post, all the way from Brazil.
    Didn’t watch any of these series only N & S, so that was my vote.
    Congrats on the Blog.And thanks for the donation.

  36. I love Harry J. Kennedy. He’s a sunbeam after the storm. I voted for his 40 sec.

  37. I have to go with Thornton too—RA’s emotional expressions are so moving in N&S.

  38. Hi,

    just discovered today is Brazilan actor Rodrigo Santoro’s birthday as well.He was Paulo in “Lost” and Karl in “Love Actually” (or Xerxes in “300”).

    • Hello Bibiana,
      feeling a special connection with you as I too am a first timer today, by the grace of Servetus. Now I promised to stay brief so…six degrees of separation or less…
      Yes, I remember Karl-Rodrigo Santoro in Love Actually written by Richard Curtis who wrote Vicar of Dibley starring Richard Armitage who is working with Martin Freeman in The Hobbit (who I went to school with), who worked with Rodrigo Santoro in Love Actually who we now know shares a birhday with Richard Armitage! Not sure if I played correctly but it was fun.

  39. I voted for JT – if it wasn´t for him I probably haven´t heard about RA (he was defintly my first;-)). And in the chosen clip RA is showing JT´s emotions so clearly.

    But I got to admit, that I am also a GUY girl. The vid ideas I most often get in my head are about Guy, but I didn´t really cared for the clip you had chosen 🙂

    Happy Armitage day:-)

  40. This is such a nice thing to do Sev! What a nice way to honor and celebrate The Armitage.

    I voted for Harry Kennedy.

  41. Mr. Thornton, of course!

  42. Love all his roles..Fell for him as JT but gave my vote to JS for his vulnerability, shyness, honesty, a man of few words but with conviction, compassion & passion!!!!

  43. My wife has got me to watch virtually every instance of Mr A’s performances. I think Lucas North comes top but Sir Guy is a close second. It’s all in the eyebrows isn’t It? Erm maybe not….

    • LolyA’s husband,

      He does have magnificent eyebrows. Did you notice how he also hair-acted as S3 Guy? 😀 And good on your wife for getting you to watch so many of Mr. A’s performances, and good on you for doing it. 😉

  44. Goodness, this was tough choice! hated having to choose. I love them all! I can’t ? I have to choose one? Oh well, then, if I must…..

    I confess that I am a Guy girl. Yet, as much as I love RA’s Guy, I had to conclude in the end that- yes- the writing counts. As much as I was in aware of the multi- layered, complex s 2 Guy and the tortured S3 Guy that Mr Armitage gave us, I have to place it below on a par with N and S.

    But it was with N and S that it all started for me. I had never seen Mr Armitage before and what I noticed in this series was that Mr Armitage sometimes says most when he says nothing. His acting was- and is- wonderfully subtle and detailed. His Mr Thornton thoroughly won me over. Havng at the outset decided I did not like him, I found myself willing Margaret to “look back at me,” knowing it could not happen. I also loved N and S because it was a fantastic ensemble piece, packed with actors and actresses of such quality. Oh yes, and even OH likes N and S.

    So, it’s Mr Thornton for me.

    Thank you for this poll, servetus. Even though it was very difficult!

  45. Dear Servetus,

    Thankyou for this.

    Really hard to choose, but 40 seconds for the entire year with no cheating? Then it has to be Thornton without a doubt.
    Sorry Angie, sorry Skully, sorry Maria Grazia, sorry Teuchter.
    On other days with other clips I’m right there with each of you!

    I don’t mind if I’m not allowed to be counted as I’m new, Servetus.
    You are doing a wonderful thing and I thank you for that. I am happy to be encouraged by RA’s suggestions and your example (amongst others) to channel impulses of giving and generosity to compassionate causes especially today, in the hope that this would become an everyday reflex to learn empathy and practise compassion (if I read you correctly, and RA leading by humble example).

    Perhaps now is not the time to say (and I may have missed a simple “contact me ” button), but I wish to publicly thank you for all that your work has done for me personally recently, and I understand as I become more familiar with RA-RA Land/ArmitageWorld that, after the man himself, the body of work (no pun intented, well maybe a little one then), how much “our little community” means to us. I hope I’m not being too presumptious being inclusive here.

    As I said for the first time today over at Bccmee’s blog this is a big day for me, choosing this RA milestone to pluck up the courage to come out of the murky shadows and step into the light and effectively join the party (i.e. 1st and 2nd ever post). It’s been months now and recently other first timers alerted me to the idea I may have been rude not to show myself, and I regret not sending evidence of hugs and prayers when you needed them, although they were most sincerely felt and sent to you wherever they might find and comfort you. So it’s now or never. A burgeoning need to express the bewilderment of the fascination (did I read that at Calexora?) brought me so close to touching the keys brought on by the beard, the beard, the beard, did I mention the beard? the voice, the eyes, the dancer’s grace of movement…I know I’m lagging behind on this…

    I have been humbled by your intelligence, insight and eloquence, not to mention mastery of the software/hardware and feel that I have learned so much…how many years on the planet have you had to pack in all that knowledge and wisdom? I know I read a number but I don’t believe it!
    (I could say similar things of many of your contributors-what a wonderful gathering). I equally value the giggles, thuds, gulps and squees eg. Porter monumental, Tall dark meat, Vertigo et al.

    Being presumptious again…as I suspect that you did not get much of a break this summer know that I took you to Florence with me and you were most helpful on pudens in front of Botticelli in the Uffizi. In this parallel universe you were consulted daily though never forced to work, got to stay in a palazzo in the oltrano with as much wine, gelato and pasta as you could handle and spent hours being a culture vulture. I hope that’s O.K.
    What this piece of silliness is trying to say is that you have been truly invaluable thus far.

    I know It’s not about a competition of how long we’ve been following RA’s work, but as I thought you were interested at one point in the statistics, I’m a Before girl. Perhaps I really should leave that story for another time. I’m a good girl who has been doing all her research
    comprehensively and meticulously *ahem*: primary and secondary sources; print, online, audio, visual, the lexicon, the potential of fanfic and vids… oh and a bit of dream “research” thrown in as well. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

    My very best wishes for a wonderful happy life (life begins at 40) go out to Mr. Armitage today and to you servetus, with thanks.

    I promise to learn the art of one-line posts from now on…

    p.s. I wonder if RA had a birthday breakfast at that surf club? Probably too full after the fine meal with Stephen Fry… did anyone else notice how “Frenz” managed to slip her name into the menu casually like that – cheeky!

    • @Hainaut. Welcome to “our little community”! I have always felt honoured to be a part of it, I have to say. Please don’t feel you have to apologize – well certainly not to me! As Richard Armitage in the role of John Thornton is without doubt my first “love”, I was truly torn as to how to vote. Truth be told, because of who is behind each of these characters, how can you not love them all. Even though the character he is portraying may not necessarily be lovable, we are still moved by the performance and the performer!! His ability to transform himself into someone totally different for each role in nothing short of astounding, IMHO.

      BTW, I really enjoyed reading your comment. Please keep coming back with more of them. 🙂

  46. Lucas won. Even though Harry will be an all-time favourite because of the geekiness on his part, there’s just something about Lucas.

  47. Cindy,

    You bring up a good point about John Mulligan. I’ve never been completely sure about him, either–definitely a character that is not all black or white, but with lots of shadings. He’s so sharp-witted and so charming, you can’t help but wonder what he could have accomplished if he’d stayed on the right side of the law . . . and what led him off the right path in the first place besides being from the wrong side of the tracks.

    • Egads Angie & Cindy! Did we watch the same 40 second clip? Me thinks you are both too soft-hearted on this character! Even from prison he is a predator (across from Ellie… who still looked like his prey)… a perfect wolf in sheep’s clothing! But that’s all I gleaned from the clip and your comments. Angie – does JM hang out with the other boys in your den? I must have missed him if he’s been there! 🙂

      • Ah, but you have to admit it is a masterful performance as John Mulligan. As someone else mentioned, a tour de force, And Richard makes me so curious about his characters because they are so multi-dimensional–is he predatory? Yes, Did Ellie’s own greed help put her in that position after living well beyond her means? Yes. Did her desire to get back at her rich friend just a bit play into it? I think so. The lamb in this case is hardly spotless , , , and re SF, he also aided in the effort to strike back against those who harmed Lucas. And will do the same for Porter. He isn’t a regular in the den–but then again, neither is JT or JS. 😉

  48. LalyA’s husband gave me a great laugh – he’s a keeper, LalyA!

    If Lucas won, I’m not disappointed at all. JT, Gisborne and Lucas are the most vivid to me of the characters, with Ricky Dee a runner-up. So, I happily relinquish to the Lucas-Ladies! 😀

  49. But then, there’s Harry K… oh dear…

  50. It just has to be John Standring; I believe winning the role in Sparkhouse provided RA with the impetus to keep going…

    • I agree, Sapphire. While Thornton is likely his most famous role, I think the true breakthrough performance in his career was Sparkhouse. The first role he auditioned for in character. The role that gave him the impetus not to give up on his acting career (thank GOD!!). And still one of his finest performances IMHO.

  51. I picked Vicar of Dibley because finally a character that is somewhat funny and … doesn’t die at the end of the series 🙂 !! I actually enjoyed the whole series and the final episode with Dawn French making that weird sound “bleeauuhg” copying Emma Thompson in Sense and sensibility made me laugh for ages!
    I am not a fashion-addict or something (Ok maybe a bit because I live in Milan 🙂 ), but I must say RA clothes were horrific!! the leather jacket especially made him look like a 70’s character and that striped grey jumper … ARGH! They made him look so outdated even in the wedding dress of that grey polyester thing!! Well… whatever the clothes he’ll always be a good actor!
    Well done Servetus for your charity initiative and HAPPY BIRTHDAY Richard!!

    • Alessandra, I think he’s wonderful even wearing a sack of potatoes – or nothing, lol!

      • Haha you are soooo right 🙂
        Terrible clothes notwithstanding, I also made a donation on the charity page, Servetus inspired me 😉

  52. that was really very difficult. In the end I’ve voted for the JT clip because of the facial expression and – once again – because of how he uses his voice to convey emotion. This poll is a lovely idea 🙂

  53. Mr. Thornton, my first and still most powerful RA reaction. I care for Lucas and enjoy Guy, but will always be true to my first love, Mr.Thornton.

  54. OMG, such a tough choice… But ultimately John Standring’s endearing shyness wins me over.
    Thanks for the donation!

  55. If 40 denotes ripeness, I’ll pick that fruit. Yummy! Anyhow, that was a tough choice, I loved all the clips for different reasons. I ended up choosing the Harry Kennedy clip because that smile would get me through the rough parts of the year.

  56. As Socialworkmama said:
    Mr. Thornton, my first and still most powerful RA reaction.

  57. I re-watched them all to be sure of my choice and … YES, Harry Jasper Kennedy is my man! No doubt.

    • Fully agree!! As I said above, he could have used some more help from the costume department LOL … shabby chic would have done great, but he smiles a lot and it’s overall a sweet Christmassy thing.

  58. Back again! I just wanted to say re Lucas North: OMG, how much I miss him! I was in heaven when Richard landed at section D! No, I haven’t changed my mind. Harry Jasper Kennedy is always the right man for me!

  59. North and South. Always North and South. Mr Thornton any day! 😉

  60. I am voting for Thornton in “North and South”.
    I haven’t seen Mr. Armitage in his other film or TV roles, but could it get any better ?

  61. I voted for Lucas. Happy Birthday to Richard Armitage! I was quite pleased when I discovered he is the same age as me, having turned 40 myself earlier this year. My midlife crisis seems to have taken the form of becoming mildly fixated on an actor, I assume he has better things to do. Sadly, I had one of those moments where one takes a passing thought and follows it too far – imagining that since we are the same age, we would make a perfect match in real life (completely ignoring the fact that I’ve got a fine husband and 4 children already), and then realising that being a man of 40, he will be seeking a much younger woman to give him little baby Richards. Sigh.


  63. Thanks for all the comments — was busy preparing for class today, but will answer later. Meanwhile keep the unique comments coming — we’re still in the pound / comment range!

  64. I’m totally out of the loop right now but wanted to comment. This is another wonderful idea. And happy birthday to RA.

  65. ReAlly tough choices for the poll – finally decided on Harry Kennedy simply because that series was always so filled with hope and today the world needs more hope!
    Fantastic generosity you have shown yet again – makes me proud to be part of the RA community!
    Cheers to 40yrs! Looks GREAT on him!

  66. Hello, this is my first posting ever. Just recently started reading RA’s blogs. I am terrible with words and computers, but can admire the great writing in these blogs, and the great quality of people that participate. Very interesting thoughts and discussions.

    Thank you Servetus for this post and the donation, made me finally write something even
    though I am about to get on a plane!

    My choice was Harry, who doesn’t want to hear what he says!

    Thanks again.

  67. Hi Servetus, thank you for this wonderful birthday poll. As I´m currently for 3 weeks in London (and around..) visiting friends (unfortunately no RA in town!! Schluchz…) I hardly find any time to pursue what´s going on on your wonderful blog. I´m missing your daily impulses vastly.
    This is a really tough decision: Only all the Johns are so special, even JM. And of course I feel a little guilty for brushing Lucas, Guy and Harry aside…;-) The JS scene you choose is extremely touching and hard for me to sustain. I do care so much for him.
    But, my first unexpected, completely overwhelming encounter with Richard Armitage was N&S. This fascination is going on and on…. So at the end, after a quite longlasting internal fight, it has to be JT!

  68. This is one of the best and toughest polls I ever took part. It just shows Richard Armitage’s acting versatility; how he comits to the roles to bring an intense performance. After some thought I decided to choose John Standring, I couldn’t believe when I first saw Sparkhouse that the same actor portrayed John Thornton, it wasn’t only the different physical appearance but the voice, accent, stutter and shyness; only an outstanding actor can achieve it!

  69. Thornton! RA did a great job in JT’s reaction to his friend and showing his concern for Margaret.

  70. I wanted to say thank you for the example of generosity you provide for all of us RA fans! I voted for Guy, but I’m not sure I could give up Thornton, Porter, or Lucas for a year.

  71. I think that was one of the hardest choices ever! I chose the Lucas clip as he says so much with his sad humour and his craving for chips.
    My other choices are Harry for his quote from Far From the Madding Crowd was such a “thud” moment for me! Then John Standring is so earnest and sweet, but also determined! 🙂
    Of course I love Thornton, but that wasn’t my favourite moment. There are so many more!
    Ricky Deeming clip was very special and I love that last scene in Moving On. That was a tour de force!
    Thanks for all those fabulous clips!! Thanks also for your generousity! You are such a great person. 🙂

  72. Hope I’m still on time… Ok, can’t you guess who’s my choice? Actually when you put up this kind of polls, jut start it with one vote already there for Sir Guy, that way you spare me to look for his name, click and vote, LOL!

    Yes I am -partly- kidding. Just wanted to write a little more than ‘Sir Guy of course!’.

    Thank you for your generosity Servetus! *hugs*

    OML 🙂

  73. Hope I’m not too late. I had to choose Mr Thornton. His anguish at the thought of Margaret leaving is heartbreaking.

  74. Dear Servetus,

    Thank you once again for making us aware of those in need, and for your generosity.
    This might be one of the most valued gifts Mr A. wishes to receive from his fans.

    Good luck with your class today!

  75. OK, it’s 39 hours since the poll opened, and I’m at work on the day after Armitage’s birthday (sob). Thanks to everyone who commented, both old and new readers. A particular thanks to those who went over to JustGiving and made a separate donation on their own!

    Comments are now closed. I’ll publish a final tally after work today.

  76. […] singular talent for organizing fundraisers to coincide with stressful moments in the academic year. Commentators made 71 unique comments to generate a total donation of £71 (GBP). I’ll be donating this amount as soon as I have a chance and will make a thank you post with […]

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