We pause now while the professor catches her breath

Sorry — long day. I’m going to update on the fundraiser tomorrow; I have to get something to eat now and then close my eyes for a few moments. I leave you with the rather lame joke below — honestly my Richard III posts will get better tomorrow, too. Kisses.

Richard Armitage turns 40 this week. What to get the man who insists he already has everything? Answer: more work for our beloved workaholic. Since watching his work gives us so much delicious fantasy fulfillment, we thought we’d turn the tables with a fantasy present: the job that he’s most repeatedly expressed interest in doing — a retelling of the Richard III story. We’re not agents or producers, and we can’t finance this project or cast him in it or write the scripts, so we’re doing the next best thing: a week of background, context, musings, and jokes about why we’re dying to see our Richard play that Richard. Would you like to share the fantasy more actively? Sign the manifesto: Richard Armitage for Richard III! We hope you enjoy the week!

See the posts of the other contributors here.


Fantastic lame Richard III joke. I mean, if you start a play with a pun, you’re kind of asking for it, no?

~ by Servetus on August 24, 2011.

9 Responses to “We pause now while the professor catches her breath”

  1. I love this blog. I’m glad you can find the time away from school to do this! I can kind of understand how hectic you are, as my husband is Adjunct Faculty at WVU, and he’s nuts this week with it being the beginning of the semester too.
    Signed the petition. I would love to see him play a King!


    • it’s become necessary to my emotional health, so I make time, but one must concede that there are just some impossible days!

      Thanks for the signature.


  2. Servetus,

    The blog couldn’t be lame if it tried.
    The joke raised a smile.
    Isn’t there a classic quote somewhere that says “a good [blog post] is always worth repeating” ?
    Now, about “The Goodbye Girl” – I think you really could be on to something there.

    Toddling off to bed in the wee small hours…heartily glad to see that you may be (briefly) putting your needs first for once re food and rest.
    I’m thinking Harry (at least the Lady Writer’s Harry) is the most cheerfully domesticated of the bunch so I’m sending him over to prepare supper, hand you a glass of wine, draw a warm bath (with candles) and turn down the sheets, all with a sunny smile knowing that you’ll be exhausted and in need of pampering (today, this week, this entire semester…) and then maybe JP will be on duty at zero hundred hours…

    Sleep well.


    • “The Goodbye Girl” is actually on the list for this afternoon, as soon as I finish writing my last syllabus. I love that film.

      Thanks for the good wishes. Richard Armitage really can get one through the semester. Interestingly, I have very few fantasies about Harry Kennedy. He’s potentially my least favorite Armitage character. I know why, and I will write about it eventually …

      meanwhile, thanks for the good wishes.


      • I’ll look forward to reading why… but happy to wait…no pressure.

        Sorry I sent the wrong one as that probably undid all the good he was symbolically bringing with him…
        He’s not my favourite either, however seemed a neutral, platonic, cheerful, comforting, chivalrous, reliable SAFE presence for the end of what may have been a dreaded day. So very glad to hear it went well.


        • So I didn’t have time to do the Goodbye Girl post, but I’ll get there before the end of the week.

          I’m happy to have Harry, too. He’s very equable, gets along with everyone. — didn’t mean to be spurning good wishes! —


  3. Hope the teaching is going well! (As well as first week of semester goes) 🙂


    • yesterday was a great day. I was flabbergasted. Maybe things can be different. Thanks for the good wishes.


      • Of course they can be different! And I have to remind myself of that daily! Just think of all those little kindergarteners toddling off to their first day of school with new pencils, shiney packs of Crayolas and brand spankin’ new jeans and shoes….piece of cake!?

        Oh Harry!!! An unfavorite???!! Hurts my heart! 😥


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